100,000 Hits?/1 Million Hits Party

Shab: Nice Guys :D.  Boomer if u could go on aim whenever u get can I want to talk to you about some things. Also, before the divisions r released can I see them. There has been some requests from the generals what brigades they will be leading and none of them mess anything up so Oagal can u look on the  vla site here and see the arrangement of brigade leaders. I won’t be on much until idk unless I have the chance to sneak onto the laptop like I’m doing now.    Tomorrow I get ownered again 😀

I was looking at our hit totals this month, and we are averaging over 3750 hits per day so far!  This is more than enough to get us to 100,000 hits this month, an unprecedented total for an army website.  I want everyone to keep checking out the site.  If you have your own website, put some links in there for this site whether in the blogroll, posts, or both.  We will reach 1 million in probably 3 days so we need to get to work scheduling a party.  I’m sick, so I probably won’t be able to do that.  If someone on the site wants to do that, that would be great.  All we really need is a time and location.  Also keep it up with the recruiting, we’re doing great.  I will try to be on more for recruiting sessions once I’m feeling better.  Check my other post below for more information on recruiting strategies, and hopefully I can expand on those tips shortly.  So keep up the recruiting, and keep checking out the site!  A fun way to increase hits is to check out the ACP Archives.  They can be found on the left sidebar about halfway down, where you will see different months.  So take a look at some old posts if you get the chance.  I always found that interesting.  It would be great to get 1 million hits and 100,000 hits in the same month!