Okay I’m gonna test out and see if divisions will work this time. Last time two of the divisions wanted to declare war on each other. This time there are different rules.

Site: The leaders should create their own site but it will be only for practice wars and stuff relating only to their site

Chat: Division leaders can create their own chat for practice wars and meetings but they will not be ownered on main acp chat.

Practice Wars: Division Leaders can decide between themselves what kind of practice battles they want to have. You can practice battle another army, another division, or just split your division into 2 teams. Divisions are required to have atleast 1 practice battle a month but atleast 2 is strongly suggested.

Co-leaders: Leaders must select Co-Leaders that will be able to command when the leader cannot.

Ranks: Each division leader must go through the names of soldiers in their division and give them ranks that are equal to the current ranks on the rank page. These ranks are due by Wednesday.

Promos: Division leaders cannot give promos or give demotions. If this works, division leaders will give a list of people who they thing should get a promotion before promotion day at the end of each month. On that list can also be demotions. These will be evaluated by the leader and co-leaders but not all requests will be granted.

Ps: If any division leader wants to have one of their soldiers switched out of their division just talk to me (Shaboomboom) and I’ll figure it out.

 (Marines can use the old marines site. I’m admin on it if u want





Leader: Cooltiger413

Troops: Meggis1234,Blue Speed 7,Hattrick,Orcacam07,Speedmobile, Shad Jr, Big P,Penguin47212752,Superhighfly,Orgulan,Trains13,Seanehawk, 123nico26, Knight521, Dj Krayze , Itachi6dark, Braves Z, Yellowguy458, Thebest22, Stg Jor,Noka 8,Znozeberry, Mr Random 1, Dummer Boy, Rapid867, Cccorbally, Blete Wombat 99, Waddlebox, Marineman2, Jet the Hawk, Pop, The Bridgett, Wgfv, Mcwoffin, Jmmr88, Pengui 202, Crowl38, Csdfbgdhgg, Zdoger, Fiddyy, Takeda95, Annie290632, Joe Trevino, Youkaynine, ThEcArDs, Johanwillfir,Vil Dnan, Lx72, Ephris11, Golaba, Emanuel2567, Zehroy, Shades2you, Rockstar74, Kpkrocks1, Cocoa Bean75, Dxman9, Pengyster48, Thnder562, Drakeball46, Omega39, Racegirl, Rianjr2448, Wadler1, Bid Now, , Mach1kid2, Kpkrocks1, Vil Dnan, Dxman9, Bammaregera3, Lsund, Cocoa Bean45, dgff10, Mjoo7, Orange Con, Meowcat1001,Goldfishrocks, zzmasterchf, Cp Army Dude, Ganandorf787, Deoxys, Ribler, Macopu, Pinata246, Dj2372, Zelby477d477, Scrlett Boy, Lavafirealex, Fishy492, ChrisZ926, swampdude8, Gobblydude, Mix 1011, Tex9m, Df27, small troubl, tiredan, billy1104, Buster8, the yatter, Satch, Brooky2222, kuro wolf, Superryan96, Pipempoleon, Ale555, Leinheart Pet, Snowandice27, Lot80, Master Ice79, Jimmychao110, Zazazzzzz, Soxpitcher, Shrek5505, Myhead248, Bob Blue3, Bri Bri 16,  Nate950000, pingy415, creamsatin2, littlejon96, Reblue345, kig cold, Mo Mo1357, zumiskater, O Pingu, Cody227, Foxtails, Jason Mcg, Cca, Goomba121, Touchie, Dimimaster, beakerbill26, pacos315, Blueface9, Red Rocker, Cupcake2930, Pengu1, Icy9566, Mr blubob, Ozzyqualls, Rap 81, Cheruby, Maupi, Santa Elf 10, Coolgirl77289, Freemen777, Doom, 11Steven1, Metalblimp3, Kas130771, Cole779, Plaite, Person1233, Beeky128778, Consor8, , Big Goonie, Candyclou19, Crazy Raybod, Chas3r, Drake70434, Rainyee, Linkdude519, MichealB1996, Gara326, Andy Pat, Tuxfoo, Pinky25, Mrfreeze53, Linkboy95, A N A O 23,  Pepper42401, Flippers 600, Fliper65344, JadenandSy, Dino Yo, Dertyboy5, Wemmington



Leader: Cas

Troops: Dr Nono Jr,Tomtwelve,Chrisdude100,Baloon451,SheilaGally , Saint1994,Peguin21795,Shortkid8tee,Potatos3, Ctar, Js Thgrourhg, Mrmcgreen,Zamros,Orion Player,Islandrshky,Jcapp64,Coolguy12348, Coolguy4442,Speedyjason99,Hero12985,Potato3,Snowrunt555, Jimmyjoecrew,Cycle22, Rainy, Abced101, Potatoes4, Bigguyben, Greenday9991, Blky2300, Bid Now, Seancastle,1234jkl, The Apache22, Biokid0, Waddlebox123, Emilylondon, 7 Gameboy 7, Cyrtd10, Beta Robot, Lsund, Jet Nugget, Gurlkiara, Dgff101, SnowyOwl, Muttant444, Hidude45, Berrygood5, super24daisy, Snooper1999, jcd484, Jackfrost357, Motomike37, howddy yall, Tvlov5, Texm9, Smartuin,Db Penguin, Ajf77, Ambrosha, Paperman96, Centar, Tone739, Stocic, Slider52 Rnemenja, Crazy Skater, Mod 59, Rocky3030, Danny606, Yankee225, Rlin, Coolster, Woton, Jakecat15, Splotman13, Starscreem 2, Pen122, Kingofty, Buford432, Boarder Peng, 10Marshen10, Scott1796, Wenny123ABC, Luckey007, Supserpieman6, Vetsd, Chewyvice, Aoi3, Wizzy38, Beckfan77, Slurp N Burp, super24daisy, lupapo, cody227, Purpur5222, Wrath Strife,  jimmychao110, Pudd1e G1um, Fishman 97, crowl38, Melbery, soxpitcher, Myhead248, Nothinbut, Dragon 720, byero, Jea1023, kk9024, money123 432, dalek485, Muttant444, johnyjoe, ice rida1, Elmikey, Fireball Ice, mr mario4, 1luvgreenday, deco539,  Pirateking818, Lava1231, Liam Super, Lop89, superpieman6, Blueguy32, ace1315, tman685, Radrobot, Oh Bouy, Lupapo, Purpur5222, Pikallow, Wrath Strife, Mage238, Pudd1e G1um, Fishman 97, Kuro Wolf, Fuzy430, Mock5, Deco539, Mr Mario4, !tem girl927


Air Force

Leader: Rapidy

Troops: Nodear,Lucario98765,Capuzzi,Clintos007,Batista1822, Arosso13,Louistania,Borja,Diaa Lofti,Kingcallum1,Jim456,Coleslaw7175 , Nyg13, Shnseymor,Mr.Random,Waddlebox123, ACP Warrior, Ironkid2894, Black Icer, Master Champ, Pete852, Mr Nooner, Mrgreen10000,Klimster, Coolguy442, Jazz77, Keelord, Midnightmoon, Jayson23, Acacoroth, Alenwen, Lordcody56, Ev 007, Bc435,Khalgar1, Ktman, matthewmsh1, Justinbronze, Jangopengo, Bfan212, Seancastle, Mach1kid2, Dragon 720, Chapa23, Ennbay, Cool Foel, Willnow, Soccerpr30611,Alpha351, Acatosh, Podie99, Deidara48, Jarlo77, Mastha Blak, Jet Nugget, Flarry Jerry, Themouse10, Buffontis, Gurlkiara, Dairy Milk, Sparky6066, Jacobi9, Spike67840, Crazyboy86, Skater Boy Dc(Super Blip), Ennbay, Kobiydoo, Nc735, Aalsdjf Gh, 789kqw, Stratman13, Solraidia, Bailey1217, Sahfah, Paperman96, Goldraider, Snowland202, Fgf78, Rulerguy, Jatar, Lemmy Koopa, Jazz474, Mrsquishy99, Fluffballbob, Cismoy, Sgtpenguin13, Destany64468, Zapper903, Obffbi, Jack98, yddytr, smudge 508, joshzzzzzz99, nine tailed3, penguin38006423, Jacobi9, Pepino03, Divotoo, agent55567,Polliki, Ganger90,   Slurp N Burp, Beckfan77, Jakey44, Topstar1, Stevebobal, peterjr1, goldekey, Ojohii, Sydney511, rocker6501, nathannj, Micewindo, Caseyboy97, nine tailed, Tholee, Agent Cool Y, wally4531, gray fox 720, Lakerboii51,  Dannywsa1998, Ggoa619, lena98, Commando 2, brentclose, im444, Reonordo, Adlack, kairi1219, TITO987, Djfn, Marusta, Alejack, Dswiz7, Starlorb3, Day629, Fireflame02, Autumnwalk1, Samus9000, Johnyjoe, Dalek485, Money123 432, Kk9024, Jea1023, Beyro, Dino Boy7, Sheepman, Ennbay, Pippy212, Geyer17, Fredfredboy, Lilabedjr, Ibarreche, Supersoulja17, Legocity200, Ally190840, Melbery,




47 Responses



  3. ps 2ND O YEAH!!!!

  4. Well, Im fine wit being in the Navy Division. 3rd.

  5. o wait im already in the airforce O YEAH!

  6. 1st worst 2nd best (me)3rd the man with a hairy chest

  7. Woot woot, I’m in da navy wid Cas!

  8. Its not even funny how many of those people are never on, no offense, but seriously. O_o

    – Commando717

  9. Sorry for asking this, but does anybody know what rank im am? {Not in the divisions!} I cant find my name and i don`t know if im in the army or not. Aslo id like to join air force. I`ve been in the cp army business for 2 years. If thats not enough, i don`t know what is.

  10. woot go airforce!! yay can we fly planes yet lol

  11. Marines! we will we will shoot you! shoot you!
    Its strange that 3/4 of those people never go on, at all.

  12. im in Airforce! woooooo go me!

    can i have a respectable rank in it please?

    (ACP Commodore) (Roman Ambassador (Hav’nt put me on ranks yet) ) (GPR 5 Star Colonel) (FRO 2nd In Command Of Airfighters) (VCP Corporal)

  13. W00T IM NAVY W00T lol

  14. oh great im air force were penguins we cant fly. Or can we ?????

  15. Woo hoo I’m ACP Air Force!

  16. sweet im with rap and ganger

  17. o sweet im with Bfan and chapa also

  18. Umm sir it says im on marines and airforce
    I was hoping to be a paratrooper

  19. Cool I’m in the air force!

    And Rapidy I’m a great co-leader *wink wink*


  20. Lol Commando’s right. You can take a look at the ranks page and see over 200 names, but only about fifty of them are active.

  21. In marines where it says Pop must be me i guess

  22. uh can i join? i sighned up

  23. AIR FOURCE!!!

  24. im a marine but i have not been listed!?!


  26. and ill be mor ethen happy to be ur coleader cas 😉

  27. cool divisions, there will be a new one soon called special services

  28. Navy! That’s right.


  30. How do I get into the Marines? I would love to join and serve. Please read this comment and suggest me to the leader of the Marines. I don’t mind if I don’t get in.

  31. P.S My penguin name is Creamsatin2

  32. o o rap pick me as co leader xD

  33. No he already picked me

  34. o well

  35. May I ask what does the divisions do? We have not had a war in a while, so what will the divisions actually do?

  36. i would like to be in the air force

  37. Lol acp having divisions?!?! HAHAHAHA u guys will fall!

  38. you got a problem with us blue?

  39. Awesome Im in the Navy 🙂

    Could I be a fighter Pilot?

  40. blueswill you and abe are both noobs.

  41. umm…sorry if this is annoying or 2 much trouble, but can you plz change me from marines to navy. i really don’t like cooltiger and wont be able to take orders from him. this would be better for me, and all the divisions. I don’t want to be annoying ppl with my refusal to accept orders from him.

    P.S. If you do not respond to this i will consider myself in the navy

  42. Im not a n00b but Abe is.

  43. so what about the army? he he he he he Sean is meat and I love meat. Eats Seanehawk who is meat. Yummy.

  44. yo whats up guys! um as you can see there was a slight spelling error in my name. Instead of ganandorf787 it is ganondorf787. i just wanted to put that out there for further notice. :p

  45. man!!! can i be in marines

  46. Can I please be Navy?
    -Sgt. Tobymac96

  47. Can I be Navy? (Put my name as Lookydude.)

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