Senate Elections

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I’m bored, so I’m going to do my post Oagal style XD XD XD.

General Outline– Issues facing ACP

1. Practice Battles

2. Just Something to keep in Mind

3. Suggestions and Complaints Page

4. Divison sites.

5. ACP Stories

6.  Farewell

5.Senate/Consulate Information

1)  Ok, this is a reminder for all ACP. We need a lot more Practice Battles and training. Jojofishy, has kindly developed some training excercises for all of us, and I want to see how they will all work out.

Right Now, I propose a practice battle on Saturday. Yes, a full scale battle.  If this comes to pass, I will provide chats, and appropriate leaders for it. I want to see how the ACP can do, if the leaders or top commanders aren’t there. It makes little to no sense to merely sit around. I’m also talking to some other army leaders for possible practice battles between two major armies.

2) Just Something to keep in mind :

ACP is getting a ton of recruits lately. If a new recruit comes on to , then please kindly do be respectful and nice to them. Sure, they might be kind of Jupa-ish but, wern’t we all when we first started? So, if they ask to join ACP, immediately say yes, and redirect them to : for training. 

3) Woot! Time to join the crowd, and have a suggestion/ complaint page. Basically you can comment on it if you have questions, ocmplaints or suggestions. If its really sensitive you can use which I used to use, but now doesn’t work that well.

4) Divisons! Yes, everyones been waiting for divisons, for like forever. So…….I’m going to partially ease your misery by telling you that we are working on them, and they’ll come around soon enough 😉 . My divison (ACP Airborne), will probably have a site called, though I’m still working on mine, and hopefully the other leaders will do the same.

5) Yes, ACP stories are all the rage now-adays. (that sounded really old XD XD). Anyways, most of them can be found at  : or at  . As far as I know, Saint has written one, Aber has written one, Clint has written one, Fox has written one, and many others. This is a note. If you have been using the kidnapping idea without crediting it to Saint, please give her credit because it really was her idea. I’m writing a story too, but it is non cp related. It’s . Its kind of a more deeper and tragic type of story, so yeah.

6) A beloved ACP soldier, Chrisdude100 has decided to retire 😦 😥 . Aside from being our homie xD, he was a great soldier and served with distinction. Anyways, he’ll still be on chat so yay!

7) Senate Elections 

I’m going to get these done once and for all. Thus, I’ve decided to get them done by this weekend.

The Legislative Branch will now have two individual chambers. Senate aka Senate, and Consulate aka Top Senators.

I’ve decided to expand the number of senators to 8 and the number of Consulates to 4.  Basically, 12 in total.

The Senate and Consulate will basically work on issues facing the ACP. The President (moi), will be Director of Congress. 

The Senate/Consulate is allowed to make decisons about approving changes, working on improving ACP’s image, basically everything that faces us. 

I know people are into having offical court trials, so if they approve it, we can have a Supreme Court. I’m not making this overly complicated because I think that makes ACP hard to govern and really boring.

To get a bill passed, the Senate must vote 7/8 for it, and Consulate’s for 3/4 .

I really don’t see the point of parties, but some people like them, so I’ve put them here :
You can be a :

  • Progressive (Democrat)
  • Conservative (Republican)
  • Independant
  • If you are a moderate just write that (ONO).

If you want to register for Senator/Consulate : here is the form : 

  1. Name
  2. Rank in ACP
  3. Time Served in ACP
  4. Why do you think you’d be an effective ACP Senator/ Consulate
  5. What will you do as an ACP Representative
  6. What will be your main priorities.
  7. When was ACP founded?
  8. Who was the co-leader of ACP for a few days.
  9. Are you in any other armies? If so, what is your loyalty to them vs. ACP?
  10. Campaign Speech. I,personally think this huge form is enough, but sure go write a speech if you want.

What will happen is that everyone that is registered will be in so many polls (we’ll find out when registeration closes), and then the winnners of those polls or w/e I decide will be Senators. Out of those, whoever wins those polls will be Consulates (Top Senators).

If you’ve read through this entire post, you get a medal, and a *ROund of applause*

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~Jedimaster17 aka Ankita

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The member party comes with a new game like DDR. The object of the game is to press your buttons in sync with the buttons that line up in the top. You can play in competition mode or by yourself. I still want that scarf, seriously.

The pics of the game will prob get me in a copyright infringement sitch, and the game is too fast so  I can’t take a pic, so no pics of the game. But I have pics of the floors and free items:





memberparty41Click for larger version

memberparty51Click for larger version


The game is totally wicked. I reccomend you go buy a membership, cuz its TOTALLY WORTH IT!

~DJ Sheilah~

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