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Edit: Don’t forget about the post below!!


Since Boomer has not yet posted this, I have taken the initiative. Boomer, if ya want to edit this, be my guest.

Many new Nacho Clans have been sighted in ACP servers, including Snow Fort and Breeze. If these militants were under control of the Nacho Army, I’d be fine with that. But the vast majority are unorganized, and will undoubtedly fire upon ACP soldiers. We do not want this to cause a war between us and out allies, the Nachos, so we will need to contain the Rogue Nacho Clans within our servers. For a counter-measure, I am issuing a state of Martial Law in Breeze and Snow Fort until the chaos has cooled down, in order to prevent any major disruptions or out-brake of war.

Here are the servers the ACP thusfar must protect from the Rogue Nachos (RN):


  • Breeze — RN activity: 30%. Below average. Lowest priority.

  • Snow Fort — RN activity: 50%. Average. Second priority.

  • Mammoth — RN activity: 85%. Above average. Top priority.

Now, some of you out there may be wondering “is the ACP taking over Mammoth?” No! We’re protecting it because:

  1. It appears to be the center of RN activity.  If we can neutralize RN forces at the heart of their operations, further chaos may be able to be stopped.
  2.  Even though Mammoth is neutral, it is still the honorary seat of the ACP’s government. This army was created there, we have successfully defended it for over two years. Not only is it within our ability to defend this server; it’s our responsibility.

Anyway, here are the defensive measures we will take:

  • Patrol the servers each day, for at least 15 minutes. Top priority first, lowest priority last.
  • Form patrol parties within the ACP Chat. The highest ranked soldier(s) there will lead the patrol.
  • Don’t fire unless fired upon. This will be the give-away as to whether or not the Nachos we see are our allies or RN forces.
  • When you gain new recruits, say “SEARCH ACP CLUB PENGUIN.” Hopefully, this’ll lead some new troops to this site.



I think the ACP should reorganize it’s medal system, which at this point is non-existent. Either Shab, Aber, Rapidy, Jedi/Ankita, or Boomer should be in charge of organizing this system: One of them, not all of them. Here is my idea, but, of course, the leaders may modify it.

  1. To earn medal(s), you must accomplish the tasks below.
  2. To receive the medal(s), you must have at least one picture or leader as witness of the event.
  3. Don’t constantly ask the leaders for a medal(s), just leave one comment under the “medals” page with evidence that you earned the medal(s).


  • Attending a patrol…………………………………………………………….1 Medal
  • Attending an unorganized battle………………………………………..2 Medals
  • Attending practice battle/fun war………………………………………3 Medals
  • Attending a major practice battle/fun war……………………………4 Medals
  • Attending an organized battle…………………………………………….5 Medals
  • Attending a major organized battle……………………………………..6 Medals
  • Loyalty throughout a small war………………………………………..10 Medals
  • Loyalty throughout a war………………………………………………..15 Medals
  • Loyalty throughout a major war/World War………………………20 Medals
  • Continued allied assistance…………………………………………….Gold Shield
  • Exemplary duty as Chat Moderator or Owner…………………….Bronze Star
  • Exemplary assistance with the ACP website, banners, etc……..Silver Star
  • An exemplary act of selfless heroism………………………….Medal of Honor

NOTE: Here are some notes about the last four medals (they can only be awarded once per person):

Gold Shield: This medal can only be awarded to allies of the ACP who have been loyal to us through thin and through thick. Usually only the leaders and officers can earn this, but if a particular ally soldier is unfaltering, he/she too can earn this. ACP soldier can’t earn this, no matter how many armies they are in. I strongly believe that you can only give your full commitment to one army at a time.

Bronze Star: This is awarded to Chat Mods and Owners who follow and enforce the rules constantly, and show no hint of bias. They must be completely fair and just. Any penguin who is a Mod or Owner can earn this medal, whether they are in the ACP or not.

Silver Star: This is reserved for people who have created useful ACP banners, chat background, assisted with the website, helped with the organization of this army, etc. Any penguin can earn this medal.

Medal of Honor: When I first created this award on the day the ACP was formed, it was and has since been the highest level or prestige a citizen of CP can possibly earn. Recipients of this award included Koolaidman7, Nrop, Lt Giovanni, myself, and a handful of others. This Medal is to be handed out only by the leader of the ACP, and only for extreme cases of heroism or patriotism to the ACP. Examples include: Creating the ACP, forming a strong and stable alliance, successful and useful spy work, constantly working on the ACP to make it better/keep it good, simply accepting the rank one has and fulfilling his or her duties perfectly, etc. To give you an example of how important this medal is: In the history of the ACP, less than ten people have earned it. Some do deserve it, but were not around while it was actively handed out. Sorry, maybe Boomer will recognize you as a recipient of this award.



Yes, I will continue writing the ACP Sage. 🙄 The nest few chapters should be finished later tonight.

P.S. Remember this? (look down)


Until later,

March on!

53 Responses

  1. Very good. Plenty of spelling errors in there though 😉 I don’t want to bug any of the leaders, but I was told that I would be added to the Hall of Fame, and I am not yet. I made a little banner because I was bored, it’s a bit like the RPF one on the right sidebar on here. The link is


  2. Hey, sorry about thousands of rogue Nachos all across 100+ servers xD! We will be trying to control them as well on your servers so if you see us there, we aren’t invading, we’re getting n00b Nachos out.

  3. Where is the medal page. IM NOT DUMB I DONT SEE IT.
    Oagalthorp: It has yet to be added.

  4. there is a huge numger of nachos.WE cant take it.

  5. Oagle i can tottaly understand what you are trying to do and its a great idea. One problem though these “Noobs” we have should just be ignored. If they fire upon you…… and you fire upon them it will only increase tensions. The human brain quickly responds to attacks even if its digitized.
    Oagalthorp: If a nation is attacked should it stand idly to avoid a stronger attack? No! It must stand and fight.

  6. Well ok oagle it is your army and your choice and I respect that. I wish you luck and just rember we are not talking about stratigicaly organized super penguins here. But just a few lost young ones.
    Oagalthorp: Boomer’s army, you mean. 🙄

  7. its great, thanks

  8. *Sigh* Yes boomers army with oagles advice! There is that proper enough?! or is it too sugar coated?!!

    P.S. Erm sorrey to be a nuisance i try not to get on people nerves(or for the sake of that matter your nerves).But i just want to try to proove a point wich will always seem to be countered. But as said before im sorrey and frankly i wish to improve acps and nachos relations.

  9. If it is too sugar coated then please look at the post above.

  10. No worry Oagal I am gov of Alpha State and Snow Fort is in it I will protect that and all.

  11. I Will Patrol Breeze,Mammoth,And Snow Fort Daily For About 10 Minutes. I Want The ACP To Improve Its Allieance With Nachos Becaus Im In Both These Armys.Thank You,

    ~ACP Major~Thomas0270

  12. You know, by attacking any Nacho troop, you are attacking the Nacho Empire. And when an army attacks the Nacho Empire, It’s war ❗
    Oagalthorp: Our rule is “Don’t fire unless fired upon.” This is how we tell ally from enemy. If any Nachos are attacked, they must have attacked first. So the possibility of war is decided by your army, not this one.

  13. It seems like you have basically declared war on the Nachos…
    Oagalthorp: Read my edit on Person’s comment. 🙄

  14. Dear Boomer,

    I am leader of the CPR (club penguin republic). Visit my site at www. . I would like to plan a war bettween our orginazations. Please leave when you to have to war in my comments in my page. Unless you want our orginazations to become allies, then write I want to be alies on my pages’s comments. I hope we may become alies or war will brew
    Thank you,

  15. I am not prepared to become allies yet i want to have war first and grow my orginazation, then we may talk about an aliance


  16. v v v or w v or v w O.o vvv

  17. Do you tire of edditing my comments or are you tired of contradicting my comments or can you not contradict that one? The world may never know!
    Oagalthorp: Nope, just tired of you commenting in general. :-/

  18. How many comments does it take to get to the center of an Oagalthorp? The world may never know 😈 lol

  19. Hmm perhaps for the better…….

  20. A few hours ago I saw Nachos storm Mammoth…

  21. the n00bs r fring not the veterns

  22. Well understood shakesphere tryin to run a respectable buisness ayy?

  23. NO NACHOS AND RPA( the rebels ) WON THE BATTLE!!!!!!1

  24. thats right and we are at the server mammoth right now with about 40 nachos at the forts

  25. At 8.05 PST Snow Fort was clear of nachoz clans. though i am just a soldier applyee, i still do soldiers work.


    (P.S, why did u ban me from the chat)

  27. I earned a few medals today. My proof was that I was in the second picture of the war. 🙂

  28. I was the one shouting “ACP WINS!” At the bottom.

  29. I’m not sure if it counts because your the one who took the picture.


  31. That war ACP vs Nachos happened because 5 rogue ACP fired at 30 recruiting Nachos. You deserved it
    Oagalthorp: XD You weren’t even there. No, three non-rogue Nachos — Puckly included — attacked an ACP patrol on Sherbet. Don’t make accusations when you have no idea of what actually happened. 🙄

  32. Btw, I’m talking to Eettuuyy

  33. The ninjas got mad at us they want it quite

  34. what is the point of the war

  35. ninjas want war

  36. vvv Doesn’t ring a bell.

  37. Dear ACP,

    This may be my third retirement post, but I feel like it’s worth it. Since I returned I have made friends and enemies, but worthwhile it’s the way it’ll go.

    I’ll be gone for several months and I announce my ‘full’ time retirement. I will remain retired forever. Even if I return sometime later, I’ll be too busy to come on.

    I hope that ACP will continue to be the best army there is and leave a history mark in CP.

    Here are some people I want to thank for making my return and time on ACP funner.

    Shab: Wow, since I’ve known you, you were a corporal like me! Now you’re a Co- leader. You have been a truely great friend. I’ll be sure to talk to you by email

    Boomer: It’s been hanging out with you. I bet you are the best leader there has ever been. Anyways, you’re the man.

    Ankita: Thanks for the promotion! You are true best friend. You made me happy and cheerful ever in my life!

    Noka: Well, if it isn’t Jason 🙄 Just kidding, but seriously, thanks for being a great friend.

    Hattirick aka Hatto: You have been a great and kind friend! Nuff said

    Kg007: C=C=B= BCC (nod) Thanks for making me laugh, you have been a great friend!

    Shad Jr: The icon will come and haunt you! Seriously you have been an awesome friend

    Fort57: I won’t bother you again lol.

    Jungle Hungle: You are a truely awesome kiddo. Thanks for the Pics of the Week!

    Saint: Your story rocks! I hope you can send it to the publishers!

    Sheila Gally: Thanks for having me be part of your site!

    Rapidy: Boy, I have to chase you on Mammoth one more time. Anyways, great friend.

    Luc: You still have a grudge on me eh? Anyways cool buddy

    Other people I want to thank:

    Ennbay aka Ebay
    Tom Yellow
    and lots more……

    Here’s something I made for everyone. I hope you enjoy!

    Last call with Peguin21795

  38. These patrols are tiring me out

  39. i see now the true acp. i will now join acp once more. but this time i want respect. that is all i ask. acp is a great army and the lies about it drove me away. But now i realize, they were lies, acp has been the same from its starting day to now. i Jack Hopper ( not real cp name but it use to be ) now wish to join acp once more.

  40. Oagal, that edit was an embarassment for you -.- I wasn’t talking about the bot pic 🙄

  41. Wow Oagal. Didnt you read the comment below mine?

  42. Btw, guesting me on ACP chat isn’t going to hide the truth.
    Oagalthorp: *yawns* Sleepy Oagal doesn’t need anymore annoyances tonight. I said I’d member you tomorrow. 🙄

  43. Oagal, if you ever thought of just returning to the ACP, would you? Sorry. I’ve just been observing the ACP for 2 years now. Things come and go and come and come and go and go. You seem like you have the power to just say “Ok, I’m going to lead the ACP again.

    Well I’m just building up a new site (again). It’s called the Veteran Soldiers Association. If any retired/discharged/experienced soldier would like to join, they are free to join. I’m still building it up though and I won’t be officially opening it yet.


  44. Ok Oagal thanks now i know. I will patrol mammoth. If I can’t then snowfort.

  45. Ok, Oagal, but I must sorry because I can’t start patrolling today. I can just start tomorrow, ok? I promisse! I will be on Mammoth all the time patrolling and fight with the Nacho Clans, even if I’m alone!

  46. ACP is continuing to fight the RN on Mammoth, putting up a brave fight. I have just finished patrolling Snow Fort. No RN sighted.

  47. wow no nacho clans in breeze at 719 PST. Looks like there all in mammoth

  48. That battle has been going on in mammoth since last night…


  50. We need help Nachos attacking ACP at Mammoth ice rink

  51. i see now the true acp. i will now join acp once more. but this time i want respect. that is all i ask. acp is a great army and the lies about it drove me away. But now i realize, they were lies, acp has been the same from its starting day to now. i Jack Hopper ( not real cp name but it use to be ) now wish to join acp once more. thank you.


  53. Boomer I left a comment on like this on the nacho site. The RN (rouge nachos) R GETTING ME TICKED! They say they r gonna rule mammoth. I am not gonna let that happen! We protect mammoth. Thats y ACP exists. So I thought of this We ACP and nachos do a RN clear out. And PERMANTLY get rid of RN! I think it is a great idea. I f u like it plz place a comment or post.

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