Practice Session in Review

Boomer’s Edit: That practice session yesterday gave us 307 Google searches, which is a new record for this site!  We also got 19 recruits yesterday, as well as almost 4,000 hits!  That’s our highest hit total since January 4th which, first of all, was a weekend, as well as the end of Winter Break for most people.  We really closed strong this week, which seemed to be a slow recruiting week early on, finishing with 97 new recruits!  Great job everyone!  Let’s keep up the recruiting today! 😀 .  If Brigades leaders would please organize some recruiting whenever they are on chat, I would be very greatful.  I would suggest trying Snow Fort or Snow Globe since Mammoth will be full for nonmembers and maybe even members.  When recruiting say, “Search ACP Army of Clubpenguin” because this leads directly to the site, as well as gets through Club Penguin’s confuzzling word filter.  If you don’t see anyone saying this, then maybe I’m wrong so just say something that you can confirm will show up 😕 .

Overall, I think the Practice Session went pretty well considering Snow Fort was full (even for members 😕 ), as were about the next 4 servers we tried.  When we finally settled on Snow Globe about ten minutes in, I was very impressed how quickly the entire army moved servers.  The fact that we still got 30-40 soldiers after changing servers spur-of-the-moment was pretty impressive.  I’m not sure how many people we lost in the transition, but I’m sure we lost some, so I was very impressed by how many people we managed to get to Snow Globe.  I would say the only thing we need to work on is spreading out, which is actually one of the hardest battle techniques to get down.  Here are my tips for improving this tactic:

  • Don’t stand on top of other soldiers
  • Stand shoulder-to-shoulder unless you need to take up more space, in which case keep about a full body length between you and anyone else
  • If you see an open space, I want it filled
  • *Don’t stand around the leader* – this is a big one based on what I’ve seen recently…

Anyway, here are the pics I took:





Let’s try some other geometric shapes 😛 :


W00t that’s pretty cool 😀 :


Jack, you’re such a rebel… 😕 :


Jack said something about it being a bad Practice Battle because you actually listened to commands 😆

Nice job everyone!  Comment if you made it!