Elections Timez (ONO)!

Jedi: No, I’m not going to offically endorse anyone, just making that clear. To repeat Shab’s point, ACP IS N-E-U-T-R-A-L..

Shab: Um on a more important note, acp is staying NEUTRAL in the war. Also jedi your not suppose to favor anyone cause its concidered favortism ;).

Ok..this is who I have signed up for running :

  • Jojofishy
  • ACP Warrior
  • Nate95000
  • Wicket1235
  • Seanhawk
  • Hattrick
  • Chapa23
  • Sheila Gally
  • Clintos007
  • Bfan212
  • Austin8310
  • The Flapjack
  • Balon451
  • Thomas0270
  • Golie Phil
  • Trickster
  • Spongie555
  • Axxeor
  • Mr. GooOF
  • Oagalthorp ? :S XD
  • Kj Bulldogs1
  • Trooper7890
  • Manjensen
  • Unicow Rules
  • Jim546
  • Dopefacedbro
  • Klug1234
  • Blue Speed 7
  • Ktman2
  • Aberacer
  • Lucario98765
  • Stevebobal
  • Tylov5
  • Bluepichu5
  • Foxtails0
  • Sheepman
  • Saint1994
  • Woton
  • Ennbay
  • The Jungle N
  • Zdoger
  • Ironkid2894
  • Cooltiger413
  • Noka 8
  • Casiusbrutus
  • Purpur222
  • gator5831
  • Benu2

Sorry for any mispellings.. 48 people running.. Even 48 😀  . So 4 people run for 1 seat.

What happens is that.. basically 12 people become senator. Then in a second poll, (4 polls), the top 4 people become Consulate.

Good luck everyone! 😀 Second Senator Poll

First Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/zYyf       

  • Kj Bulldogs1 , Jojofishy, Golie Phil, Axxeor

Second Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/BUkL      

  • Dopefacedbro, Klug1234, Sheepman,Ktman2

Third Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/3pmC   

  • Noka 8, Gator5831, Benu2, Saint1119

Fourth Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/lflV   

  • Foxtails, Bluepichu, Tylov5, Aberacer

Fifth Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/AOxa   

  • Ennbay, Woton, Ironkid2894, Zdoger

6th Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/1YUv   

  • Casiusbrutus, Purpur222, Thomas0270 , The Flapjack

7th Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/VzK   

  • Austin8310, Cooltiger413, Sheila Gally, and Blue Speed 7

8th Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/Js7n   

  • Unicow Rules, Bfan212, Hattrick, Benu2

 9th Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/gppI                     

  • Baloon451, Jim 456, Chapa23, Spongie555 

10th Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/pnC    

  • Nate95000, Mr. GooOf, Trooper7890, Stevebobal

11th Senator Poll: http://poll.pollcode.com/CdlR      

  • Luc, The Jungle N, Trickster, Manjesen

12th and Final Poll 😀 : http://poll.pollcode.com/kOga      

  • Seanehawk, Wicket1234 (I think Sean and Wick are running jointly), Clintos007, and ACP Warrior.


Good Luck to everyone. Please, don’t spam on chats.. Please!
Peace out

~Jedimaster17 aka Ankita, ACP Prez

(Tired from typing out polls)

Boomer’s Edit: I tried to fix some of the formatting.  It’s not perfect but it’s better, so I feel better now… (Sorry, OCD lol 😛 )

42 Responses

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  2. I wanted to run also

  3. 2nd comment!!!

  4. vote Fox, she rocks!

  5. when did they pick to run

  6. i want to run 🙂

  7. vote gator 58031 (LOL jedi)

  8. Good luck to everyone.

  9. Vote For Me! http://poll.pollcode.com/CdlR Please!!!

  10. Foxtails, on January 19th, 2009 at 6:02 PM Said:
    vote Fox, she rocks!

    Haha Fox, cachy. I should think of one of those. Please vote The Flapjack! *has idea* Don’t be wack, vote The Flapjack! Purbur is getting unconditional love from RPF (unfair???)

    The Flapjack out.

    (Catchy slogans are the most important part of a campaign -and free food wink wink-)

  11. Vote for Spongie555 I will be a good senator.

  12. Vote For Trickster! http://poll.pollcode.com/CdlR Please!!!

    I will be one of those awesome senators..

  13. I fell your pain Jedi it is like me in book reports.

  14. Lol nice. When does this first senate elections end?

  15. Vote Golie Phil. read my horribly long comment on the Poll area

  16. Hey, dude! Sweet site!!

  17. Ok I’m dropping out. All my votes go to shiela since there is NO way i can ever win.

  18. Better luck next time, austin. 😉

  19. Thanks. I’m going to try when i have a better rank and more reputation.

  20. Me and wicket got this all wrapped up 😉

  21. Aww, TY Rap.

    Ok, now for my preaching speech.

    My Friends, My Soliders, and most importantly, my family.

    Today is a historic begining for all races, all countries, and all of ACP. Barack Obama is president today. We will be starting our elections today. As I sit here typing this, I wonder how Barack got were he was today. And I all can say is trust . You can trust me. ACP can get more allies with me as a senator. I will have patrols daily and help new recruits find their way. I’ll help ACP. I’ll help you. ACP will become successful.

    So, please,

    Peace is a fragile thing. Help defend it by voting for Sheila Gally.

    ~Sheila, ACP Lt. General~

    ((PS: I got like 5 ACP pics on my iPod! 😀 ))

  22. Jungle And I, Trickster, are in a tight rope… I have the most votes on any poll though, So far I have 35… KEEP IT GOING 😀

  23. I wanted to join this thing!

  24. Me and wicket still have the 2nd largest ammount of votes and the biggest lead! :mrgreen:

  25. Poo, I’m losing.

  26. 5 ACP pics on an iPod… I’m sorry that’s… disturbing…

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  28. Can you put me in the running?

  29. Guys FAF is being blackmailed bye cpaf! we might plan a war so boomer can you meet me on chat as soon asap? BYE

  30. i see 2 Benu ppl on 2 of the polls lol just pointing it out

  31. This is Trickster,


    Right now I have 68 WHOO 😀

  32. […] keep you updated on any further changes.  For the elections, go HERE.  For info on the FGR/Nachos war, go […]

  33. thank you so much for everyone who voted for me. this senate election is my big break 😉


    PS ill never b called a noob again!!! haha!!!

  34. Lol nice noo- er i mean fox! Lol, I saw what oagal comment did and I wanted to try that lol. Good Job everyone who participated! You all did very well. If you loss dont put yourself down, keep trying no matter what people do or say!

    btw this is Trickster

  35. VOTE FOR THE GOOFF! I will bring in recruits! I will train them! I will do ANYTHING! VOTE FOR MR GOOFF VOTE FOR THE GOOFF!

  36. http://clubpenguinarmycommanders.wordpress.com/

    ppl me and my army are allies withe acp so if you want to join my army anyones welcome

  37. I was able to make it in time!

  38. please help me delete this nfrom my emails someone singed me up without my permision thanks

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