2nd WWFF Battle Today/Anniversary

ACP CHAT: www.xat.com/theacp

I Expect all troops to be on chat and at the server/room atleast 15 mins before the battle. The room and server fills up quick especially with the new catalog today. Listen to the leaders on chat and on CP. That was a weak point near the end last time.

We will be meeting at the snow forts

Server: Sherbert

Date: Jan 2nd 2009

  • TIME:3:00pm PST
    —–6:00pm Eastern
    —–5:00pm Central
    —–4:00pm Mountain
    —–3:00pm Pacific
    —–11:00 am UK
  • shab-fireworks-text

    Here is a pic to get u excited:



    Tomorrow, Sat the 3rd, is Boomer and my’s (shab) 1 year anniversary since we both join acp and other cp armys/ organizations. I think it would be a good idea for both of us to post our stories and then have Oagal put the next part of his history thing under them.

    40 Responses

    1. 1st comment w00t w00t. Nice signature shab 😀

    2. pfft

    3. I would have 1st comment I saw it first

    4. also 3rd and 4th

    5. well u didnt 5th 🙄

    6. 6th i cant make it my bday party is coming

    7. guys i am coming to help with my small scale army called club penguin united (cpu) I am your ali my name is jamamnji2016. I am there to help u not to attack u.

    8. oh yeah plz respond just so i know its ok for my army to comme help

    9. Jeez! When will you people listen! It’s 11:00 PM not AM for the UK.


    10. P.S. I got bored today so I made a little banner thing for the ACP, like the RPF one that’s on the right sidebar. The link is: http://thecpfort.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/a.png


    11. That’s… 😡 not… 🙂 Funny… 😆 ❗ I’ll be there. :mrgreen:

    12. Actually thats hilarious. Oh…I can’t get on chat sorry. I can get to the battle early but I can’t make it to the chat.

    13. i will be fighting with 2 armys.The ACP and 1 of acp enemies(sorry im co leader in)they arent like ur enemies thee just against you in this war.But my troops wont attack acp,nor help them.After i’ll fight with ACP.Thnx

    14. I AM THE CO- leader of the rebellion. we are doing this to STOP your useless wars. why do them. it harms the penguin economy!!! we are here to STOP you and save CP from your useless wars of fun.
      i used to be in this army. that was until the World War USELESS!!!! now you must stop the wars for face the trials of fatch and courage, as we will save cp from you. now stop the wars. that is our mission. good luck finding us. Jack Hopper OUT!!!

    15. Dang! I cant come today. I have to go somewhere. this sucks!

    16. Wow. A 2nd WWFF in a week? Cool!
      I’m on it, Boomer!

    17. U dont even know wat rebellion means. ACP isnt gonna waste time on ur so called “rebellion”. U go beat IW, and Nachos. Then come talk to us Jack. On a side note. Shadow Troops called ACP a**hoes. So Im thinking we should do something about that. *hint* hint*

    18. This stinks! I cant come today. 😦

    19. 17 and 18

    20. There pretty much is no economy. Its not like stock markets on Wall Street Jack

    21. And besides its FOR FUN that means we’re
      playing a FUN snowball war! All that rebelling talk, I’ve heard it a ton in my 3 years of being in ACP.


    22. http://tdicamps.wordpress.com/
      if you are a fan of tdi, go there for some fun!
      Total drama island REMAKE!!!!!


    24. i will be there actually im already there

    25. The pic didn’t get me excited, but I’ll come any way.

    26. Jackhopper…. more like jack-offer 😆

    27. Jackhopper this is a game, you’re taking it to seriously.

    28. i will be there today and will be on chat sir but what room will we meet in

    29. well, im on Sherbet right now, and the Nachos, i swear, must have over 30 recruits. the sombrero came back and Nachos have taken it to there advantage, and you know what that means. we might have to do some serious recruiting.

    30. What happened to Oagal’s post? Did one of you delete it? :S

    31. oops i didnt see that u said meeting at snowforts sorry about that ill be there!

    32. acp rocks leaders can u add me when at the war?

    33. Freaking calm down, it’s just a WWFF, nothing inportant. Now count to ten and think of your happy place.

    34. i will be there i am finally not busy 🙂

    35. Can I be in your story Shab 😀

    36. I will be there, but could you make me a member at the xat chat? Its members only.

    37. I cant go…sorry I would be able to but my BROTHER wants to get on because I told him. He’s not even Ranked yet but he fought in the battle. He even gets to be at the battle and i cant because of him.

    38. jK

    39. sorry i cant make it sir got a new cat have to take care of it sorry

    40. i was there. u guys owe me a huge promotion for the battle and for today. there is a battle on iceberg in mammoth. and maybe for the patrol and recruit run.

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