Hello there users on the ACP website, this is Rapidy here and I wanted to go over some things we can do to be more organized on the ACP website and make posts easier to read. This mainly goes to the editors, but everyone that works on the ACP site should know about it.

If you would like to edit a post:

  • Don’t make your edit at the very top, put it at the very bottom. If you do this, people that haven’t read the post yet don’t start with reading your edit. And we can know which edit is most recent because it should be at the bottom. We should also put our less important comments into a comment in the post, that is, unless the author asks for a certain response.

When sticking a post to the front page:

  • There are 4 categories that should be posted to the front page: Elections; Battles; Wars; and Invasions. Along with posts that are stuck to the front page they should be short. If they’re long, make them short using the “Insert More Tag” button by pressing (Alt+Shift+T)

Thanks a load editors,


Recruiting Like Crazy/Divisions

Boomer’s Edit:Editors read Rap’s post below…

As many of you have already heard, we have been bringing in new recruits like crazy.  We have already brought in over 100 in just under a week.  The thing that is better about our recruiting recently is that we are actually getting on Club Penguin to recruit.  Before, most of the recruits we were receiving had joined because the heard about us through another army, so they were basically already full-time soldiers.  Now were are getting recruits by the bunches straight from Club Penguin.  Everyone keep up the great work!

For those of you who have joined recently or are planning to, welcome!  Because we have had so many recruits recently, I have had to come up with a new format for ranking people.  Instead of my usual commenting on your comment to tell you your rank, I have now made a page for the people who have recently joined.  You can look up your rank by going to the Ranks page and hitting “ctrl” and “r” on your keyboard, which should bring up a search menu.  Then simply search for your name.  For those who have joined recently, here is the page notifying you when you have been added:

I will try to make a new list every week.

Here are a few ACP vets that will be rejoining us!

  • Drakebell46
  • Talyor455
  • Tom Yellow (He wants to start over as a new recruit 😕 )
  • Sgt Jor Shab: He gave me my first promo but Oagal ignored it 😕 Oagal: How can I ignore a promotion made by someone not qualified to give promotions in the first place? 😕 )
  • Bc435
  • Woton

I am not sure if this really needs to be said based on how hard you have all been working, but I would like to make it official.  If you are on chat, you should be on Club Penguin.  We can still improve our efforts for recruiting significantly.  If you cannot get into Mammoth because it is full, round up your own recruiting group and head to a smaller server like Breeze or Snow Fort.  Make sure it is a server we own first…

Remember to say things that would lead the potential recruits to our site, such as “Search ACP Club Penguin” or “Search ACP Army of Club Penguin”.  Keep it up everyone! 😉

When patrolling, say "search ACP club penguin." It will lead the smarter recruits to this website, and we may get some permanent soldiers.
When patrolling, say “search ACP club penguin.” It will lead the smarter recruits to this website, and we may get some permanent soldiers.

Remember to keep patrolling!

Also, don’t forget to sign up for a Division.  If you already commented on the other post, you will be included.  For those of you who haven’t, please go here and follow the instructions on the page:

Please comment on that page, not this post…

Welcome new recruits!  If you see them on chat, say hello and welcome to ACP!

Keep up the great work, ACP! 😀