Elections Timez (ONO)!

Jedi: No, I’m not going to offically endorse anyone, just making that clear. To repeat Shab’s point, ACP IS N-E-U-T-R-A-L..

Shab: Um on a more important note, acp is staying NEUTRAL in the war. Also jedi your not suppose to favor anyone cause its concidered favortism ;).

Ok..this is who I have signed up for running :

  • Jojofishy
  • ACP Warrior
  • Nate95000
  • Wicket1235
  • Seanhawk
  • Hattrick
  • Chapa23
  • Sheila Gally
  • Clintos007
  • Bfan212
  • Austin8310
  • The Flapjack
  • Balon451
  • Thomas0270
  • Golie Phil
  • Trickster
  • Spongie555
  • Axxeor
  • Mr. GooOF
  • Oagalthorp ? :S XD
  • Kj Bulldogs1
  • Trooper7890
  • Manjensen
  • Unicow Rules
  • Jim546
  • Dopefacedbro
  • Klug1234
  • Blue Speed 7
  • Ktman2
  • Aberacer
  • Lucario98765
  • Stevebobal
  • Tylov5
  • Bluepichu5
  • Foxtails0
  • Sheepman
  • Saint1994
  • Woton
  • Ennbay
  • The Jungle N
  • Zdoger
  • Ironkid2894
  • Cooltiger413
  • Noka 8
  • Casiusbrutus
  • Purpur222
  • gator5831
  • Benu2

Sorry for any mispellings.. 48 people running.. Even 48 😀  . So 4 people run for 1 seat.

What happens is that.. basically 12 people become senator. Then in a second poll, (4 polls), the top 4 people become Consulate.

Good luck everyone! 😀 Second Senator Poll

First Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/zYyf       

  • Kj Bulldogs1 , Jojofishy, Golie Phil, Axxeor

Second Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/BUkL      

  • Dopefacedbro, Klug1234, Sheepman,Ktman2

Third Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/3pmC   

  • Noka 8, Gator5831, Benu2, Saint1119

Fourth Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/lflV   

  • Foxtails, Bluepichu, Tylov5, Aberacer

Fifth Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/AOxa   

  • Ennbay, Woton, Ironkid2894, Zdoger

6th Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/1YUv   

  • Casiusbrutus, Purpur222, Thomas0270 , The Flapjack

7th Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/VzK   

  • Austin8310, Cooltiger413, Sheila Gally, and Blue Speed 7

8th Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/Js7n   

  • Unicow Rules, Bfan212, Hattrick, Benu2

 9th Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/gppI                     

  • Baloon451, Jim 456, Chapa23, Spongie555 

10th Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/pnC    

  • Nate95000, Mr. GooOf, Trooper7890, Stevebobal

11th Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/CdlR      

  • Luc, The Jungle N, Trickster, Manjesen

12th and Final Poll 😀 : http://poll.pollcode.com/kOga      

  • Seanehawk, Wicket1234 (I think Sean and Wick are running jointly), Clintos007, and ACP Warrior.


Good Luck to everyone. Please, don’t spam on chats.. Please!
Peace out

~Jedimaster17 aka Ankita, ACP Prez

(Tired from typing out polls)

Boomer’s Edit: I tried to fix some of the formatting.  It’s not perfect but it’s better, so I feel better now… (Sorry, OCD lol 😛 )

FGR Crisis

Oagal’s 2nd edit: *applauds for Boomer’s speech* 😀

Jedi: Once again. ACP is N-E-U-T-R-A-L. Please, I know that you guys wish to take action but for all intents and purposes..ACP is neutral.

Boomer’s 2nd Edit: The invasion was of SCPA.  It was conducted from ACP chat because apparently there were no SCPA soldiers on SCPA chat, they were on ACP chat.  Because the commands were given on ACP chat, some of the newer ACP soldiers thought it was an invasion for ACP and, carrying out a superior officer’s orders, they invaded as well.  That was just a misunderstanding that unfortunately involved ACP, so please don’t think we are going to war with the Nachos, because we are not. 

Repeat: We are NOT going to war with the Nachos, so get the heck off White House and any other Nachos servers.  If I hear that someone leads an ACP attack on any Nachos servers, you will be fired.

Boomer’s Edit: IW claims that we invaded White House.  No one seems to have any proof, but at this point I don’t really care.  Let me make this clear, we are NOT going to war with the Nachos, so get the heck off White House and any other Nachos servers.  If I hear that someone leads an ACP attack on any Nachos servers, you will be fired.

Shab: I will tell you about that when you come on. And i believe shadow has the old ANTA site if you want it

Hey, sorry I haven’t been on much the last couple days, I’ve been working on studying for finals, etc.  I am moving the list of edits from the previous post to this one, so you can see them below.  Anyway, here is how I see this situation:

FGR is not a good army.  They invaded Tuxedo, the RPF capital a couple months ago.  Then they fired Dragon for no reason.  The Nachos, however, have not given a reason for why they will be attacking.  I agree that this seems like an imperialistic approach by them to take advantage of a crumbling army and get their servers.  I do not condone the behavior of either army leading up to and including the developments for this war.  For this reason, I intend to meet with both army leaders, as well as any other army leaders who care to join us.  I will try to set up a schedule for this meeting when I get a chance to talk to the leaders over the next few days.  I intend to use the power of diplomacy (yes, it is a power more effective than senseless war, which this would surely be).  At the meeting, I intend to propose a server limit, a “salary cap” for Club Penguin Armies if you will, which we can decide at the meeting.  This would hopefully prevent imperialistic warfare in the future (don’t think that I am going to propose that armies lose servers, this would just prevent armies from taking more servers from armies that already own them).  I also hope that we can re-establish ANTA, a goal which I have had since I became ACP leader.  The site would be comprised of the leaders of all the major armies.  Hopefully this way, we would be able to keep a record of who owns what server.  If we organize it well enough, we will be able to offer smaller armies land grants and make sure that two armies don’t claim to control the same server.  Once we get that sorted out, armies should have an easier time controlling their servers, therefore lessening the amount of small wars and invasion of servers.  I am hopeful that we can work this out diplomatically.  Thank you, and I will be trying to contact the leaders of the Nachos and FGR to establish a meeting time.


Oagalthorp’s edit: Boomer, you’ve got to make a decisions. The Nachos will be attacking the FGR in a month, and action is needed quickly. From the begining, I have supported diplomacy, and if that fails, solely defensive action. Anyway, here are the consequences of helping the FGR (which most ACP soldiers want to do):

If the ACP helps the FGR:

  • Good: We will defend an innocent army from imperialistic conquest.
  • Good: Most ACP soldiers want to go to war.
  • Good: It will send a message to everyone that we will not stand for this imperialistic “bullying.”
  • Bad: Some Nachos will undoubtedly start anti-ACP (especially anti-Oagal, even though I support diplomacy here  ) propoganda.
  • Bad: Person1233 and Akabob22 have threatened to start a World War against us.

If the ACP helps the Nachos:

  • Good: We’d be helping an ally, and it could strengthen our alliance.
  • Good: A highly-ranked RPF soldier we fired from the FGR for no apparent reason.
  • Good: We’d at least see some action. D
  • Bad: We would be attacking a nearly-defenseless army simply because they are “inactive.”
  • Bad: The Nachos don’t seem to want help (mostly people helping the FGR), and probably don’t want the ACP upstaging them.
  • Bad: Other armies may think that they have the right to wage imperialistic wars like this.

If the ACP simply stays out of it:

  • Neutral: No one would dislike us, but we’d be allowing an otherwise defenseless army to crumble.
  • Bad: We’d be letting an otherwise defenseless army to crumble.
  • Bad: Other armies may think that they have the right to wage imperialistic wars like this.

If the ACP goes my way, and uses diplomacy to end this D :

  • Good: The FRG wouldn’t have to die out for no reason.
  • Good: No Nachos or allies would dislike us for crushing them in war. ;)
  • Bad: If either the Nachos or FGR don’t agree to work towards an alliance, we may have to resort to the other three choices.

Anyway, Boomer, I hope you give some thought to this.

P.S. “Imperialism” is what nations like Spain, France, and Britain did up until WWII. They would sail off to foreign lands, and take advantage of the natives and their land for personal gain. This war seems “imperialistic” to me because it looks like the Nachos be taking advantage of the FGR for personal gain (new servers for their allies, and a war they can finally win ).


Shab: Im back D . Except for monday I’m gonna be on more again. A reason to declare war on FGR is because Elitesof fired Dragon (aka gir) when he was voted leader because Dragon wanted to change a few things. Dragon was voted to be main leader while elitesof admitted that he was an advisor.

Oagal’s 2nd edit: That’s true. Time to modify the list-o-consequences! D

Shab: FGR isnt inactive. They have many small/medium army allies. Enought that nachos could lose a scheduled battle against them. I think that if all major armys allied together (for the first time since i joined cp armys) we could easily scare some of the smaller armys and defeat fgr. Plus everyone would have some fun ;) .

Rapidy: FGR is being supported by tons of smaller armies. If nachos beat FGR, they will most likely go down the line to all the other smaller armies. So, if we help Nachos, we’ll seem like a big power hungry penguin group trying to get rid of the smaller armies. If we help FGR, we will be supported forever by those smaller armies we at least tried to help. Basically, I’m saying, we should help FGR.

Shab: After talking to soccer, the former leader of FGR, I realized that neither FGR or Nachos have given us any reason to join either side. Actually, Uma has tried to threaten us if we help FGR. I agree with Rap about the smaller armys thing but its boomer’s decision and right now there isnt anything thats influencing it. Boomer will be on around 2:45 or 2:30 so if any army leaders wanna talk thats the time to.