Ssacp vs Uma

Boomer’s 2nd Edit: My update on the situation:

Boomer’s Edit: Here is my opinion. First of all, we will not be involving ourselves in this conflict.  SSACP is a spy agency. Why is it going to war? It isn’t an army. Second, UMA is being extremely unreasonable by not letting us split Mittens. They never use Mittens, and SSACP and UMA split Mittens in the past, however, UMA knows that they are the stronger army, so they are completely taking advantage of SSACP. Next, SSACP is being extremely stubborn. I have offered them any of ACP’s servers in exchange for ending the war. No deal. Mazachster would rather we fight until every last SSACP soldier has given up and SSACP ceases to exist. What is wrong with two armies splitting a server? Three armies share Tundra without issues, and in this case, both armies already have owned Mittens. I would like to schedule a meeting to discuss this because both sides are being extremely stubborn and we need a compromise immediately.

Aber’s Edit: OK, this is getting TOOO out of hand. Now we are going against allies for a spy organization! I mean, SSACP is not an army, its a spy organization! People just can’t fight over something as easy as that! I understand that UMA and SSACP both want Mittens, well if you cant just get along, they just need to split it. Acp and Nachos should help with something like this. Especially Acp. Shab, making acp fight is just as wrong as uma having nachos fight. I do NOT want Acp ruining a treatybetween 2 good allies.  In my opinion, we need to either settle this on a Ally Chat Meeting, Uma and SSACP war, or splitting the server between them.


Well nachos are thinking of helping Uma against Ssacp. I do not know why Uma needs allies in a battle against a small agency but they want them. I personally think that they can’t just have to have a regular win, they have to completely defeat the enemy.

Ssacp might become the main spy agency for Anta if shadow and others get it running again so destroying them would be bad.

Since ssacp has done a lot for acp in the past I think acp should help ssacp in the battle if nachos are helping. There obviously would be a poll but Boomer has to make it if he wants to even be in the war. This soon to be “big” war is only over 1 server, mittens. For the story about that look on the ssacp site.


PS: I would like to talk to the nacho and uma leaders whenever we are all available.

84 Responses

  1. 1st! And help SSACP!!! Please!!!

  2. i think we should help the ssacp!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i wanna help SSACP. actually, i always thought SSACP was a division of ACP until now 😆 how noobish of meh

  4. Idk i think they wanna start another world war. i think they want US to help the SSACP . and destroy us 🙄 . and if we start helping SSACP we are probably going to ask IW to help us out because we cant destroy 2 MAJOR armies allied together to destroy us and the SSACP. so thats my prediction

  5. actually, im with Aber, they need to SHARE MITTENS. and UMA is practically dead, i havent heard from them in awhile.

  6. I agree…

    -Woton, ACP Lt. Colonel

  7. IFA went to war with SSACP also.

    thx 4 ur time

  8. CP WORLD WAR 4?!?!?!? 😦

  9. I agree with starlorb

  10. Actually you under estimate Acp, Starlorb3. I would put Acp vs. Rpf, Uma AND Nachos. And thats not boasting, its fact. We are the biggest we have ever been right now.

  11. Aber is right, 2 allies and we pick 1, I think that we stay out of it, it’s not a good decision to side with either

  12. I’m with Aber.




  16. Well, I think we should help the Ssacp, because they are just a secret organazion. so lets help ssacp!

  17. p.s did we already have the pracice thing??

  18. I’m with Aber.

  19. lets do this war!
    im up for WWIIII its hard but easy for me!
    we are the biggest army ever now so we can defeat uma and nachos even though they are allies excet uma!

    from hockjopper and i need tea.

  20. Should I come in my ACP uniform or my SSACP uniform?



  23. This is Thomas0270 on different comp,reporting active!

  24. Aber, don’t be a coward. The UMA have crossed the line this time, and it doesn’t matter if they were allies. When they cross the line, they pay the price of losing an ally.

  25. Also, SSACP has grown from a spy agency into a agency/army, so yes we are an army Aber.

    Show me how it’s an army. Even Boomer agrees its a agency. And to call me a coward is just as cowardly towards yourself…

  26. Mazz I hope you get demoted because you called aber a coward, You are mad that you lost so you lie, Nachos offered help so UMA isn’t weak.

  27. Ok look at Umas Side

    1.Its complety Unfair its just like nachos going to snowforts and demanding to have split it or we take it.

    2.Why does a agency/side branch of acp need a seprete server

    3.Uma is not taking advantage its just that the reason is totaly Ridiculas like i said in 1

    4. What maz said is completly False how can 4-5 man agency Destroy a line and make them “retreat” 2 times we Ambushed them and for them to say that is rlly low

    Thats all please edit bc i want to know how u feel about it

  28. im with Aber. They are not an army, and plus ACP is still going to be fighting. Because half of ACP is in SSACP. So either way, we still have to fight. But yeah, they should share Mittens.


    -Thomas0270, ACP Colonel

  30. no offence to both parties[ in acp i mean] but u guys r both rediculous. the uma did cross the line. this is childish its true.
    BUT THIS NOTICE NEEDS TO BE NOTED. WAR IS THE WAY TO SETTLE IT.well the acp and ssacp should bann together to kick those uma troopers to the curb. i hope this is agreed

  31. this is a little subject we should settle this easily.PLZ lets end this with war. R THE ACP AND SSACP GONNA LEAVE EACHOTHER TO ROTT? HUH? R WE GOING TO GET TOGETHER AS ONE TO GET WAT WE WANT, OR R WE GONNA GO OUR DIFFERENT WAYS FOOLISHLY.with all due respect this is just lame

  32. ITS GOIN TO BE ANOTHER CP WORLD WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Nachos offered to help UMA because if SSACP was this stubborn about their first battle, they were probably going to be dirty little liars throughout the entire war, and we felt it would be a good thing to help our allies (UMA) out. Sorry that every move we make is criticized to every agree 🙄

  34. to every degree***

  35. hey guys! this isnt really about thee post but i will also be making a clubpenguin army! and my army will be friends to acp! : ) i will let you know the address of my site as soon as possible

  36. Urgh…. degree***

  37. the fa is going against us!

  38. caa/ Clubpenguin army attackers

  39. Boomer check out and plz add it to cool cp sites PLZ!!!

  40. if we help any won it should be uma there allies not a spy organsation we should help uma or not get involved



  43. like another person who commented i think we start vp ww 5

  44. Aber’s right, Maz. And so is Person. You’d lie your way through the battle, you always did. . .

  45. You’re kidding me right? Uma and Nachos against Ssacp? And they say “We don’t need your help with wars”

  46. It’d be nice to wake up to an enemy soldier dead in his tracks…

  47. y dont we send a some troopers in before the battle starts and try to stop it before it happns coz this is guna evolve mark my words which eva side u pick there guna be consquences so establish peace and if u send a peace keeping force can i be in it plz

  48. We haven’t been in a actual war in a while. I say we cut tot he chase and go to war with nachos. They are already in war with someone else so they will be to weak to fight us. They need to learn that they cant just go butting into someone else bussiness.

  49. LMAO “clubpenguinneewsnetwork” … “They need to learn that they cant just go butting into someone else bussiness.” is the most hypocritical thing you could have said. Look at Oagal’s post relating to the FGR war and you’ll see why 🙄

  50. 1. SSACP is its owm agency/army Wasabiix, not part of ACP.

    2. It is true about breaking the lines with 6-10 men and we did make them retreat two time, “size matters not.” as a wise man once said.

    3.Check out the pics on the SSACP site.

  51. Help SSACP!!

  52. me Flst…im back

  53. Ok Aber. Look at it this way. SSACP is Secret Spy Agency of Club Penguin. Doesn’t say army in it.

    Nachos, that doesn’t say army in it. But is it still an army? Yes.

    RPF, Rebel Penguin Federation. Does that say army in it? Yes.

    We don’t have to have the word “army” in our name to be one. We have lots of members, and though we were originally for the sole purpose of spying, we have grown to spy and be an army.

    And how is it cowardly to call you what you really are? I am not a coward. Look at me; I took SSACP and declared war and went to war with the UMA. Is it cowardly to go to war against an army bigger than your own? I don’t think so. Yet you are afraid to go to war against an army that is WAY smaller than this one.

  54. Oops, for those Yes’s for Nachos and RPF, they were supposed to be ‘No’s. My bad.

  55. Yes and Wasablix, in our pictures you can see UMA yelling “RETREAT TO THE COVE”. Go look.

  56. UMA is foolish, bringing the Nachos in to this. The SSACP did win the last battle, and they should give it up. UMA isn’t very active anyway, and they stole RPF’s iron curtain. Let UMA and SSACP fight their own battles.

  57. I agree with Maz, Aber is acting foolish. Perfect point, Maz, no one says your name has to have army in it. SSACP is a full army, and are an asset to ACP. This is why we should let the SSACP fight alone, because this is their chance to prove themselves. By winning this (which they will :-)) They will prove themselves.

  58. SSACP, this is your chance. Prove yourselves again. Also, perfect point, Maz, SSACP is definately an army.

  59. Let them fight alone so UMA has no excuses when they loose.

  60. Ok my army must help you guys on this. We still are trying to find a name but fornow we r called the vikings.If you have any suggestions plz just post a comment under here.

    ~*$#@! igdogjr916 !@#$*~

  61. I say we do 2 simple things:

    1. Help the spy agency because they are army and our allies, we got nothing better to do.

    2. Attack nachos make it a fair fight while we get some action.

    Either way we should do something and do nothing will only make things worse. Nachos have had a poll and 52% of their members wanted to help UMA, their iasnt but so much the leaders can so they are going to still show.
    And ever since the Nachos return we heard nothing else but them so lets end them

  62. […] just commented something? Nick on Elections ..!clubpenguinnewsnetwo… on Ssacp vs UmaIcee Ellie on Promo Day/Practice Remind…igdogjr916 on Ssacp vs UmaJingle Jay on […]

  63. I think we should help SSACP, with out our help they will be crushed

  64. Help SSACP Plz If U Do Parkas Will Help Too!

  65. What’s with ACP noobs always threatening the Nachos on EVERY SINGLE ONE of your posts 🙄 It’s getting annoying…

  66. i say we attempt to negotiate peace first but if that fails we may need to push in and fight for ssacp i may be fairly new but i have heard that ssacp has brought us critical info at critical times so i say we fight for them against nachos and UMA
    (P.S. Nachos attack me almost whenever i claim i’m in acp.)

  67. I guess im going to agree with Aber. the situation out of hand. and im sorry i havent been able to go on lately. when your a 7th grader growing up in jersey, homework is basically life. ill try and be on as much as i can.

  68. yoo person123 nachos are know for huge size but are mroe know for running!

  69. Pervson, I suggest you shut up right about now. Our soldiers are angels compared to yours. The other day, I worked my butt off stopping ACP jupas from attacking Nacho joobs. Half of them wouldnt listen to me, and I wanted to swear at them, which wouldve gotten me banned. Im not sure whether Im sorry or not because of what I said on Nacho complaint page. It WAS all true, but it wasnt nice to point out. They cant help that they joined the worst army in CP history!

    ~~~Foxtails, Proud to be a Nacho Blacklister~~~

  70. And dont you DARE blame Oagal

  71. And dont you DARE blame Oagal

    (wtf? it wont show up!!!)

  72. yay it showed up lol. im with you, Boomer. I vote they share it.


    PS I need to talk to Akabob ASAP

  73. dangit it showed up twice silleh me 😆 my bad

  74. Hey fox
    just wanted to say hi 😐

  75. yeah pervson it would be ebst u focus on ur troops you got quite allot fot hem straying to far from the servers. Dont like seeing nachos ar snow fort or globe

  76. “clubpenguinnewsnetwork,” its people like you that really irritate me -.- You’re ignorant and don’t realize that Nachos and ACP are allies. It isnt my fault one or two people who like the sombrero are on your servers. You don’t see me saying “hey htere were people in green on white house uhh you better control ur troops” 🙄

  77. Also, I do not appreciate that ACP are coming up with nicknames for me like “Pervson.” I’m a human being too and I have feelings too you know 😐

  78. ssacp need our help the nacos will soon help uma and ssacp has helped us alot in the past

    there kinda like part of us

    do we want to see them fall?

  79. hey person ive been army browsin and i saw that we aint allys and you said we treated you like (swear)
    so dont be all saying this allys talk unless we r allys again got it

  80. I canot go practise i in uk i ask my mum if allowed to stay up.

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