Edit: The firing of Ankita from the Nachos is NOT an act of war, just in case you were wondering. 😉

Hello fellow online gamers. Some of us have been starting to be uninterested in Club Penguin nowadays, so I propose a major game expansion. And since this is a Democratic Government, I guess we have to vote on it. Usually when I propose these things people think that we’re leaving Club Penguin, but we aren’t. So get ready to vote.

Please vote. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post a comment below.

I have a draft of a Gaming army. You can view the website here.


View Boomer’s post below if you already haven’t.

Really Busy/New Recruits/Rogue Nachos

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been on as much.  I have been really busy with school, but after this week things should be better.  I have finally updated the Join Page, Ranks, New Recruits, etc.  If you just joined, you can check here to see if you were added:

To see your rank, go here:

You might need to look a little bit, there is a ridiculous number of soldiers now 😛 .

In other news, recruiting has been going great, though we have been running into problems with Rogue Nachos on Mammoth to the point where I have to purposefully split them up so the RN cannot find us.  We ran into the problem again today, and unfortunately, most of these RN are reluctant to listen to the actual Nachos…

You can see ACP, as well as Puckley, Rca, and Bammargera trying to convice the fellow Nachos that we are allies with little success (it’s not their faults it’s just the mentality of some of the n00bs…).  Many of these same RN chased us throughout the server for nearly an hour.


As you can see, there are still quite a few RN who do not accept the fact that we are allies.  This is not to say that ACP does not have this problem, but most ACP and “ACP” soldiers seem to know that we are allies either from me telling them or just word of mouth.  My reasoning for this is that since the uniform for the Nachos is in the catalogue, any one day there may be 5 new RN, as opposed to ACP, where most of the non-wordpress ACP are there every day.  Because of this, most of the ACP soldiers will say that we are allies and not attack the RN.  Part of the reason this happens is because it seems most non-wordpress ACP still know who I am even if I have not met them, they know when I say “ACP and Nachos are allies”, it is coming from an authority.  Most of the non-wordpress Nachos do not seem to know the Nachos leaders so they are less likely to listen to either Person or, in this case, Rca and Puckley.  So I would urge the Nachos to make more of a presence on Mammoth so that these RN get used to you guys being the leaders because they will listen to you about our alliance once they accept you as the leader.

In other news, I am hoping to have Divisions done by this weekend in time for another practice battle.  It will most likely be Saturday, though I have not decided on a time yet.

I’ll keep you updated 😉


P.S.~There are some people commenting on the join page saying they have not been added for weeks when in fact they have been.  Please check carefully.  Many of the people who did complain after a day or two were correct though, I had not added them yet.  I may be a little behind with updates this week, but things should be clearer for the weekend.  Sorry for the delays.

Jedi’s edit: I’m sorry to  edit, but this is a note to ALL ACP soldiers..if Rogue Nachos do fire on you, DO NOT FIRE BACK! REPEAT : DO NOT FIRE BACK! They are noobs, and don’t know better. Secondly, a note to mods, no banning new ACP soldiers, even if they are kind of jupaish. We all were once. Secondly, I’m putting up Senator and Consulate elections up on Friday.. Registration will be this week. ACP story trend continues, and most of them are located on also on .

El Edit De Jungle: My first edit (I’m only an editor very briefly so I could edit the ACP tribute post, check it out, it should have my input). Anyway, I would like to add that the RN know who the Nacho leaders are. In fact, I’ve seen them crowding around person treating him like a god. But, they don’t listen when they tell them that the ACP are allies. So they love him, but they rebel against him (hypocrits?…). Also, I will be making a story too, partially based on Peguin’s and who’s ever the story Journey Inside My Comuter is. Just thought you should know ;). Expect a post shortly.

Rapidy: I don’t want to have to move edits again. DO NOT EDIT AT THE TOP. I didn’t know where to start reading the post.