The new Consulates are : Jojofishy(Consulate Leader Appointee), Seanehawk and Wicket, Ktman2 (SIC)?,  The Jungle N , Hattrick, and Trickster.

Congrats Folks! *Claps*

To those of you, who have not won, you are automatically senators.

The current Senators are: Saint1119 (Senate Leader),Sheila Gally (SIC), Nate95000, Unicow Rules, Ennbay, Blue Speed 7, Ironkid2834, Foxtails0, Thomas720. (9) Senators

The current Consulates are: Jojofishy, Seanehawk and Wicket, Hattrick, Ktman2,  The Jungle N and Trickster.

Congress will be allowed to pass laws, which must be approved by the Leaders. 

A race well fought everbody! *claps*

Our first meeting will be on Friday. . . tell me which times are convenient.


35 Responses

  1. 1st second in a row!

    Boomer: Pretty good day, eh? 😛

  2. Cool! Good job all of yall!

  3. This does not please the Funk Master Gods (D)

  4. boomer can i make a spy army for the army of the acp

  5. go cardinals! YEAH!

    sorry, but there’s nothing interesting for me in this post. :mrgreen:

  6. im rooting for cardinals! good race everybody! i live right near cleveland which makes me a browns fan (dont dog me about how they suck, i have to root for them or my dad will kill me) so i hate steelers. GO CARDINALS!

  7. i think that about 6:30 est would be good, we need to find out what time zones everybody lives in so it will be easier to schedule things

  8. Congrats Trickster!

  9. I saw it! But then I went back to my igloo. I knew that there was a unknown war! I was wearing a time traveler hat, night vision googles, royal robe, blue and gray life vest, lollypop, and brown pirate boots.

  10. ^^^ Uh what…? Lol, hey its me Trickster. Thank-you for ALL who voted for me 😀

    Oh and for the time on Friday… Im pst so it has to be something I can GO to. I like what unicow said, maybe around 6:30 est, 3:30 pst 😀

  11. Congratulations everyone! I want the Steelers to win but I don’t want them to have more Super Bowl wins than the Cowboys, lol. SUPER BOWL! Rofl, anyway congrats people again!


    P.S. boomer i love your mom

  13. wow spys who love boomer’s mom

  14. Good job to everyone who won. I (sadly) didn’t make it, but that’s alright. I’ll just try again next time!

  15. Java you know when you’re a spy you’re supposed to keep it secret?

  16. um boomer i was on mammoth to get some more acp soilders into a group to make any rouge nacho groups retreat but then out of no where an rpf soilder came and attacked i forgot what they looked like and then he found base in lodge attic i hid and he never seen me then my friend vetsd the parka army creator said lets be friends and destroy nachos i think we might have to srart cp ww5 if not we can always beat them and keeping armys knowing we are better so boomer i would love to get a higher rank im only recriuted but i would like to be a soilder if ok comment here im thinking of writing an acp handbook plz plz say something boomer.

  17. java is a country.

    yeah i’m bored.

    say, where the heck is sumatra… these random country names from 7th grade world geography are suddenly coming back to me! i like 8th grade u.s. history better…

    yeah i’m bored.

  18. comment on the join page to be added to our army but tell us what your penguin name is

  19. sumatra is in asia tom, i dont know where but isnt guessing the continent good enough? CARDINALS!!!!

  20. Cool

  21. u got my rank wrong on the divisions, im a captian, not a major

  22. I’m glad I got the position but what is SIC?

  23. woo hoo!!! i am an ACP political figure finally!!!!!!!! lol i kinda was for a week now but now its official. iv waited so long for this, i give thanx to the ACP and its leaders (damn i sounded like an actor excepting a golden globe)

  24. jedi- how is ur grandma doing?

  25. congrats to everybody!

  26. Convinent would be Sunday. I’m very, very busy on Saturday. Karaoke and A BDAY Party.

  27. Any time is fine with me.

  28. Any time before 6 – 5:30 or anytime after 7 or 8 is good for me cuz meh dad comes home around 5:30-7

  29. Central time sorry xD

  30. Okay, I am aware that Ennbay and Ironkid were the top two in the polls for senator but they both cheated. I was the only one that didn’t cheat during that poll and still had a fairly high score in the end. So that Ennbay and Ironkid are now both Senators I think is completely ridiculous. If anything, I should be a Senator.

    I am aware that the elections have been over for some time now however I would still like consideration to be brought to this topic.


    -Woton, ACP Major

  31. […] on Practice Session/Practice…blueswill on Birthdaysblueswill on Birthdayscpwoton on Winnerscpwoton on Practice Session/Practice…boomer20 on Join~нαѕαηв123~ on The History of […]

  32. Cp keeps on crashing!

  33. oh awesome!I want o join!

    could you please go to masterking56’s birthday party plz!if you are thx!and heres the location:at server glacier starts at feb.22 at masterking56’s igloo on map starts anytime at that day!

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