Consulate Elections . . .

Jedi’s edit: Saint1119, is dropping out of the Consulate Elections to become Vice President of Senate, and I was recently informed of Ironkid’s desire not to run (ONO). Anyways . . .

I think that the appeals have all been furfilled.

Jungle N is a Senator, Hattrick is now an automatic Consulate, Ennbay and Ironkid both get to be senators.

The combination sets are these:

Jojofishy>Foxtails0>Thomas720 #1

Nate950000>Unicow Rules> Seanehawk and Wicket #2

Ktman2>Saint1119>Ironkid2834 #3

Trickster>Sheila Gally> Ennbay #4

The Jungle N> Chapa23 #5

These will all be comment polls, commented here 

 They are comment polls, to avoid cheating.

Good Luck everyone! 😎

Make sure you read the post below VVVVVVVVVV


17 Responses

  1. First

  2. Aw… rofl. Well anyway, vote for JUNGLE!

  3. Well, I didn’t run an actual election but I’m happy I won!

  4. im voting for myself 🙂

  5. 2. Major General
    3. #1 Foxtails #2 Seanehawk/Wicket #3 uhmm Ktman? xD #4 Ennbay #5 Chapa

  6. whoops wrong post to comment on

  7. Well, I’m deciding to drop out of Consulate elections, I would like to keep my spot as Senator though. I should’ve never ran, just Senator is okay, anyways long live ACP!

  8. if u didnt get my old one…
    1. The Jungle N
    2. ACP General
    3. Jojo, Seane, Ktman, Trickster, Jungle

  9. I was also appealing… Could we still have this matter in consideration? I was also in the Ennbay/Ironkid poll.


  10. Uh thomas u werent one of the senates :S Im just stating that out 😀 Lol

  11. Go the jungle N

  12. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to have a suggestions and complaints page?

    Also, sometimes when I go on Mammoth, I have trouble finding a patrol. Could there be a specific room on Club penguin where patrols go to now and then to make it easier for penguins to find ACP soldiers?


  14. thank yas all who voted for meh 😛

  15. #1. Foxtails
    #2. Seanehawk and Wicket
    #4. Sheila Gally
    #5. The Jungle N

  16. Okay, I am aware that Ennbay and Ironkid were the top two in the polls for senator but they both cheated. I was the only one that didn’t cheat during that poll and still had a fairly high score in the end. So that Ennbay and Ironkid are now both Senators I think is completely ridiculous. If anything, I should be a Senator.

    I am aware that the elections have been over for some time now however I would still like consideration to be brought to this topic.


    -Woton, ACP Major

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