To Do List/Practice Battle?

Boomer’s 2nd Edit: 50+ recruits in 4 straight weeks!  Let’s see if we can get 75 this week for 75+ in 4 straight weeks! 😀

Boomer’s Edit: I moved the Division Registration page to the pages listed on the right sidebar to make room for the old About page.  You can still register by clicking the link on the sidebar, or by clicking HERE.

Also, we’ve reached 50,000 comments on the site 😀 (not counting over 9,000 spam comments 😕 ).  Congrats to Lazykid1111, a new recruit, on being non spam/deleted comment number 50,000:!: ❗ 😀

This is probably more for me, but just to give you a heads up, here are some things I’m going to be working on in addition to the usual stuff:

  1. ACP Nation Page Update — It really needs one.
  2. Separate Allies and Enemies Page — That will make it much easier to keep track of.
  3. Two Specialty Divisions — They will be available for registration this weekend.
  4. Blogroll Clean-Up — I will be taking down most of the Allies in the blogroll since many are not really active.  You can register to be added on the Allies and Enemies page once I publish it, however there will be more restrictions this time in order to keep the number down.
  5. Tips Page — It will include things that you may find useful in ACP, including How to Get Promoted and How to Be a Good Moderator (*hint hint*).  You can also comment suggestions for other things I should add.
  6. New Contest — The other one never really got off the ground since no one really had any referrals, so I am making a new contest with the same rewards to be announced later on.

Ok now for the practice battle.  I am considering skipping it this weekend due to the Winter Fiesta.  Whether or not we are on a server with Rogue Nachos who actually know who we are, there will probably just be a ton of n00bs who feel like attacking or whatever since most of them will be dressed the same, there will be a tendency for groups of them to be together.  I am suggesting we postpone the practice battle until next weekend, but we attempt some sort of recruiting session on Snow Fort.  I have made some polls to see what you guys think as well:

Practice Battle: 

Recruiting Session:

I’ll keep you updated on any further changes.  For the elections, go HERE.  For info on the FGR/Nachos war, go HERE.




Today is my birthday. I just wanted to ask if it was ok if we all posted our Birthdays on here so we can wish others happy birthdays aswell. 🙂 Well, you can wish me a Happy B-Day if you want too.BOOMER, I NEED TO TALK YOU IMMEDIATELY!


Clearing Things Up

OK I need to clear something up. I did NOT make that poll because I was losing the election. I was just doing some thinking… The only reason I even mentioned it was to make the post sound more convincing. Lol. So I don’t want any new poll or anything. I’ll go with whatever you decide, though.

March On!

– The Jungle N