The Results are in!

Today concludes our Senator elections. Congratulations to the winners, and nice try to those who didn’t win.

The winner of Senate Seat #1 is the esteemed Jojofishy, Knight of ACP, and ACP Major General.

The winner of the second Senate seat is the  decorous Ktman2, current ACP Major General,  and Governor of Argent State.

The winner of the third Senate seat is the seemly  Saint1119, current ACP Major General, and  Secretary of the Interior.

The winner of the fourth Senate seat is the becoming Foxtails0, current ACP Lieutenant Colonel.

The winner of the fifth Senate seat is the meticulous Ironkid2894,  current ACP Brigadier General. However, Ennbay is contesting this, and appealing… This matter will be reviewed and the decision will be announced.

The winner of the sixth Senate seat, the pleasurable Thomas720, current ACP Major.

The winner of the seventh Senate seat, the cordial Sheila Gally, current Lieutenant General of ACP.

The winner of the eighth Senate seat, the genial Unicow Rules, current Captain of the ACP.

*Note, as the ACP President, it is within my range to make the appointment of Commisar, (Co-Leader of Consulate,(who automatically wins a seat, which is NOTcounted in the total of 4 elected seats.) I hereby appoint Hattrick, ACP General to that post)

The winner of the ninth Senate Seat, the prepossessing Chapa23, current Brigadier General of the ACP.

The winner of the tenth Senate seat, the  copacetic Nate9500000, ACP Colonel.

The winner of the eleventh Senate seat, the genial Trickster ACP Colonel.

*Note, as my office bequeaths, I have the right to appoint an additional Senator, The Jungle N.

Finally, the winner of the twelfth Senate seat is, Seanhawk and Wicket1235.

Note*Since Seanehawk and Wicket1235 are running jointly, when in office, they must consult each other before voting, and make a joint vote.

So, the Senators are : Jojofishy, Ktman2, Saint1119, Foxtails0, Ironkid2834, Thomas720, Sheila Gally, Unicow Rules,  Chapa23, Nate950000, Trickster, Seanehawk and Wicket1235, and the Jungle N by appointment.

Consulates: Commisar-designate (Hattrick, he has to accept), and 4 others that will be elected! Well done.


Servers/ANTA/Practice Battle

Boomer’s 2nd Edit: I added a new Allies and Enemies page for the ACP Nation page.  You can now use this page to apply to be our ally (I promise I will keep up with it better this time… 😐 ).

Shab: I’m going with the boy scouts up to north conway from friday when i get out of school till sometime sunday so I won’t be able to make the practice wars 😦

Boomer’s Edit: I cleaned up the blogroll and the ACP Nation page (yay now it doesn’t refer to things that were 10 months ago 😀 ).  I also moved the Coalition page to the ACP Nation page as well.

First things first, I need to put this out there, since no one has really been listening except FGR…

ACP owns Ice Breaker, Snow Fort, and Snow Globe, so Nachos, IW, UMA, etc. please don’t invade those servers since FGR does not own them anymore 😐 (it was a misunderstanding, not because of an invasion).

Ok, next up, I do not really know the details of it so much, but it sounds like the Alliance and some other armies (maybe 😕 ) agreed to a 12 server limit (yay that was basically my “server” cap idea 😀 ).  As I was updating our Nation page, I realized that we have 20 servers, which is wayy excessive.  We really only ever use 4, but we need to cut back to 12, so I am going to arrange a meeting for the ACP Leaders to work out which ones we will be keeping.  Sounds like RPF initiated that one, so round of applause to Commando for getting that one done (and trust me, it really needed to be done 😛 ).


My next idea is related to that since many armies are planning invasions of new servers.  Since there has been a lot of confusion recently over the FGR owning other armies’ servers, we really need a way to make sure everyone knows who owns what server.  I proposed the idea of bringing back ANTA (The Army and Nation Treaty Alliance) about a week ago, and this is why I think we need it:

  • We need one place with a comprehensive list of all the servers and who owns what
  • We need one site with a list of all the armies participating
  • We need a place for all of the major armies to collaborate ideas

I am hoping we can arrange a meeting of army leaders for this weekend.  I’ll post again when I have a good time for it.

Here is my plan [This can all be discussed at the meeting]:

We will bring back the old ANTA site (I think Shadow still has it).  We can also bring back the old chat.  The site would be comprised of the leaders of the major armies, so Person2133, Linkin55, Akabob22, Iceyfeet1234, Commando717, Hero12985, Itachi6dark, Batista1822, Wii Mountain, Spaceybirdy, myself, and Shadow since it’s his site would be Admins and Owners on chat (we might try to limit it to one Admin/Owner per army, but that’s up for debate at the meeting).  Co-leaders and Presidents of large armies can be Editors/Mods.  Leaders of medium-sized armies can be Mods, and their Co-Leaders can be Members.  Leaders of small armies who are interested in joining ANTA would also be Members (members only chat).  All of this can be discussed at the meeting (TBA).

Together we can work together to make a comprehensive server list that will outline who owns what and since the server limit is now 12, which servers are now available to smaller armies.  Having one single server list will also help us for giving Land Grants, etc. to smaller armies who may not own any servers, however there should be many more available with the server cap idea.  If you see me on chat, let me know when you think the best time for this meeting would be so I can schedule it.  Thanks.


Next is the Practice Battle, which you voted to go ahead with anyway with around a two-thirds vote.  Hopefully it’s okay with you if I lead this one. 

There was a lot of confusion over who was leading the last one, and since there will probably be way more people on the server this time around, it would probably be worse.  That’s why, for this one, we need to make even more of an effort than we did the first practice session to be quiet, because you need to be able to see my commands.  We are going to have everyone in Green, and we are going to practice moving, charging, regrouping, etc.  We’ll save the teams for a weekend when there isn’t a big party…

With that in mind, here is the info:

When: Saturday, January 24, 2009

Server: Snow Fort

Room: Snow Forts

Teams: Just ACP Green


9:30 am Pacific

10:30 am Mountain

11:30 am Central

12:30 pm Eastern

5:30 pm U.K.

Sorry if it’s kinda early for some of you, I’m trying to make it more accessable to our soldiers over in Europe.  The practice session will be 30 minutes, followed by some recruiting.  I’ll post reminders as it gets closer.

Comment if you can make it!


P.S.~Idk when Elections ended, but here’s the link if you need it: