Next WWFF Battle

Jedi’s edit: I apologize for not being on lately..My dad had came home for a brief visit from Ottawa, and so, my family wanted to spend as much time together as possible. Also, maybe aber could also check up on Mayors, and make sure that everyone in Government is doing their job. About impeachment, Jcapp  needs grounds to be a basis for his argument, plus I’m not entirely sure if its compatible Boomer’s administration. As far as I know Jcapp can only sue me.. :S I’ll look into it..By the way,  I need to talk to Boomer, Shab, Aber, and Oagal on chat.


Shab: Jcapp64 would like to take Ankita to court (aka impeach her). I don’t know the details but he is currently banned on chat forever so thats where I would look for him to talk.

PS:  JOIN WW TODAY!!! While you are not doing stuff for acp, why not join ww. It is okay to be in more than one army, it actually helps you become a better soldier because you learn different tactics and you get more practice. REMEMBER TO PUT “Shaboomboom” AS YOUR RECRUITER.

I suggest that acp starts weekly practice battles to practice tactics and stuff because the soldiers didn’t listen to the leaders as well as expected last battle.

Oagal: Amazing! Let’s go for a Second Golden Age! Viva la Renaissance! XD

Boomer’s Edit: That sounds good.  You could also make a page for it so the information will be available in one place later on.

Also, this site got 71,724 hits in December!  That’s 5,631 more than the previous record 😯 !  Let’s see if we can beat it in January 😀 .

Aber: I didn’t want to post this on top of your post, Boomer so I just edited it in. (So make sure u read the bottom of this post for the next wwff battle!

But, to start now, I need to hear more from the govenors of our servers! Lately its just been a “Nominate, Win” and thats about it. We need our govenors to be a lot more active! So Please comment if your a govenor and report on how your server is doing. Tell us if there are new enemies about or exsisting enemies we need to deal with. So please report back to me, and i’ll make a post on how the servers are doing. 🙂 (Remember read the bottom V)

Here is the info for the next WWFF battle:

Server: Sherbet

Date: January 2, 2009


—–3:00pm Pacific
—–4:00pm Mountain
—–5:00pm Central
—–6:00pm Eastern
—–11:00pm UK

We will meet at the Snow Forts.  Please come at least 15 minutes early for recruiting.  Hopefully we will have as much success as last time 😉 .


New Newspaper [Sorry for posting over you, Ankita-chan!]

Hey, Sheila here! I have the first newspaper of the year here:

Fashion: Penguins talk about how cool the new fashion catalog will be. I’m totally buying that scarf.

Christmas Igloo Winners

In focus: The Forest and The Cove

Ask Aunt Arctic: What are your new years resoulotions and how you pour coffee. 😆

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