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Order 67

Nachos, ACP, RPF, UMA, and IW, the time has come to Execute Order 67. If army leaders would please, copy and paste this post and keep it up for a few days at the least. Please read with caution, the post below will explain everything.

The time has come. Nachos, ACP, RPF, UMA, and IW are all forming together to form an ultra alliance, and we have delcared war on all smaller armies ( with a few exceptions ). We are not doing this b/c we are scared of your 2 man army threats or your commitment to the bigger armies, we are doing it b/c of these reasons:

1. Most of you have not tried to make a good commitment to the ANTA or the bigger armies.

2. You are stealing ANTA assigned servers w/o officially declaring war and making a scheduled battle.

3. Smaller armies are starting to think they are better and are mocking it and then they get their butts kicked later. Most of you want war, so we’re going to give you a war.

We are all sorry for those smaller, innocent armies, but there is obviously no way we can all go through 250 small 2 man armies just to find the bad ones. So we are giving the smaller armies 3 options:

Option 1: Surrender your army and end it

Option 2: Surrender your army and start following ANTA rules.

Option 3: Go to war, get unified, and have a chance of winning or losing.

We are not leaving every smaller army in the dust to try to organize a big army. We have already suggested your alliance and your leader. Your suggested leader by us is Mr. Deedledo. He is the leader of the Club Penguin United Nations. Theres the site. We’ve already took the liberty of scheduling a meeting too. Dont be alarmed if you arent able to make it or dont see this post. The scheduled wars wont be for another few days. Here is the time, date, and place of the meeting:

Date: Saturday, July 12th


– 5:00 est

– 4:00 cst

– 3:00 mst

– 2:00 pst


Pardons: Pardons are being handed out to branches off of this 5 army alliance. For example, If a smaller army leader is a HIGHER rank in one of the Alliance, they wont have to go to war. Or if an army started out from one of the big 5, for example: ACP – SSACP, RPF- TRA. If you have any questions or complaints, GET OVER IT.

~ Shadodw2446, Temporary Leader of the Nacho Army, Nacho Ambassador

~ Fort57, ACP Leader

~ Abercrombe29, UMA Main Leader

~ Iceyfeet1234, IW Main Leader

~ Kg007, RPF Leader

* Shadow2446 typed it, but I helped plan it. 🙂