Jedi’s second edit: I’ve regrettably got the facts mixed up. The Jojo issue occured before the ban fest.

Jedi’s Edit: I’ve found out through various sources that the mystery mod who went berserk was Flarry Jerry, who was mistakenly modded because they believed he was HeadofPolice. Jojofishy was banning Terryking, and also Jackfrost for breaking chat rules, and then apparently Flarry saved them.. he then proceded to have a total ban fest.


1) Respect

2) New Recruits

3) Rank Complaints

4) Modding situation

            I’ve recieved complaints from many officers, all complaining that either they are not recieving enough respect from soldiers, or that the soldiers refuse to listen overall. I realize this is a game, and yeah, its supposed to be fun. However, look at it this way, for battles and stuff, logically listening to the leader( or the highest ranking person there), makes the most sense. Why? Well, generally if they have that high of a rank, its because they have a lot of experience, and are really good at their job. . . 

       For new recruits, I do understand, its kind of disorienting, and yes people can be jerks. If you happen to join recently, go onto ACP Chat  and talk to the leaders, (the owners), or the highest ranking person there. Then, after being acquainted, it helps to go to ACP Training Regiment , and sign up for training.  Feel free to ask the leaders questions.

     Yes, I’ve made a rank complaint page.   Please do check it out, if you’ve a complaint.

Do not ask to be a moderator on chat. Its irritating, and you’ll most likely get banned.


Site Email/Banner

Kudos to Kid Robot on the nice banner you can see on the left sidebar (as well as here).  If you would like to use this banner for your site, please email us at  I need to email you the HTML code since it doesn’t work well through the site, and not at all through chat.  I will give you further directions through the email if you are interested.


This email by the way, will be used for contacting me instead of using pcs and comments (which I usually can’t remember all of because of how many there are).  I may also try to set up an email list so if I need to send an email to many people, I can just send it to the whole group at once. 

Anyway, here are some things that you might email about:

  • Can’t find your rank, but you commented on the Join page and have seen your name listed on the New Recruits page
  • You wish to be added to the Blogroll
  • Submitting links for contests, pictures, etc.
  • Any general help questions

Things you shouldn’t need to email about:

  • Joining (use the Join page)
  • Divisions (use the Divisions Registration page)
  • Being an Ally (unless you want specific negotiations)

Next, a brief notice about the practice battle stuff, it looks like we’ll be having both based on the voting, and I was hoping to throw in a little party too, so I’ll keep you updated on that.


For information about the ACP Nation Flag, click HERE.

For information about the Consulate Elections, click HERE.

For information about the Congressional Elections Comment Voting, click HERE.

For information about the Practice Battle, click HERE.

I feel like a telephone operator 😛 .  For the other Editors, I think it is a good idea to leave links at the ends of your posts about things that happened recently, because the more we post, we may be preventing people from reading some of the things we posted over.  Keep posting more stuff, though.  It keeps everyone informed 😉 .

ACP Nation Flag?

I’m sure we are all familiar with our current ACP Nation Flag. When Oagalthorp was leader he made the flag, but then he had a contest to see what could be a better flag. But sadly, Oagalthorp never gave us the winner of the Flag Contest. I had a few submissions, but my favorite was this one…

Possible new ACP Nation Flag

This flag also came with a logo…

Possible new ACP Nation Logo

So, what should we do?

Jedi’s edit: A lot of people are complaining about Ktman getting through so easily. . . Ugh, so if you have a complaint just comment it afterwards, and we’ll sort it out. TY (PCE)