Practice Session/1,000,000 HITS PARTY!!

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Shab’s Edit: Since we now have so many hits, Peguin and some of his friends have written a story for us:  Its really good, I’m in it 😉

First off, we just reached 1,000,000 hits as I am posting this, so YEAHHH!!

I think there’s quite a few people who deserve to be thanked for this, so here’s my best shot at it:

First, I would like to thank Oagal for creating the greatest army in Club Penguin history (you can decide if you agree obviously, but that’s just my opinion… 😕 ).  Next, I’m going to do something interesting.  I’m going to attempt to list everyone who has ever posted on the site in some unidentifiable order (it’s more than you think):

  • Oagalthorp (duh… 😀 )
  • Abercrombe29
  • Tomtwelve
  • Tom Yellow
  • Penquin Jim
  • Nakib
  • Lucario98765
  • Fort57
  • Kg 007
  • Rapidy
  • Cooltiger413
  • The Jungle N
  • Mazachster
  • Dr Nono Jr
  • Headofpolice
  • K Wadler
  • Casiusbrutus
  • Shaboomboom
  • Sheila Gally
  • Jedimaster17
  • Boomer 20
  • Shadow2446
  • Chewitt Dude (no joke lol)
  • Hattrick

Next I would like to thank RPF for bringing us the most hits of any site (by 2x) with over 5,600 referals, followed by the old Nachos site, Mimo’s old blogroll, CP News and Stories, and the WW site.


Next on the agenda is a practice session.  I am calling it a practice session as opposed to a practice battle because we will be going back to the basics.  We will be practicing charging, regrouping, and some other techniques.  There is a catch: NO TALKING

One of the things that is crucial to basic strategy is something we did poorly in the tournaments.  The battles were very chaotic with soldiers running and yelling in a disorganized fashion.  This chaos prevented the leaders from issuing commands, therefore we were even further disorganized.  With less people talking, you will be able to see my commands better.  We need to be more responsive to commands, so for this battle, the only person talking will be me.

Here is the info:

Date: Saturday, January 10, 2009

Server: Snow Fort

Room: Snow Forts


10:00 am Pacific

11:00 am Mountain

12:00 pm Central

1:00 pm Eastern

6:00 pm U.K.

Try to be on chat and Club Penguin, however most of the directions will be given on CP.  Pretty much all you need to look for are my commands to charge/regroup, etc.  I want to see everyone there, especially the Generals, since they will be leading a series of practice battles once we are done with the basics.


Next is the 1,000,000 Hits Party! 😀

The party will be following the practice session.  Times should be about 30 minutes to an hour after the practice session begins.

Date: Saturday, January 10, 2009

Server: Snow Fort

Room: Coffee Shop


11:00 am Pacific

12:00 pm Mountain

1:00 pm Central

2:00 pm Eastern

7:00 pm U.K.

Hope to see everyone there! 😉

Congrats on the big 1,000,000 ACP!!


One Million!

Guess what it is Acp!

Finally the 1 Millionth hit on the site!!!

Ik some of you might not be able to see it, but on others computers, its 1 million!

I think we should have a parh-tay! Well have to see….

Go Acp!