Aber: Boomer, when you get on, we need to talk about this SSACP VS UMA war.

I finally updated the Divisions, unfortunately I’m going to have to do it again on Promo Day (January 31st).  Anyway, here are the Divisions.  If you do not like your Division, you can contact me HERE.  If you do not yet have a Division, please comment on this page:


Based on the Divisions so far, it is safe to say we have at least 219 active troops, however I know we have many more who have not yet signed up, so please do that.  Trust me, they will actually have a purpose next week…


**ACP** – 219

Supreme Commander: Boomer 20

Field Commanders: Jedimaster17, Shaboomboom


*Division I* – 109

Field Marshal: Abercrombe29


Alpha Brigade – 37

  • General: The Jungle N
  • Lt. General: Dr Nono Jr, Manjensen
  • Major General: Ctar, Talyor455
  • Brigadier General: Djgtjvgyhxgy, Fishguitar11, Penguin2380094
  • Colonel: Crytd10, Jmmr88, Znozeberry
  • Lt. Colonel: Biokid0, Lucario564
  • Major: Csdfbgdhgg, Zehroy
  • Captain: Benu2, Jordybarker, Totalnoob
  • Lieutenant: Bp98, Dryvit, Leoblue33, Mr Gooff, The Flapjack
  • Warrant Officer: Calgocubs21, Goomba121, Late Me, Stevebobal
  • Sergeant: A Dawg4, Darwin Huxly, Franco888, Genus1, Gopackgo8, Us Army34
  • Corporal: Emperor P3ng, Monstercjr, Pengui25, Xbd1


Delta Brigade – 36

  • General: Cooltiger413
  • Lt. General: Tomtwelve
  • Major General: Lucario98765, Seanehawk
  • Brigadier General: Arosso13, Borja, Corvette 360
  • Colonel: Nate950000, Magic077
  • Lt. Colonel: Foxtails0, Purpur5222
  • Major: Benu2, Wicket1235
  • Captain: Bloobloo1, Meeaska, Person535, Unicow Rules
  • Lieutenant: 12345 Marine, Crazyboy86, Davy629, Gator58031, Ickeee, Mr Icefin, The Jokerman
  • Warrant Officer: As334, Fallingtail, Han Solo6789, Micewindo, Tiny Finn
  • Sergeant: Axevolution, Gligar117, Golie Phil, Xdog52, Zark56
  • Corporal: Coleblacker, Fluffball921


Echo Brigade – 36

  • General: Casiusbrutus
  • Lt. General: Clintos007
  • Major General: Jojofishy, Penquin Jim
  • Brigadier General: Aang777, Chapa23, Jcapp64
  • Colonel: Coolguy12348, Mattewmsh1
  • Lt. Colonel: Jcd484, Seancastle
  • Major: Starlorb3
  • Captain: Dddd99410, Polliwinkle, Wasabiix
  • Lieutenant: 1run, Dommo3, Han Solo12, Klug1234, Ninja4778, Thunder562
  • Warrant Officer: Ashes1627, Bighead2496, Hasanb123, Pimplego2287, Shadows549, Wildnavy99
  • Sergeant: Beaverflute, Daiuf, Noseycjr, Timmy79918, Vetsd
  • Corporal: 44gdog44, Djmarvin, Doohicky23, Trinakat600


*Division II* – 110

Field Marshal: Rapidy


Gamma Brigade – 37

  • General: Hattrick
  • Lt. General: Blue Speed 7
  • Major General: Baloon451, Ktman
  • Brigadier General: Ironkid2894, Mr Random1
  • Colonel: Js Thgrourhg, Mrnooner, Waddlebox123
  • Lt. Colonel: Jlm435, Sgt Jor
  • Major: Divotoo
  • Captain: Fresca39, Hidude45, Sheepman, Tom Yellow
  • Lieutenant: Bomber Man20, Hawkey16, Historylover, Kooolmonster, Peterpenquin, Trooper7890
  • Warrant Officer: Band Guy1, Blupichu, Jennings7, Jimmy325jr, Pipempoleon, Wmb98
  • Sergeant: Captain Key6, Clockyjj, Dj Pingu 2, Shakybadger
  • Corporal: Baconzone1, Crystal19999, Guszzz1, Jdietle, Tush


Kappa Brigade – 36

  • General: Nodear
  • Lt. General: Sheila Gally
  • Major General: Shad 8
  • Brigadier General: Black Icer, Peguin21795, Bigpeng92, Tommer651
  • Colonel: Bfan212, Pete852
  • Lt. Colonel: Khalgar1, Tex9m
  • Major: Jingle Jay, Thomas0270
  • Captain: Gtracer, Jediseth, Small Troubl, Totaln00b
  • Lieutenant: Austin8310, Hi Yellow Hi, Icefactorx, Kuro Wolf, Saphiira845, Sonic The 1
  • Warrant Officer: Apedwards, Cab8, Johny 4, Jojo48545, Silver2253, Wojanna2
  • Sergeant: Axxeor, Exblade315, Maxsue, Super Bat Bo
  • Corporal: Daneswan36, Elifb123, Wolvetone


Sigma Brigade – 37

  • General: Meggis1234
  • Lt. General: Db Penguin, Headofpolice
  • Major General: Noka 11, Saint1119
  • Brigadier General: Jim456, Jonnyboy432, Npeppersn
  • Colonel: Braves Z, Stev712
  • Lt. Colonel: Alpha 315, Tylov5, Zdoger
  • Major: Woton
  • Captain: Astrowby, Jake717, Starwars5467
  • Lieutenant: Aberacer, Dopefacedbro, Halo Friek, Icee Ellie, Soccer793
  • Warrant Officer: Abolerz243, Adioboard, Candycloud19, Cccbbbnnn, Kj Bulldogs1, Slosh12223, Wtg2000
  • Sergeant: Bob17467, Fireblast47, Gougarglider, Polly Happy1, Tntclay
  • Corporal: Eettuuyy, Garda10, Sarster123


Next is the Practice Session and Practice Battle.  I was considering making one of them Friday, but I think I will need Friday to prepare the promotions for Promo Day, so it will probably be one on Saturday and one on Sunday (before the Super Bowl).  I will post the times tomorrow.  We may also try an informal party (I don’t know if I really have time to prepare it, but maybe we could have a Super Bowl party 😕 ).  This would probably be on Sunday.  I was thinking maybe Sheila or someone could schedule one for after the Practice Battle.  Let me know if you can do this so I can confirm the time the Practice Battle would end.  Until then, if whoever is doing this could decorate their igloo, that would be great.


Lastly, I just need to clarify some stuff…

First off, there have been some problems with lower ranked soldiers disobeying commands of higher ranked soldiers.  Here is how this should work:

  • The highest rank present is in charge (chat, CP, etc.)
  • Other high ranks can overrule commands that the higher ranks give
  • Ranks under the highest rank present MUST follow the commands since they need the respect you give me in order to fill in for the leaders in case we are not present

The way this should work is I want the highest rank on chat to be on CP for patrols and recruiting.  You are leading at that time, so take charge of the troops.  If there are a fair amount of high ranks, you can break off into your separate Brigades for better patrolling.  This will all be more organized in the next few weeks.  Until then, Division and Brigade leaders need to be more responsible, and lower ranks need to give you more respect.

Second, we have been having some complaints about unfair bans and language on chat.  First of all, owners and mods should not curse at all.  You need to set an example for the younger soldiers.  Next, if you see someone curse, KICK first.  If they do not watch their language, you may ban them for 1 hour.  If it is someone who is a repeat offender and is banned consistently for cursing, use your best judgement for the length of the ban.  To all ACP soldiers, watch your mouths on chat.  I want us to be a respected army, not one with a reputation for cursing, etc. like the Golds were (if you remember them).

Next, I removed the Rank Complaints page because some people said they were getting tired of listening to people complain about their ranks publicly.  I think this is a reasonable argument.  The reason I do not really like people complaining about ranks is because I believe that your rank should not be the most important thing.  If you have not yet noticed, I tend to promote soldiers who work hard for the good of ACP over those whose goal is to think more about themselves and their rank.  I do not have a problem with you arguing your case about why you deserve a promo, but I would prefer that you contact me through email so it is not a public thing.  You can reach me at acparmyofcp@aol.com.

Also with the email, I have heard from a lot of you on different matters, and I think it has been working well so far.  I would like to remind those who wish to have the code for the ACP Banner you can see on the left sidebar that you can email me for the code (it doesn’t work well through WordPress and not at all on chat).  I have also received a fair amount of ACP Nation flags, so if you would like to submit one, you can email it to me there.  For those of you who tried to join a while ago and cannot find your rank, you probably have one and just cannot find it.  Please email me about this as well and I can help you out (I have already helped a couple people with that).  Any other questions, comments, and concerns are welcome.


P.S.~Don’t forget Promo Day is January 31st!!

20 Responses

  1. 1ST!! FIRST TIME EVA!!! YEAH! ok lol. I wasn’t serious when i put my complaint up. PROMO DAY? SWEET! I’ve been active, just i have a filter so i can rarely get on chat.

  2. Good post, I was unfairly banned the last couple of days.

  3. 3rd, and thanks for putting me in a division! delta brigade rocks!

  4. Great post!
    I am in the divisions!
    Awesome thanks acp!
    Hey Boomer must be a lot of work to promote people
    and to deal with all our needs!
    Good Job!

    Boomer: Yeah it’s kinda overwhelming sometimes, but I enjoy it too 😛 .

  5. last practice battle i was blue, but for the upcoming one i will probrably be red 😕

  6. wow thanks boomer im with Goomba121 hes my best home dog i hope i get a Promo 😮

  7. I’m active!!!!!!!!!!

  8. heh heh, i’m less than active at the moment. for now, i will have to be right below the top. like, almost, almost there. i’m too busy to try and get further up. i mean, i have like 3 school projects to do.

    by the way guys, did you know that profanity (cursing, or otherwise vulgar and crude language) shows a lack of intelligence? i mean, if you’re speaking all profane (not to be confused with profound; i only figured that out recently XD ), then you don’t know any better words! of course, not everyone here even cares about being smart… but the smart people will end up with the most money in 20 years! heh heh heh!

  9. I want to be a Captain!

  10. I hope I get promoted. I’m really trying to get active now! Well, keep up the good work Boomer!

  11. Thanks for the update on everything, Boom. I dunno about either, but I’ll try my hardest. I’m also hopin’ for a promo!

  12. Hey Boomer. I was wondering, if it’s not to much trouble, can you move me to the Delta Bergade? It’s no problem if you don’t but I’d really apreciate it. Send your response through my email. Thank you.

  13. are the brigades based on anything, or are they random? 😕 yay, i cant wait till promo day! i remember last year everyone was like “PROMO DAY! PROMO DAY! PROMO DAY!” 😆

  14. golds? boomer, would you explain to me about dream and the golds soon? in saints story, oagal was supposed to KILL dream, so im guessing this guy was pretty ****in bad xD
    PS for all those who knew who i liked, im over him now

    Boomer: Lol, I actually had less of a problem with Dream than some of the others, and there were definately some Golds that were good guys (Johan is probably the best example), but towards the end, the site was basically them cursing at each other and likewise for the chat…

  15. Earlier I didn’t take the time to read this 😕 I just read about the curseing, I’ve heard it WAY to much on chat. I get made fun of on chat cause I’m 9, Superhighflyguy was a jerk, I said dad in room and he said, TONS of swears then said “Thomas’s dad do you know Thomas has a porn collection?” It got me upset! And my dad really mad!!!!!!!!!!! I have way more but idc a lot, but seriousy guys, you guys should/could grow up, and Jungle change ur Homepage on chat, it sickens me, porn link 😮 , I didn’t know what porn meant and I clicked it! 😡 , try to grow up guys, were not fools but were acting like it! Just, we are gonna be like golds if we continue this, and I can’t wait for tomorrow, I’m hopeing for a promo! Like a 3 rank one 😆 , then I’d be Bridider(sry misspelling) General, also, URA would like to be allies with ACP! Its our 5th day on CP and we already got 175-179 troops!!!( we did a merge with an army with like 100 troops) but the whole URA is BJ, our site is http://www.unitedrebelarmy.wordpress.com and in this whole comment I made a few typos, Boomer plz take time to read this just cause you know, thank you for you’re cooperation,

    -Thomas0270,ACP Major

  16. but seriously guys*




  19. Boomer its me i really wanna know my rank leave it at the email i sent liski@earthlink.net

  20. […] to time and the earliest recording that I have of me being in the army was in January of 2009 in a divisions post listing me in the Alpha […]

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