Well tomorrow (Jan 30th) my membership runs out once again :(. Ive had a membership since around october or november so so of the new people might have forgotten what my “legendary” outfit looks like so here it is:


I might add add shoes and a belt but idk.

1 Hr Delay Today :D.


This post is copyrighted bythe Shab is Bored Company.

22 Responses

  1. 1st, My membership expires soon too.

  2. O.O mine expires in like 3 months but you can always buy membership again shab XP

  3. 4th, pointless post XD! remember when i made that animated birthday thing for you shab? lol

  4. Shab, when ur membership expires, u still wear the member clothes that u were wearing before. cos im a non member now but i still get to wear the member cloths :D: D: D 😀

  5. my membership expires in 2 weeks

  6. Person, no you don’t. My membership expired today and I ended up nude. Anywho, go to Toys ‘R’ Us and buy a one month card. It’s $5.95, but it’s worth it and you don’t have to use your parents or guardian’s credit card. Oh, and 7th!

  7. 8th, and membership ain’t worth it. Or at least, i dont think so.

  8. 9th, Membership is worth it to me, well, its alot better. PS My school was closed since Monday!

  9. nice. I’m in texas, and it just turns really cool and ices. No snow 😦

  10. ACP! The Parkas just claimed that Mammoth is all theirs! Here is a direct quote from one of them “We rule this server!!!” Is it true that Mammoth is theirs? i thought it was neutral!

  11. I have a membership, but I’m still a nonmember at heart, so I still wear my nonmember uniform 🙂 .

  12. My membership expired a billion months ago. xD So welcome back to the nonmembers club, Shab. 😛

  13. mine expires on 30th aswell

  14. That’s too bad Shab that you’re losing your membership 😕 . Cp Ripped me off when the money for the membership was paid, and they still cancelled it! Cheap little… 😡 But one of the Nachos did the nicest thing and got a membership card for me 8) 😀 Maybe someone will give you a membership 😮

  15. it suks dude ma membership expires n like a week

  16. My member ship expires in 2 days. =,[

  17. my membership expires in like a week but how do i join your army? LOL

  18. On the join page… fill out the form on the join page in a comment.

  19. I do not have a membership. because I always wear my legendary top hat.

  20. i dont have a membership but you should but these in the cpps and the cp plus it will be easy without membership DUH my membership expired months ago XD

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