Practice Session/Practice Battle

Boomer’s Edit: For the Mittens situation, click HERE.

Here’s the info on the practices and I’ll try to keep it short (my posts get increasingly longer the more time I have to spend on them, and I really need to focus on Promo Day…).

First, we will hold a practice session, where we will focus on the tactic of spreading out.

When: Saturday, January 31, 2009

Server: Snow Fort

Room: Boomer’s Igloo on the map


10:00 am Pacific

11:00 am Mountain

12:00 pm Central

1:00 pm Eastern

6:00 pm U.K.

For this one, just come in ACP Green.  We will be following it up with a recruiting session.


The next one is the Practice Battle.

When: Sunday, February 1, 2009

Server: Snow Fort

Room: Snow Forts

Teams: Red vs. Blue


9:30 am Pacific

10:30 am Mountain

11:30 am Central

12:30 pm Eastern

5:30 pm U.K.

As you may know, there are two teams, Red and Blue.  Each Division will represent a color.  Division I (Alpha, Delta, and Echo), led by Abercrombe29, represents the Red Team.  Division II (Gamma, Kappa, and Sigma), led by Rapidy, represents the Blue Team.  Please arrive at the battle in appropriate colors.  If you do not have a Division yet, names starting with A-M will be Red, and N-Z will be Blue.

Here are the uniforms.  They can be adjusted based on what clothing items you have, but you must be the color you are assigned.



In case one of the team leaders cannot make it, here is how we will work the battle leadership.  If the first leader on the list cannot make it, the second will lead, and so forth.  Once a leader has led a practice battle, they will move to the bottom of the list so the next person on the list can lead.  Make sure you know who is leading so you know who to listen to, and if you are your team’s leader, make sure they know you are in charge.

Red Team:

  1. Abercrombe29
  2. The Jungle N
  3. Casiusbrutus
  4. Cooltiger413

Blue Team:

  1. Rapidy
  2. Nodear
  3. Meggis1234
  4. Hattrick

Remember what we have been practicing, especially for this, because it will probably be more chaotic than usual. 

  • Make sure to spread out and pay attention on Club Penguin
  • Stay quiet so you can see commands, and only talk when you are executing a joke bomb, spam charge, emote bomb, etc.
  • Leaders should lead entirely on CP, so soldiers, don’t worry about checking the chat
  • If everyone is ready on CP, you will have much better execution on charges, etc
  • Make sure you know who is leading.  Check the list above, and whoever at the battle is highest on that list will be leading
  • Leaders, make sure you are there early so you can make sure your soldiers know you are in charge

Next, I was hoping to have a party of some sort after this practice battle (I don’t know if I really have time to prepare it, but maybe we could have a Super Bowl party ? ).  I was thinking maybe Sheila or someone could schedule one.  Let me know if you can do this by tomorrow.  Until then, if whoever is doing this could decorate their igloo, that would be great.  As long as someone plans it, I don’t care whose igloo it is in, so you can volunteer for your igloo to be the site of the party if you want.

Always, comment if you can make either of the practices!


Sorry, that post wasn’t really that short, was it? 😐

P.S.~Don’t forget the ACP Nation Flag Contest, as well as the Election results!  Here is the email if you need it.

49 Responses


  2. I will be there.

  3. I might be able to come, We will rule! GO BLUE!

    p.s. I am a Captain, not a Major. The ranks are wrong 🙂

  4. Boomer can you get on chat sometime today?

  5. sorry i cant come familys going on vacation for the weekend……..

  6. i can make it boomer to both practice sessions

  7. I might makr’em, reporting active! Plz read my comment on your last post Boomer,

    -тнσмαѕ0270, ρяσυ∂ тσ вє α ℓανα נυѕт ησт α нαтα

  8. PS: plz go to its got grat cheats and could it be added to cool cp sites?

  9. IDK IDK IDK!!!!!!!! Miss Polly ( My B.F.F gave me that nickname…) ISN’T AN EARLY BIRD IF YA KNO WHAT I MEAN!!!! i might make it….. i’ll set my alarm clock…. lets hope it still works………… 😉 Miss Polly OUT!!!! P.S all those pokemon fans out there STAY OUT OF THE TALL GRASS : )

  10. i might not be able to make it cause i just got banned im gonna find out why now


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  13. Well, there’s a pretty good shot I’ll be able to make it.

  14. I think I can make it to the practice battle, but at 11:00 PST I have to go to the ACPTR Meeting. I’ll do what I can though.

  15. I might come but i cant promise you anything…

  16. Sorry I cant make it I have to get up early because I have to go camping with the boy scouts Ill try to make the next practice battle

    kuro wolf

  17. Shadow troops finally surrendered parka to cpaf . We invaded them so bad today. Commando told them to get out of parka.

    Cpaf colonel. Hockey man45 out

  18. Yah, I think I can come!!!

  19. I like ur site.

  20. hey boomer wanna make love

  21. heck yeah java

  22. all night long with chuck norris

  23. wow java you really have some problems…

  24. boomer abercrombie just banned a person forever for no reason ot joking

  25. i know i like little kiddies

  26. why won’t anyone other than boomer make love with me?????

  27. I’ll make love with you after i’m done with boomer

    (I’ll be in bed in a sec boomer just get ready

  28. for the greatest show under the sheits

  29. cause here MJ comes

  30. boomer is just a fuc king little ga y we irdo and i made l ove with that bit ch

  31. i agree with you java im a g ay f ucking l ooser too

  32. I heard the Famous Army of Club Penguin is going to show up!

  33. I think I can make it If I dont sleep through it. ^_^”

  34. I think I will be able to make it. Might have a dentist appointment!

  35. Yo boomer im not sure if i can make it ^ _^” cause i might be out sorry if im not able to make it

  36. ewww jave thats groos lol

  37. Hey is it normal for a army to have around 770 hits in less than 1 month of being created?

  38. I think ill make it.

  39. help boomer!! they where saying rude things to me on acp chat. they said have … with ur mum to me. in the end i had to call them a mother &%#!er to get them to leave me alone. if u cant do anything about it, ill quit acp forever and i dont want to do that so plz help.

  40. I will be there and the red and blue

  41. i cant be there for both 😦 😦 😦

  42. I will be there for both

  43. RAWR! Keeping ppl updated, I may not make it now becuz of real life stuff.

  44. please change ojso3 with J O S H 1 0 because ojso3 is banned forever please!!!

  45. I will totally be coming!

    -Woton, ACP Major

  46. I probably won’t be able to stay for the whole practice session since I’m in the SSACP and we have a battle today against uma. So I’ll try to stay until one-thirty but I’ll have to leave in the middle. However. I might be able to make the practice battle tomorrow. It’s rite after church but I think I can manage. There still is a chance I won’t make it though if I don’t get home in time. I’ll do my best.

  47. aww i cant come

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