Does anyone know who has this registered name? They were a mod on acp chat and banned everyone last night.

Also I need a person or two to post news on this site:

PS: Check jedi’s post

Consulate Elections . . .

Jedi’s edit: Saint1119, is dropping out of the Consulate Elections to become Vice President of Senate, and I was recently informed of Ironkid’s desire not to run (ONO). Anyways . . .

I think that the appeals have all been furfilled.

Jungle N is a Senator, Hattrick is now an automatic Consulate, Ennbay and Ironkid both get to be senators.

The combination sets are these:

Jojofishy>Foxtails0>Thomas720 #1

Nate950000>Unicow Rules> Seanehawk and Wicket #2

Ktman2>Saint1119>Ironkid2834 #3

Trickster>Sheila Gally> Ennbay #4

The Jungle N> Chapa23 #5

These will all be comment polls, commented here 

 They are comment polls, to avoid cheating.

Good Luck everyone! 😎

Make sure you read the post below VVVVVVVVVV


Practice Battle Poll/Site Stuff

First up, I just want to say that we recruited like crazy during the Winter Fiesta!  We got 59 new recruits in a span of 3 days, so great job everyone!  That’s almost 20 per day!  We out-recruited the Nachos at their own party (go figure 😕 ).

Next, I got a pretty good idea for a practice session this week, but I wanted to see your opinions about whether we should run another practice session, or have a Red vs. Blue practice battle with two new leaders (doing both can be an option as well).


Depending on what you vote, I’ll get to work on that.


The next part is for leaders and Editors.  I’m going to be really busy between regular site updates, Promo Day on the 31st, and a couple specialty items, so I’m going to need some help running some stuff.  I made a page of what I was hoping for each of you to do, so you can look at that HERE.

I will apologize ahead of time if I don’t come on chat much this week since I will be busy updating the Divisions before I have to update the ranks for them again on Promo Day, as well as a ton of other stuff that you hopefully enjoy/benefit from 😛 .

We (the leaders) also need to schedule a meeting for going over which 12 servers we will be keeping.  I’ll try to talk to you on chat about that at some point.

More info coming tomorrow!

Feel free to add comments about what you think for the practice session/battle, and keep up the recruiting!