Rank Complaints

Here is the format your complaint should be in. If it is not in this form it will be ignored.

1. Name on Ranks

2. Current Rank

3.Old Rank

4. Wanted Rank

5. Why should you get your wanted rank.


We will try to fix ur complaints as much as we can.



81 Responses

  1. I don’t know if you should really write this post. I mean, I only got promoted one rank, and I’m happy with that. Now, if the person isn’t even on the ranks, that’s a WHOLE nother story. Oh and, first comment!


  2. 1 KingCallum1 Shouldd Be KingCallum !
    2 Admiral
    3 Brigadier
    4 General
    5 Because Last promo day i was promised a promo not the early one, and i didnt i just got took of ranks i should Be General 1 Yr and 3-4 Months Ranked.

  3. KingCallum I name shud be

  4. 1. Rallan

    2. none im not on the list anymore(gets confused)

    3. Petty officer

    4. At least petty officer but id like better because i made ACP recruitment bots and war bots:)

    5. I lost my rank thats why

  5. I’m gonna get this for Rap, because he deserves it (D) XD
    Name on Ranks
    2. Current Rank
    Head General
    3.Old Rank
    Head General
    4. Wanted Rank
    Head Marshal
    5. Why should you get your wanted rank.
    Rapidy’s lead special ops for ACP, created forums, is active, and contributes a lot to ACP.

  6. This is for myself, although I’m perfectly happy, so this is for the heck.
    Name on Ranks
    2. Current Rank
    Head General
    3.Old Rank
    Head Admiral xD
    4. Wanted Rank
    Leader XD XD, Co-leader XD, and Head marshal

    5. Why should you get your wanted rank.
    Well, I did a lot of missons, gathered allies, am active, and I’ve achieved several positions and gathered intelligence for you.

  7. Tylov, don’t over comment on that, even though you want to run, people get annoyed after a while.
    So you lose votes.

  8. 1.24keyser (super24daisy)
    5.i actually don’t need it but i would be nice

  9. Good luck however, and I predict this post wil be flooded soon with comments.
    I also recommend if its in my power as ACP Top Sen/ Head General, Colonel Miroos for a promotion.

  10. Since other people are doing it, I might as well:

    Name on Ranks: TyloV5

    Current Rank: Lieutenant

    Old Rank: Petty Officer

    Wanted Rank: Anything Higher

    Why I deserve that rank: Well, I am very active soldier, you can tell by the many comments I leave. I try to go to the battles that I can go to. I am loyal to the ACP. Currently I am running for governor. I’ve recently gone on chat a lot. Today alone, I’ve met up with soldiers on club penguin and me and the group tried to recruit soldiers. I am friends with lots of ACP soldiers.

    If I don’t get a higher rank, I wont be mad, like I said before, I’m still happy with the rank I have.

  11. Yeah Jedi, soon it’ll be at, like, fifty comments.

  12. nah itll be over

  13. im lucky number 13

  14. I predict about 150 comments

  15. id say thats about right

  16. oh and Tylov i have an idea. How about you make a blog with tons of stuff youll do if you get elected or and reasons to elect you and a chat for your supporters.

  17. 1. Name on Ranks

    2. Current Rank
    3.Old Rank
    4. Wanted Rank
    Brigadier, or commodore (but I really want bigadier)
    5. Why should you get your wanted rank.
    I am very active on ACP on the new posts, I post my comments and respond to people if they want to talk to me.
    I am running for Governor because I truly want to help ACP and that is why I am doing it, which is also a good quality. I am always on the chat, I see people and talk to people. I would be know as a “Regular” or in my terms I think.
    I go to battles unless I have somthing that came up, which happens to everybody.
    And truthfully I am way more active and devoted than some of the ranks on there.

    I think I deserve this rank, but if you do not want to promote me to brigadeir that is fine.

    Thanks for your consideration though!

  18. 1. Name on Ranks
    2. Current Rank
    Field Marshal
    3.Old Rank
    Fleet Admiral
    4. Wanted Rank
    Head General or Higher
    5. Why should you get your wanted rank.
    Because I’ve been in ACP longer than almost every higher ranked soldier, unofficially(unranked) for the 1st year, then 9 months or more Ranked as a soldier.

    Join Date: February 2007
    Officially Ranked: February 2008


  19. thank you guys for my rank

  20. 1. blete 2. colonel 3. colonel 4. next rank after colonel. 5. i get on everyday and attend all the battles i can. since yall created the complaint thing im just gonna do it cause i can so if it is too much to deal with me lol dont worry bout it

  21. I didnt get ranked yet…can u plz add me?

  22. 1. Jim456

    2. Rank None

    3. rank when fired by Shab Brigader

    4. Rank given to me before demotion General

    5. I would like to have the rank of Fleet Admiral or Field Marshal

    6. I feel i deserve this rank because i spent most of my summer fighting for ACP when i was rewarded by Former ACP Leader Rap i was very proud the Reward was the rank of General. I annoyed Shab so he demoted me and i don’t blame him i am making a now public apoligie about this. I also confused Kg and i am sorry for that sir. I know you probably will all just ignore me but if you could find some kindness to reply to this message(Kg007) it would be much appreciated, Shab i know you will just say no or maybe you will say yes you are an interesting chap i never know whats your next move.

    Jim ur really annoying on chat. If u calmed down alittle and didnt start sayin u wanted to go to court to be a general u prob would have been back in acp

  23. 1.igdogjr916
    4petty officer
    5i get up everyday at 6:00 in the morrning(i leave for school at 8:00) go on the website check for any new post i ran for seantor im running for govoner ive been on the acp since feb.i go on the server mamouth no matter what im always in uniform im always at battles even on my birthday when i was going to dinner i said NO to go to a battle.

  24. Jim 🙄 You’ve been thrown out continusly, and basically I think you’d be lucky to get Commodore. Seriously dude you’ve pestered everyone.
    Blete the next rank is Comodore.
    Wow igdogjr, um you’re really dedicated hope you get a promotion.

  25. I have a complaint…

    1. Name on Ranks

    2. Current Rank

    3.Old Rank
    Didn’t have a rank

    4. Wanted Rank
    Dont want one

    5. Why should you get your wanted rank.
    I don’t know why the hell I’m on the ranks. Take me off (D)

  26. You’ve been a huge help Jedi and i thank you so much for that but i was really proud being a General and all so just speaking my mind

  27. 1. Name on Ranks:Candycloud19.

    2. Current Rank:corporal.

    3.Old Rank:none.

    4. Wanted Rank:sergeant.

    5. Why should you get your wanted rank:because i work really hard for ranks.

  28. 1: 123nico26
    2: Commadore
    3: Colonel
    4: brigater
    5: ive went to every battle battle since i was a commadore and did what Kg told me to do


  29. 1. Name on Ranks: Biokid0

    2. Current Rank: Lieutenant

    3.Old Rank: Petty Officer

    4. Wanted Rank: Colonel

    5. Why should you get your wanted rank: I’ve been with ACP for 8 months so far, and have been to many wars. I never showed any sign of rebelling, and have NEVER stopped defending what ACP stands for. “Defend Freedom; Preserver Justice.”

  30. the only thing i hate is the fact that ive been here for almost 15 months and yet people just rise past me…

  31. 1. Name on Ranks
    2. Current Rank
    Petty Officer
    3.Old Rank
    4. Wanted Rank
    Captain or Luitenant
    5. Why should you get your wanted rank
    B/C Ive been in this army for a while and have fought many battles.

  32. 1. Name on Ranks: I am not in this army

    2. Current Rank: I am not in this army

    3.Old Rank: I was never in this army

    4. Wanted Rank: Leader

    5. Why should you get your wanted rank: Because I rule.

  33. First, agent pen, that’s a good idea. Secondly, thank you Kg and Shab for at least considering changing the ranks.

  34. yeah i mean when i first joined acp, we didn’t HAVE ranks. only like 10 people actually had ranks. and i didn’t complain. so i mean you guys could be thankful you got a rank in the first place instead of complaining about it. they can’t promote everyone!!

    Sergeant… Is my OLD rank…
    Lieutenant because I was taken off two months ago when I thought I was still on and there have been two promotions

  36. Knight521
    I honestly just want promoted even if its just one up
    The reson i should be promoted to get rank i deserve is ive been in acp for 4 months i was always on chat i attended almost all wars and in all this time i was a captain and a commodore in 4 mnoths of hard work so i think i should be promoted




  40. 1. Mrnooner

    2. Commodore

    3. Lieutenant

    4. Brigadier

    5. I have nearly been to every battle . I let the ACP have a great victory. I worked too hard

  41. Oh also DJ Krayze has left ACP for the ice warriors. So he should probaley be taken off.

  42. 1.ganger90
    3.None(I have worked hard)
    4.Petty Officer
    5.I should Get my Wanted Rank Cause Im A soldier That Really WOrks Hard I recruited Soldiers Such As Tinkluvx,Jcd484 And More

  43. Join the CPCMC at http://cpcmc.weebly.com/

  44. Thanks Ankita for argueing for me, but now it’s my turn.

    1. Name on Ranks
    2. Current Rank
    Head General
    3. Old Rank
    Head General
    4. Wanted Rank
    Head Marshal
    5. Why should you get your wanted rank.
    I deserve to recieve the rank as Head Marshal because I am beyond active, (especially over cooltiger) and I have contributed my time to the ACP. I made a Constitution on The Book of ACP, helped bring back the ACP Forums, I’m in the process of creating the largest forum idea ever, and I was the ACP Leader. I have tons of expirence as follows:
    -MWWII(GPR vs. ACP) Won.
    -Watex vs. ACP Tied.
    Achived Medal of Bravery
    -The Rebellion (UMA vs. ACP) Tied.
    -The Other Rebellion (Nachos vs. ACP) Won.
    –Oagalthorp’s Last Battle. Won
    -General of Echo Brigade
    -Fleet Admiral
    -Head General
    -Top Spy
    Spied on UMA,
    Successfully got Information from Aber.
    I never really did do anything here
    -Field Marshal
    Never did anything here either

    Yes, I know it’s long. But it’s what I’ve done.

  45. Name on ranks fresca39
    current rank non
    old rank non
    wanted rank genreal
    why should i get the rank:i was leader of ffa now and non on acp i want to be ranked on this

  46. Well, good luck to everyone asking for a higher rank.

  47. shab and kg give ganger his rank

  48. acpwarrior, I’ve left two comments on your site, but you don’t moderate them. So i would like to join, but you have to moderate my comments and add me.

  49. 1. Arosso13

    2. Field Admiral

    3. Admiral

    4. Anything higher

    5. I’ve been in ACP since December 2007, and I was a coropral the same time as Shaboom, came on as much as him, but still he got to be Co-Leader and Oagal barely noticed me. I know I haven’t been on chat lately, but I do go on CP and visit the site. I’m commited to ACP and I always will be.

  50. blueswill ur a good man and ur right ACP SUCKS!! GO TORCHES U FAGGOTS!

  51. 1.Leinhart Pet

  52. 1. Sheila Gally

    2. Air Marshall

    3. Admiral

    4. Head Admiral

    5. I have been with ACP for a long time and had spyed and gather info for ACP. I fought alongside ACP in many wars, and won. I have led 3 ACP battles and won. I wish to help my soliders succeed, and to do so I need a high rank.


  53. none

    no rank

    no rank

    Ive been in for like 2 months and no rank

  54. cody mody1 on name up over there

  55. kg i cant be on chats but i want a better rank i am sergent i want petty officer or higher because i have been here a long time bro and i have been in 20 cp armies peace out

  56. you all suck i have my own army. the resistenses.

  57. Name on Ranks: Wombat 99
    Current Rank: Colnel
    Old Rank: Colnel
    Wanted Rank: Head admiral
    Why: I think you should let me have this rank beacuse i have been in acp for about 9 months
    but i haven’t been ranked until about August so please let me be this rank and i can help acp!

  58. 1. Name on Ranks: Seancastle

    2. Current Rank:lieutenet

    3.Old Rank:lieutenet

    4. Wanted Rank:anything higher than lieutenet

    5. Why should you get your wanted rank: I should get my rank coz Ive been at evry war (exept the practice war but i was on both teams XD ) we have won all the wars since then.ACP is my new cp life and i havnt even taken the uniform off ever since iheard of u (august 2007) and at that day i knew i was 1 of u.


  59. 1.Tex9m
    4.At LEAST petty officer
    5.I’ve stayed loyal to ACP for ages! (cant remember how long it was!) I’ve been to every war i can, and im i great fighter.
    I hope you consider my complaint.

  60. 1.Zamros
    5.I support ACP through bad and through good , I have advertised the site at my school , I have recruited 5 troops last month , and I have made a promise that I will never quit ACP , unless I quit CP .

  61. Oh yeah my old rank ( when I joined ACP ) was seargeant …

  62. rrrrr

  63. Chat doesn’t work…

  64. i’ll do my thing again since it was not perfect.

    1. Mrnooner

    2. Commodore

    3. Captain

    4. Oh yeah I am running for govner ‘cuz I want to keep not only summite but all the servers safe. I am really active most of the time . I remember when i protected Deep Freeze Viking Capital from FRO . I know the ACP chat rules 100% encuding kicking peoples butts for giving EVIL SPAM!

  65. why oh why did kg007 spell my name like this candyclou19 it’s spelled like this candycloud19.

  66. You didn’t put me on the ranks!!!

    1. The Jungle N
    2. Nothing, lol. I wasn’t put on the ranks.
    3. Field Marshal
    4. Head General
    5. I used to be a Head Admiral, then I was demoted for no apparent reason… Also, I’m really active, on CP and chat a lot, I have a site, I am loyal to ACP and have quit just about every other army, and I want to do my best in my final month here. I really hope I get this rank.

  67. 1. Pete852
    2. Commodore
    3. Brigadier
    4. Brigadier
    5. Cos i’ve been helping ACP deafeat some stupid annoying noobish armys, my old rank was Brigadier until Kg or Shab demoted me and iv’e been helping ACP in wars. (Except we don’t get much).

  68. Crazy Raybod
    At least luitennent
    Im leader of EACP and i help A LOT in ACP wars and battles

  69. 1.Lsund
    4.IDC just ANYTHING above luetineut
    5. ive been in ACP since september of 07 and ive never been ranked until last month i had been commenting and EVERYTHING!

  70. sigh ill try not to be complainy like everybody else but um i really dont see any acp around any more and one thing ill to get a rank it just seems nobody really cares any way im happy the way i am though but if possible maybe a promotion?

  71. Join rbaa.wordpress.com ! With 157 troops, and 60 Active Troops, we are the Major Army of the Future.

  72. Wombat, not again 🙄

  73. Blue Speed 7
    rank: ACP Fleet Admiral
    old rank: Fleet admiral
    Wanted Rank: Field Marshal
    Why I Think I Deserve This Rank: Becaue I’ve been loyal to acp for over 18 months and haven’t gotten credit for many great things i have done for example my header is part of the header slide on acp site and im a very good leader and a loyal follower and know who to follow orders from and who to not to from and i think whatevere u think is the right choice because you’re the higher ranked officer

    Yours Sincerly
    ACP Fleet Admiral Blue Speed 7

  74. whatever*

  75. i hate these rank complaints… just please! please don’t promote people past me! it’s cruel! i have more experience than most people! 15 months!

  76. oh but blue speed deserves it. 18 months!

  77. legocity200
    lowest rank
    i been here for one year and i worked very hard

  78. 1. Name on Ranks

    2. Current Rank

    3.Old Rank
    Petty Officer

    4. Wanted Rank

    5. Why should you get your wanted rank.
    Because i have been in the ACP far too long not to be one and I have fought for the ACP since May, ’07.

    ~Until later,~
    Coolguy12348 ACP Commodore

  79. 1. Name on Ranks
    Andy Pat, CP name Andypat

    2.Current rank- Corporal

    3.Old rank- No old rank

    4. Wanted Rank- 1st In Command
    Nah I wish. Could you just gimme petty officer plz

    5. Why should you get your wanted rank.
    I’ve been in longer than most admirals and been to every battle my schedule provided.

  80. 1.CP Name Danny4good
    2.Current rank- sergeant
    3.Old rank- sergeant
    4.Wanted rank-lieutenant
    5.Why should you get your wanted rank.

    Because I go on this website almost everyday and I keep in tact with everyone writing comments on ranks about whats happening on the server Mammoth and say if were winning if were losing I say all of that stuff.

    Thanks, for ur understanding,

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