ACP Nation Flag?

I’m sure we are all familiar with our current ACP Nation Flag. When Oagalthorp was leader he made the flag, but then he had a contest to see what could be a better flag. But sadly, Oagalthorp never gave us the winner of the Flag Contest. I had a few submissions, but my favorite was this one…

Possible new ACP Nation Flag

This flag also came with a logo…

Possible new ACP Nation Logo

So, what should we do?

Jedi’s edit: A lot of people are complaining about Ktman getting through so easily. . . Ugh, so if you have a complaint just comment it afterwards, and we’ll sort it out. TY (PCE)

19 Responses

  1. 1st 😀

  2. Second, and sorry Rap but I voted for Oagal’s.

  3. I think we should have a new contest.

  4. 4th

  5. 5th. New contest!


  7. Reporting active!!!!!!!!!

  8. New Contest!

  9. um i made a flag a while ago that fort almost made the new flag and it was on the acp nation page for a while. but it wasnt chosen. anyway, it fit the original requirements for a flag from sept 07 or whatever when the acp nation was made (usa flag pin on it, green and gold, must say acp or dracp somewhere on it, im changing it to 12 stars for our servers which is my only change, and every aspect must have a purpose). anyway, here it is, and it has the original acp site header on it 😛 :

  10. so does anyone like mine?

  11. i dont like either of them that much 8O…

  12. 80

  13. Hey I got a great idea for a new flag for you guys, but is this only for ACP troops because I don’t plan on joining ACP ever.

  14. Well I have a flag/Banner you pick how can I post it?

  15. Jungle
    I like your Flag

  16. i think we should have a contest. ive got loads of ideas!

  17. i will make a flag for you


  19. hey

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