Jedi’s second edit: I’ve regrettably got the facts mixed up. The Jojo issue occured before the ban fest.

Jedi’s Edit: I’ve found out through various sources that the mystery mod who went berserk was Flarry Jerry, who was mistakenly modded because they believed he was HeadofPolice. Jojofishy was banning Terryking, and also Jackfrost for breaking chat rules, and then apparently Flarry saved them.. he then proceded to have a total ban fest.


1) Respect

2) New Recruits

3) Rank Complaints

4) Modding situation

            I’ve recieved complaints from many officers, all complaining that either they are not recieving enough respect from soldiers, or that the soldiers refuse to listen overall. I realize this is a game, and yeah, its supposed to be fun. However, look at it this way, for battles and stuff, logically listening to the leader( or the highest ranking person there), makes the most sense. Why? Well, generally if they have that high of a rank, its because they have a lot of experience, and are really good at their job. . . 

       For new recruits, I do understand, its kind of disorienting, and yes people can be jerks. If you happen to join recently, go onto ACP Chat  and talk to the leaders, (the owners), or the highest ranking person there. Then, after being acquainted, it helps to go to ACP Training Regiment , and sign up for training.  Feel free to ask the leaders questions.

     Yes, I’ve made a rank complaint page.   Please do check it out, if you’ve a complaint.

Do not ask to be a moderator on chat. Its irritating, and you’ll most likely get banned.


29 Responses

  1. great points ankita and 1st w00t:D

  2. Second!

  3. 3rd! YEAH!

  4. Yes Seanhawk, told you Ide come for you, you better watch it (ROFL) (smirk)

  5. Rofl… I knew it was someone like Flarry O.o

  6. Good points. Let’s see if people actually pay attention to this stuff.

  7. Notty Notty Flarry if I under stand what your saying i hope.

  8. i got raceme cuz i was french and ppl were talking about me impersonating kg that was me

  9. Can i work on your site? i’m already in ACP (retired wolves member wolves quit club penguin) your luckey i stopped the attack on you! me and Wwe adam and he got enough recuruits to fil a club penguin server so on . add me at my email
    (All wrote by hand)

  10. Hey these problems don’t happen in the EACP often so that tells you something about my leadership XD

  11. Who cares if you get respect or not at least your in the best army

  12. dude that was like 2 weeks ago and flarry didnt unban me….. my acp friends did

  13. ankita you done even know half of the story. Me and jojo were arguing and it got to the point where be banned me.Then i asked my friend in acp whos name i wont say so he wont get in trouble to unban me and he did. SO my friend and jojo were bannign and unbanning me.Then Fort came on. and me and fort have some ties so fort unbanned me and jackfrost and jojo never banned me again. Jackfrost was banned for sticking up to me

  14. Why are the letters bold? =\

  15. I was wondering that myself.

  16. Bold

  17. Hey hey hey! Dont tell me you forgot about ME! Please dont tell me you did….You guys made me a noob!! i was a corporal!!!! Come ON! Be serious ! me… A private? Come on! im coming out of retirement!!!

  18. if u get banned form the chat how long is it

  19. 8)

  20. boomer don’t let a person named java 2008 be in ACP be is a man who just wants to betray you

  21. Well just reporting active!!!!!!!! 😀 I had a snow day today, cya

  22. hey you have a corporal XD who is making stuff up for the join application for zac zippy

  23. i’m doing a report on the bill of rights.

    … …

    nope. not too fun.

  24. but i’d rather be doing this than algebra homework. yes, definitely.

  25. Yes, we need more respect.

    -Woton, ACP Major



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