1 Year Anniversary

Jedi’s Edit: Lol, my anniversary is like Jan. 10th. (When I officially joined). Truly inspiring  stuff. If its not too much trouble, I’ll post mine.

Today was the One Year Anniversary of when both Shab and I joined ACP.  Time for some flashbacks 😛

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Shab’s Story

Jan 2008: I was bored andI found the ACP site on the clubpenguingang website blogroll. I then went to Mammoth, it wasnt full for some reason, andfought with Acp against the Nachos. I first met Boomer and Peguin here. Boomer was “1st general” and I was “2nd general” andthe soldiers there listened. Later that day I found the SSACP site and Acp chat. The first person I met on chat was Mazachster, the Leader of SSACP. I also first talked to Boomer on chat that day.

I was ranked on Jan 7th or 12th, I forget the exact date but you can look throughtthe site to findout when promo day was aroundthen. Through-out that month I deticated my time to SSACP. I joined other cp armys such as Rpf, Uma, andGolds during the month.

Feb 2008: I was voting into the SSACP Council and became a top spy. My mission to mess the UMA Site up was ruined when a fellow spy called Blackburnt tried to use a foolish plan. This messed up stuff big time between Uma and Me and SSACP.

March-July 2008: This stuff is all jumbled for me. Fort became leader and I was promoted during the months all the way to 2nd to top under the owner line. I was made ssacp ambassador and then co-leader of ssacp after corvette and k wadler retired. Maz came and left Acp and then came back to ssacp for a little bit and then the SSACP site was starting to get ruined at the end of July. Fort created VLA sometime to rebel and then gave the site to me. Head was fired as 3rd in command and Tomy disappeared for what seemed like forever.

August 2008: Fort retired and there was a whole confusion period. Rapidy became leader after Dr Nono was leader for 1 day. After 2 weeks Rap was rebelled against and some more confusion. There was a poll to see who would be leader and in the final poll it was between Kg, Rapidy, and me. I lost to Kg by 3 votes on august 27th with the votes being 60-63. The SSACP site was officially shut down for what most people thought as for forever.

September 2008: I was made co-leader by Kg. Nothing much happened till October.

October 2008: Kg retired and I was made leader by an agreement between Ankita and me on October 24th.

November 2008: Oagal came back and caused chaos and havoc. I stopped acpfrom losing all of their allies by invading Mammoth which caused me to get fired. I had a rebellion, which was successful enought to overrule Oagal. Acpwas at a standstill with Oagal having control of the site and me having control over the soldiers. I decided to agree to a compromise where Boomer became leader and I was made a co-leader.

December 2008: ummmmm nothing really happened CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 2008: PRESENT TIMES



Here is the story of my Club Penguin life that I wrote for the ACP Forums sometime around March (with a lot more that I had to add 😛 ).  Hope you like it!

It was late March, 2007. My sister was using the computer. I asked her what she was doing, and she told me she was playing a game called Club Penguin. It looked pretty cool, so later that week, on March 31, 2007, I created my very own penguin. I decided to name it Boomer after the nickname given to me by my soccer coach because I could kick the ball very well. I added the number 20 because my favorite football player was and still is Brian Dawkins, number 20 of the Philadelphia Eagles. With that, my penguin was born.

I began playing at my home server of Half Pipe in the midst of the April Fools Day Party, where I received my first item: the blue propeller hat. This was the only time I had witnessed the Dojo to look differently than it used to until recently. I spent much of my time early on doing nothing specific. I played Mancala and Find Four, I went sled racing and played many of the games available at the time. I slowly built upon my skills in Find Four until I was nearly unbeatable, but something was missing. The sad fact was, I didn’t have anyone to hang out with on Club Penguin…

In late April that same year, I met a group of friends on Half Pipe that I had a lot in common with. Every night, whenever we could, we met together at the Half Pipe Dock and just hung out. It was a good time for me.

It was now approaching May, and I was excited for Summer Vacation, but it just wasn’t coming fast enough. My friends were now spending less and less time on Club Penguin. In the span of a month, most of my friends were either banned or just stopped playing Club Penguin. I felt alone again. To fill the void left by my lost friends, I wandered from server to server, searching for something else to do.

Around mid-May, I stumbled upon Mammoth, one of Club Penguin’s largest servers. After searching around, I stopped in the Dojo, where I discovered a large group called the Underground Mafias Army. They were facing an army called the Nachos, led by Zippy500. Intrigued, I decided to join UMA, where I worked as a spy. My missions included disguising myself as a Nacho and infiltrating their base at the Beacon. I suppose I would have liked to know of the UMA site so I could join officially, but without my naivete, I probably would have been a life-long UMA soldier rather than an ACPsoldier.  And if anyone has old UMA pictures, look for me 😉 .  It would be awesome if I were in any.

The occasional battles were fun. I would race to Mammoth every day after school just before it filled up and meet up with other UMA soldiers.  But between family vacations, summer camp, and a week at my grandparents, I was unable to keep up with armies during the summer. When school started up again in the fall, I had little time for Club Penguin between schoolwork and soccer. When I did come on, it was only to receive an item or for a new party. Then came Winter Break. Being away from school and its related work, I had more free time. I became more involved withClub Penguin again. After attending what I believed to be the largest battle I had ever seen by accident, I decided to look for other large battles on YouTube.

I soon found a video of an even more massive battle in which the Army of Club Penguin defeated the Underground Mafias Army in WWIII. This video encouraged me to look into the ACP. I searched around the army sites of which I had heard. None impressed me very much. Then I tracked down the ACP site. The site was well organized and far more detailed than any other site I had looked at. Everything down to territory and government was clearly and carefully planned out. I was very impressed with this army, led by Oagalthorp. So once again I returned to Mammoth.

On January 3rd, my first day as an ACP soldier, I met my good friend Shaboomboom, who joined the ACP on the very same day. We have been great friends ever since that day [insert your own destiny reference here 😕 ].  We like to joke about combining our names to form “Shaboomer” 😆 . I also met Mazachster, Rapidy, Corvette 360, Sheila Gally, Hattrick, Peguin21795, and many more that day. Later that week, I emailed Oagalthorp, the leader of the ACP, to see what rank I would get. A week or so later, on January 18th, I became an official ACP soldier as Captain of the Sigma Brigade, led by Db Penguin.

After discovering ACP chat, I went on, where I heard about the SSACP, led my Mazachster. I joined on January 12, 2008. Later that week, I heard that Fort57 was also making an army of his own. I joined Fort’s Blue Vikings on January 17, 2008. About a month later, I met my good friend Dialga80 on Club Penguin. Together we created the Army of Reindeer, just because we were bored. As it turned out, our little army of two grew into an army of nearly ten, and we defeated a much larger army of Golds. Later, after I managed to track him down to WW Chat, Dialga introduced me to the Watex Warriors, which I joined in mid-February. I still miss my late-night hide and seek games with Dialga and those who stayed up to play with us.  With all of the army action, Club Penguin was fun again.

I continued to serve my armies loyally for months. I was around in late May when Fort rebelled against Oagalthorp, then retired leader of ACP, thus making ACP the closest it had been to destruction.  Facing a full-scale attack from every major army in Club Penguin, ACP held on to defeat the invaders. The victory was bittersweet for me, because it marked the end of my friend Dialga’s Club Penguin career.

I had also made great strides in my work for the Secret Spy Agency of Club Penguin (SSACP).  I had worked my way up to Top Spy in an agency full of the best spies in Club Penguin, including some familiar names: Mazachster (the Leader), Cooltiger413 (the Co-Leader), Corvette 360, Headofpolice, Rapidy, K Wadler, Shaboomboom, Bellehdewmah, and myself.  Other members of the army included many other high ranking ACP soldiers, including Jedimaster17, Abercrombe29, Nodear, Dr Nono Jr, Clintos007, Sheila Gally, Jcs11, Chrisdude100, Ballon451, Seanehawk, Speedmobile, Coleslaw7175, Yoitspablo, Jcapp64, and Jazz77.  We were probably more successful in what we did than any armies will ever know, which is in a way unfortunate, however it does add the the mystique surrounding us.  We had been so successful that even as a mere spy organizing, we had achieved major army status, in the same class as the Watex Warriors.  That was until July 23, 2008, the day the SSACP site was hacked.  It was a hacking from which SSACP would never recover.  I still say being with this original group was something I will never forget, and I will always hold it in high regards.  I think it is safe to say a spy team will never be assembled better than what we had.

In August, ACP was faced with yet another serious crisis when Oagalthorp chose Rapidy to be the new ACP Leader and Fort selected Dr Nono Jr.  Much of ACP began a rebellion against Oagalthorp and “Old ACP”, creating a new site and a new chat.  Oagalthorp then made a poll over whether the old ACP site should be deleted. The results of this poll were unfathomable.  Both sides fought hard to take the lead from the other.  I was so worried after a while that the site would be deleted that my friend Corvette 360 and I spent all night copying pages and posts off the ACP site to our hard drives.  The ACP site had become more than just a website.  The ACP site had become an archive of critical information to be passed down leader to leader, army generation to army generation.  And so reflected the poll, if only barely.  By only one single vote out of nearly 500, the ACP site had been saved.  The roots of rebellion had been planted, however, and it would not be long until ACP was faced with another crisis.

Meanwhile, I had worked my way up in ACP, achieving the rank of Field Marshal. I had become a moderator on chat shortly after Fort became ACP Leader in April and I was slowing moving my way up, gaining respect from the ACP veterans along the way.  When Shaboomboom ran for Leader of ACP in October, he nominated me to be his runningmate, and I soon became his Co-Leader along with Jedimaster17. After a long period of tension between Shab and Jedi, as well as Oagal and Shab, ACP went to war for Mammoth. When ACP nearly collapsed after an embarrassing loss in the Battle for Mammoth, rebellion and chaos among the leaders forced ACP to a crisis. After meeting with Shab, Jedi, and Oagal, it was determined that I would be the best choice for Leader because of my response to the crisis and my ability to settle disagreements. And so I became the Leader of the largest and strongest army in Club Penguin, which we quickly proved with a victory in the Christmas Tournament featuring the other major armies in Club Penguin. So far in ACP, I have made many friends. I look forward to making more in the coming year as I do my best to serve the army I have become so fond of. Together we will bring yet another Golden Age to the Army of Club Penguin.

Green Revolution| Re-Join Here *IMPORTANT*

Oagal: Hate you rain on your parade, but our record was just over 19,000 at the start of WWIII. o___O But this is still quite an achievement, because we didn’t have links coming in from the UMA site, RPF, site, CPAF site, and CP Miniclip Forums. 😉

And with all this recruiting-like-crazy business, I think we can break the monthly record for hits, and get over 1,000,000 total before the month is even half-way over.

Crazy Awesome Edit by Boomer 😛 : According to the site data, which may have reset (see above) we broke the record for most hits in a day for the site!  Just barely short of 5,000 as of when I posted this!! 8O  I would like to thank the Nachos for providing the most links to our site by a mile!!  Final total is in!

Final Total: 5,285 hits and 529 Google Searches!

Here’s some more proof of our recent awesomeness:

This is a graph of internet searches on “Army of Club Penguin”.


Haha thanks for making me look good, but this does not reflect upon myself nearly as much as it reflects on you, the soldiers.  This shows a tremendous effort by everyone to bring in new recruits.  We can still improve this significantly, and if we keep this up, ACP will have a Golden Age yet again.

Oagal’s Edit:

40 on at once? That's gotta be some kind of record.

40 on at once? That's gotta be some kind of record.

 Boomer’s Edit:Hey Oagal, I see your 40 and raise you 56 😛


Aber: And I an beat that ! 59 ppl were on the site yesterday for the WWFF battle 😀



Remember to keep patrolling!

Remember to keep patrolling!


In the past 24 hours, two low-scale patrols have gained us 50+ new soldiers on the Join page. Both patrols were led by Ctar, myself, and a few others, and followed along the lines of “Be Green, Be ACP.” Anyway, that’s a lot of people for two relatively small patrols. I think now is a great time to kick off a big ACP recruitment session, and not a minute too soon with the Divisions coming out. Here are some pictures of the patrol today:

A small ACP patrol.

A small ACP patrol.



I’ve decided to save Boomer the trouble and get started on the Divisions. So, if you are an ACP soldier who wants to be places in a Brigade and Division — hopefully all of you — comment below, and copy/paste this form (and fill it out, of course)


  • What is your Club Penguin name?
  • What is your WordPress name?
  • How long have you been in the ACP?
  • If you have one, what is your current rank in the ACP?
  • Do you plan to be loyal to the ACP above any other army you may be in?


After you fill this out, you may proceed to make any comments you want. But you MUST fill out this form to be put on the new ACP ranks.


Until later,

March on!

Army Awards

Well, do you all remember when we had those polls up for voting? It was like best blogger, army, etc. Well I got the results back today! (Yes today lol) and here are the winners.

OK heres the moment youve all been waiting for. The winners of the army awards!! Ok for favorite army solider whos a girl. IN 3rd place we have….Abercrombe29. In 2nd place we have…..Ankita. And in 1st place we have Spaceybirdy!!  OK now for Favorite Army Soldier Comedian. In 3rd place we have Jackfrost357. In 2nd place theres a tie between Fort57 and Fiddyy! Just joking its fort57 and Itachi6dark! And in first place we have… Person1233! OK now for favorite solider who blogs. In 3rd place we have Shiela Gally. In 2nd place we have Rapidy and in 1st place abercrombe29! Thats her 2nd award! Now for favorite retired army leader! In 3rd place we have Uma leader PinkMafias! In 2nd place we have Nachos Leader Shadow2446. In 1st place we have… Kg007 Retired Rpf and Acp Leader. Ok now For Favorite Major Army Leader. In 3rd place we have Ice Warriors Leader Iceyfeet1234. In 2nd place we have Watex Warriors Leader  Wii Mountain! And for 1st place we have Acp Leader Boomer20! And now for the moment youve been wating for! The Best Army Award! In 5th place we have… Uma. In 4th place we have… Nachos. In 3rd place we have.. WatexWarriors. And in 2nd place we have ice warriors. In 1st place we have……. ACP. Congrats to all the winners!! And your prize is… Bragging Rights!!

Army Awards Created by~Fiddyy~

Congrats to everyone who won!


Boomer’s Edit: Looks like we pretty much swept that except for Person who deserved it, and who can say anything bad about Spacey lol 😀

ACP Dojo Grand Opening!/Catalog Secrets

The ACP Dojo has arrived!


As you know already, the original dojo has been invaded by noobs who want to become ninjas. You remember the ACP Spa, right? Well, that got closed to make plans for this dojo. As you can see, there are 2 forts. One for the red team and one for the blue team. The TVS are hooked up to communication so you can communicate with the other team. The Dojo is located in a deserted forest which no penguin enters anymore. We will be able to train. There is a cafeteria for refreshments, and a clear area for charging and resting. The spotlights near the ceiling are for the red and the blue team. I bet by now you’re wondering how to get in here. Add me as a buddy and come in whenever you like to train. You can even gather soliders and have a practice battle. Have fun with it.



Here’s the New Clothing Catalog Secrets!




Post credit to Peguincatalog-1-secrets

Divisions: Rough Draft

Oagal: Wow, lots of edits. 😕 Anyway, as for what Shab did about labelling soldiers as active or not, you must remember that this is a rough draft; not the real thing. Here is what I did when I made the “official” Divisions back in January of ’08.

  1. Make a post telling all ACP soldiers to comment under it and answer a few questions (name, rank, etc.). This is how I’d know which troops were active.
  2. Then, I’d assign Field Commanders for Divisions, and Generals for Brigades.
  3. And finally, I’d create the big list/chart/thingy. Vuala!

Jedi: Sorry Shab for using your color. Anyways, I like the divisons idea. It’s organized, and we can work together better using it.

Shab: Boomer I put who retired or who is inactive. If you want the original version its on the VLA site. I also will put my version of the divisions on the VLA site for you.

Oagal: Ok, it looks like the only problems with the Divisions are the details. This is only a rough draft, so Boomer can change them. And Rap: Yes, I think it’d be fine if Field Commanders could “trade” soldiers.

Boomer check the drafts, I have an anniversary post there that you can right ur history down and then you can add Oagal’s story under it.

Aber:Well, divisions usually always help an army! It’s a great idea to bring them back in an orderly manner. Also Oagal, it’s Abercrombe29, not Abercrombe27 lol. It’s ok. I already fixed it hah.

Shab:I like the idea alot. I just have one question/suggestion and 1 problem. Question: Can the division leaders have the brigade that they were in in their divison? EX: I was in Foxtrot brigade. Problem: A few of the people in my division, I didn’t look at the others yet, either have retired, are going to retire, or do not usually fight for Acp but have that rank because of the CPAF treaty.

Boomer’s Edit:Yes, I have always liked the Divisions idea, and I think it would be useful if we brought it back.  I added more Generals to the ranks this Promo Day with the hopes that we would be able to get them to lead more, and this is the best way of doing that.  In the battle where we covered two servers, divisions would have been nice…lol.  We could have sent just a few of the divisions rather than whatever we ended up sending.  Also for patrolling, we could seperate with less risk of losing soldiers.  It will take some work, but I think we’re up for it.

Rapidy: I remember these divisions as the first in the Army of Club Penguin to myself. They were released by Oagalthorp in January of 2007. This is what I waited 6 months for by then, and this is how I’m a high rank today. The divisions worked great unless your entire division wasn’t online. Then you had a problem. I remember I was a General in the Echo Brigade. I hope Cas will fulfill that duty well. And another thing. Gally doesn’t have an “e” in it.

Rapidy: And another thing. This system is more effective with people in ACP you already know. So can we trade soldiers as Field Commanders? Because we all know that there are certain people that really don’t like some of us.

Edit: I just checked the Join page, and — because of our massive recruiting skillz yesterday — we gained 19 new soldiers. Welcome, recruits, to the Army of Club Penguin! I hope you enjoy your stay. 😉

When patrolling, say "search ACP club penguin." It will lead the smarter recruits to this website, and we may get some permanent soldiers.

When patrolling, say "search ACP club penguin." It will lead the smarter recruits to this website, and we may get some permanent soldiers.

As many of you know, the ranks aren’t want they used to be. They have recently been organized, but I think we can to one better. I suggest we re-instate in ACP Dvisions. This made the chain of command run much more smoothly, and we ere able to have ACP-only practice battles. Here’s what it may look like:


Supreme Commander: Boomer (Medal of Honor)

*Heavy Division*

Field Marshal: Shaboomboom

Alpha Brigade

General: The Jungle N

  • Dr Nono Jr (Maj. General)
  • Bigpeng92 (Maj. General)
  • Seanehawk (Maj. General)
  • Chrisdude100 (Brig. General)
  • Penguin23800094 (Brig. General) Inactive
  • Aang777 (Brig. General)
  • Corvette 360 (Colonel)
  • Speedyjason9 (Colonel) Inactive?

Bravo Brigade

General: Cooltiger413

  • Db Penguin (Lt. General) Inactive (CPAF Leader)
  • Capuzzi (Maj. General) retired
  • Shad 8 (Maj. General)
  • Fishguitar11 (Brig. General) Inactive (CPAF Leader)
  • Peguin21975 (Brig. General) Retiring
  • Cyrtd10 (Colonel)
  • Marineman5 (Colonel) Inactive ?

*Stryker Division*

Field Marshal: Jedimaster17

Delta Brigade

General: Hattrick

  • Tomtwelve (Lt. General)
  • Ctar (Maj. General)
  • Taylor455 (Maj. General)
  • Ironkid2894 (Brig. General)
  • Lucario- (Brig. General)
  • Dragon 720 (Colonel)
  • Matthewmsh1 (Colonel)
  • Magic777 (ACP Colonel)

Echo Brigade

General: Casiusbrutus

  • Blue Speed 7 (Lt. General)
  • Jojofishy (Maj. General
  • Stev71
  • Tommer (Brig. General)
  • Nate95000000000 (ACP Colonel)
  • Mrnooner (Colonel)
  • Js Throughburg(Colonel) *my stopping point*

*Sabre Division*

Field Marshal: Abercrombe29

Foxtrot Brigade

General: Hattrick    Is leader of 2 brigades

  • Clintos007 (Lt. General)
  • Saint1119 (Maj. General) Traded
  • Arosso13 (Brig. General)
  • Jim456 (Brig. General)
  • Jcapp64 (Brig. General)
  • Acp Warrior (Colonel)
  • Jmmr88 (Colonel)

Gamma Brigade

General: Meggis1234  Continued Rebel Activity. Trusted at rank?

  • Manjenson (Lt. General)
  • Lucario98765 (Maj. General)
  • Black Icer (Brig. General)
  • Jonnyboy432 (Brig. General)
  • Bfan212 (Colonel)
  • Johnhancoff (Colonel)
  • Pete852 (Colonel)

*Airborne Division*

Field Commander: Rapidy

Kappa Brigade

General: Nodear

  • Batista1822 (Lt. General)
  • Noka 11 (Maj. General)
  • Borja (Brig. General)
  • Mr Random1 (Brig. General)
  • Coolguy12348 (Colonel)
  • Js Thgrourgh (Colonel)
  • Potatoes4 (Colonel)

Sigma Brigade

General: Sheila Gally

  • Balloon452 (Maj. General)
  • Ktman (Maj. General) Traded
  • Chapa23 (Brig. General)
  • Npeppersn (Brig. General)
  • Coleslaw7175 (Colonel) Quit
  • Mach1kid2 (Colonel)
  • Sblingsnail (Colonel)

NOTE: I stopped adding people at the rank of Colonel simply because it was too time-consuming, and I’m tired. Meh. Oh, and we will put the number of medals each soldiers has behind his/her name. I used Boomer’s Medal of Honor as an example.

Anyway, this is just a preview of what the ranks page might look like if Boomer accepts the idea. Because we have so many troops, each Brigade will probably contain quadrupal it’s currend number of soldiers. Here is a list of reasons why this is a good idea:

  1. It keeps everything far more organized.
  2. Our chain of command will run  a lot more smoothly.
  3. We will once again be able to have Red ACP vs. Blue ACP practice battles.
  4. Everyone will know exactly who to give orders to and who to receive orders from.

The only foreseeable downside to this is the fact that simply writing all the names down can take a while. But I think that’s just a small price to pay.

P.S. A lot of you veterans out there may recognize this as nearly the exact same as my old ranking system. Well it is! And guess what? It worked. So it’s ability has already been tested. 😉

P.P.S. Don’t forget about the patrolling! Right now outside forces are trying to threaten our security, but we will counter any such attack. In the words of Winston Churchill, we are like a giant boiler. “Once a fire is lit beneath them there’s no telling how much power they can produce.” Read the post below to learn how to make good use of that fire we’ve got.

P.P.P.S. I’ve written the next few chapters of the ACP Saga. That post, however, has been put on delay. You’ll see it tomorrow. 🙂


Until later,

March on!