TomY has the power

Well as a few of you know, I will be going away Tuesday-Friday next week cause I’m going on vacation and finally on spring break. So Tom Yellow will be leading the ACP till I get back from my vacation. So if anything happens ask TomY. So I would like you guys to try to stay out of battles and wars, but if you gotta fight, go ahead. Another thing is that this is the offical ACP site, and the reason why I’m using my site for more stuff right now is because I’m only an author on this site, plus it’s easier to do stuff from there, and I’m waiting for Oagal’s last post which will hopefully come soon. So stay strong troops, because ya. the place where the updated information is, will be moved after Oagal’s post and Fort’s editor promotion on the wordpress.


p.s. TomY there will be a meeting for possible WW4 on , please go at 7 est. or