Oagalthorp’s Second to Last Post

Great job soldiers, just look at these pictures!

(Sorry for small size, I’m trying to fix it. In the mean time, how about Fort and TomY show us some of their photos!)


Click ^

Note: This was done quickly, and IS NOT my last post.


Until later,
March on!

50 Responses

  1. 1st comment

  2. Took a few more pics than me lol

  3. Ahh! It not Clickable!

  4. Can’t… Click!


  6. 5th danananan nana nana cant touch this

  7. I see myself! Lol.

  8. ::@: GRR!


  10. Oagal i didnt see u but I caught up with Commando and only came in time for the party bcos i miscalculated

  11. I come a 1PM pst and its already over? Wow you guys lost quicikly, anyway ACP LOST.

    HIPPIES WIN!!!!!!!

    ACP LOST!!!!!!



    Oagalthorp: Lol, I think we’ve got a sore loser in the house. 🙄 We weren’t even supposed to fight the Hippies and we STILL crushed them. 😀

  12. U SUCK

  13. Sir, the Nachos were gone but the hippies are still there. I have it under control and I’m the only ACP soldier here though.

  14. The Hippies fight like drunkards lol.

  15. ogalthorps right the hippies weren’t even supposed to be battled and yet we crushed them.
    Ogalthorp sir its been great to be in this army with you in command. Clubpenguin will never be the same with out you.

  16. OKay ACP members come the Nachos think we ran away.


    P.S. Sry I missed ur battle sir. My mom had to buy groceries. And u know how it is.

  18. Hi ACP
    Guess I came to late. When I got there I only saw one ACP soldier. He was against a bunch of these…’hippies’. They say you guys ran away. I decided to help out. Now I’m the only Navy soldier there! Man…these hippies are annoying!

  19. salutes
    good-bye forever oagal
    fort will make a good leader
    acp forever!
    corporal shades2you

  20. Pictures at:

    Also I found a picture of Oagal in the Club Penguin developers blog!

  21. Sir as one of your soldiers , I was wondering …. During the battle I was thinking…. And I would sincerely like to know why you are leaving the ACP…. No offence to Fort I know you and TomY would make great leaders but ACP won’t be the same without Oagalthorp… All the wars we have won…. Its just too hard to take in at once…Our leader is leaving,hippies are attacking and not to mention the nachos….But one thing I know is that you are our leader and for whatever reason your leaving I know it is a good one.. *Salutes*


  23. i hope the acp lasts cuase i just got a rank and im happy bout it

  24. ACP forever!!!


  25. Of course I was fashonably late, I got the time mixed up with the upcoming RPF Vs. UMA practice battle. So I was like 40 mins late. Man I missed all the good stuff! Ugh. Well this isnt unusual. Im late for everything! lol

    – Commando717

  26. we won lol and iw as late sorry lol

  27. video of battle coming soon to my site…

  28. Lol, there were battles before the battle, and i was fighting before: :p i couldn’t go cuz i had 2 go last minute easter party 😀

  29. Oagalthorp I am sad to see you leave you were like a bro to me kinda. In a virtural way lol. You were the one who gave me my starting leading oppritunity. So thnx and fare well friend.

    tejas vs a 😦

  30. i see myslef al the way in the corner,shooting at you guys.lolz.see my penguin denominater?

  31. I expected you guys to win. YEah I admitted it, ACP won, Nachos lost. OF course, any army would win a battle for their leader who is about to quit. If zippy was about to quit, we would be motivated to win for zippy. At least it’s all over. One reason we lost is all the Nachos started gathering too early so they had to leave earlier.

    Your Nacho Friend


  32. Wow. That MUST be a impersonator, nya!:mrgreen:

  33. come to my party come opening party time:12:00pm {penguin time} place on the{my igloo rex5556} 18 march

  34. we’ll miss you oagal

  35. best site eva! el fisho team wicked awsum mans, if you like a waffle obsessed fishy and weird teenagers this is the site for you! and also since i left star7223’s site hant got many hits. go to my site http://www.thechuggas.wordpress.com and click on izzy dizzy frizzys site, cmon she wrote that poem for u guys, and u guys kicked ***(excuse my harsh language but cmon go there now!

  36. dude i should tell you i also have made a army called the socp the spinners of clubpenguin we where created a long time ago when the socp was first and we where secound for all the clubpenguin armys you seen you havent seen it now we lost a lot of memebers do to a bad lost to cp and now we are coming back its been all most 1 year and where finaliy back come cheak our list out and maby we can make a bigger army together http://cptag.wordpress.com/2008/03/22/socp-army-penguin-mania-comics-new-one/

  37. fight us right now acp on frozzen where i the dock on a meeting

  38. i heard that zippy was retiring this summer…

  39. dude, commando/rpf was never there
    thats why im falling away from RPF because RPF is becoming RGF (GAY NAME!!!). Also the WW smoked your troops (about 25 troops) around i think it was 9-10 pst. but once the secualed battle came our troops laft (idk why) and we only had about 3 troops…… of course we lost but the first time about 10-12 of our men beat 25-30 of your men so……… if i were you, i would get beter troops or just traine your troops beter.

  40. And I would take a look at your spelling grade.

  41. three spelling errors in that!

  42. The hippies did technically nothing they didnt even throw a snowball and there was like 4 Nachos left at the party and like 2 hippies at the party/

    We won and its clearr

  43. well ogal the next is your last post but anyway like Mirooo we trashed them i mean like thear were about 9 Nachos we, cheased them like 2 hippies thear not hip anymore but bunnies god around 28 bunnies but us about 100000 of us we toatly destroid the other armys

  44. Flst. me and some other soldiers completely owned the bunnies. LOL. We kicked butt. There was like 30bunnies against 10 of us and we won.

  45. yh the bunnies suck i mean I went on cp,at the iceberg and it was like 10 bunnies vs me,and then they surrendered its really weird.

    PS.I saw FIst on cp
    PSS.I am Zamros on cp

  46. We just are in the dojo and we were fighting but i gone now

  47. We should help the Sleet Empire rebel against the Nachos so that the Nachos can’t control that server anymore. We need to get our revenge. Think of all the bad things the Nachos did to us. Also, the Nachos say that they control Blizzard, when that is rightfully ours, fellow ACP soldiers. We should fight them for it. If we do not take action to make the Nachos renounce their claim, they may take action to make us renounce ours. Also, if we can get DOC and FGR to rebel in Canada, assist the Sleet Empire (a rebellion in Sleet) and assist the Navy in conquering US South, the Nachos would be stretched thin and forced to give up their entire Empire.

  48. Can you please add us to your blog roll? Thanks! http://cpbfclubpenguinbluefalcon.wordpress.com

  49. hello acp i would like to join the acp navy. can i join plz

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