Practice Battle/Servers/ANTA

Boomer’s Edit: Here’s the link to Rap’s post, sorry I’m covering over it…

First is the practice battle, which unfortunately, I had to leave just after the start.  The turnout seemed okay considering we switched servers right when it was supposed to start.  Here is the only pic I got 😐


I have no idea what happened after this, but if Ankita was around long enough, maybe she has pictures.  Anyway, thanks for coming out, although I think there were a bunch of people who didn’t know there was a second practice last weekend.  We may just focus on one per weekend from now on, because it is a lot to schedule…

Tell me what you think (comment if you have anything further to add).


 Next is, the ACP leaders need to meet to cut out some servers.  Here are the ones I am suggesting based on whether or not they are Safe Chat (we don’t need more than one of those), and the location on the page (ones at the top are usually larger, as well as ones around large cities).  The numbers are approximately the size I think they are (from 1 to 5).  We can discuss this further whenever we are able to meet.

  • Breeze (5)
  • Ice Age (3)
  • Ice Berg (3)
  • Ice Breaker (3)
  • Ice Box (3)
  • Ice Cold (3)
  • Ice Cream (4) (SC)
  • Ice Cube (4) (SC)
  • Ice Pack (4) (SC)
  • Ice Palace (3)
  • Ice Pond (3)
  • Ice Rink (3) (SC)
  • Icebound (3)
  • Iceland (3)
  • Icicle (3) – Edit: Back by popular demand
  • Klondike (3)
  • Mammoth (Neutral) (5) – Yes, we do not own it because it’s neutral, but since every army uses it (or can use it), technically anyone can list it here since it belongs to everyone…
  • Marshmallow (4)
  • Snow Fort (4)
  • Snow Globe (3)


Next, I was hoping that we could hold a meeting about ANTA.  Personally, I think we really need a way to keep track of servers and armies, etc. so maybe we could have prevented the FGR/Nachos and SSACP/UMA conflicts.  If we don’t want a separate meeting for it, maybe it could be discussed at Commando’s Allies meeting.

I feel like there’s more to say…

Ok, so if you want more info on the SSACP/UMA conflict, click HERE for ACP info, and HERE for SSACP info.  Also, the flag contest is probably ending soon, so you should get your submissions in (you can email them to me if it’s easier –

More info coming later, I’m sure 😉


46 Responses

  1. Boomer
    I know what happened!
    And 1st

  2. im the leader of the NCP we are looking for allies like the nachos ACP RPF UMA SSACP and other big armies so we can get alot more recruits anyone who feels like join hit the members page on my NCP website heres the link

  3. Here is what happened,
    There was this pink and black penguins.(probably the same penguin) Kept on crashing cp (not the whole site just the room that we were in)The pink and black penguins had puffles the puffles changed colors 3 or 4 times yellow to black repeatedly.Thus causing the room or everyone in it to get kicked of cp.!
    (this happened to me on Saturday too!)
    P.S acp disbanded after the incident.=(

  4. Hey ACP NCP ( navy of clubpenguin ) commander here i would like to become allies htis is our site please visit and we look forward to helping you in future battles

    – commander jor

  5. Jediseth is right, they crashed it! But, Jedimaster had us move to Icebound, where we moved between her igloo and the forts. then, we did some recruiting. I think that red won, because blue didn’t have a leader. So, it wasn’t very good, and the only reason you would know that is if you were on chat. Not many came to Icebound. 😦

  6. I wish I knew who that weird penguin with the puffle was. I should have banned her. d:-)

  7. Shadow is actually organizing the Anta himself 😕

    Boomer: As long as someone gets it started, that’s cool 😐

  8. srry boomer i thougot i could make it but i had to go grocery shopping with my mom. 😦

  9. jediseth i remember that penguin it was annoying before we started the practice, we hid somewhere lol.

  10. THe server for me was done the whole entire time.

  11. Hmm. Can my small army, MTCP have Icicle and Ice Pond? We need some servers. Oh, I can’t vote on the poll for some reason. I say yes, we should do 2 battles a week! We need to be as well trained as UMA. they lined up perfectly and charged perfectly.

  12. alright im still preety pisted off about the uma war (theres a kid at my school who last name is Umana).but i think we should practie at least twice a week.

  13. Well, I’ve got a couple of pictures.
    I’ll edit them on in a bit

  14. We need to just have our practices battles and practice sessions on Snow Globe from now on. The past two times we’ve had a practice battle, we’ve had to move to Snow Globe every time. Then every time we move, I miss it. I never find out in time. Let’s just keep it on snow globe from now on. Then, all the soldiers wouldn’t be confused.

  15. Reporting active!!!!!!

  16. Woo Hoo! I got in the picture. Thanks Boomer20. The pratice battle was quite fun. Clubpegnuin kept on freezing and on snow fort a bunch of bots showed up as the famous army. That gave me a good laugh! Their was alot of confusen maybe we should just keep in on snow globe or somones igloo. It was fun went I got to go to jedi’s igloo.
    kuro wolf

  17. I’m active!

  18. Yup. CP polotics are extremely boring and are ruining CP armies…

  19. Jediseth is right! IDK about the puffle thing but it crashed! But I could move! It was like u hit pause on the remote control on life. Yeah we went to icebound and went to Jedimaster’s igloo for the practice.

  20. You guys should bring back the profile site, 😆 Everyone will get to know eachother and it would be packed

  21. 🙂 There is nothing for me to say here.

  22. Famous Army of Club Penguin crashed your Practice. Sorry for the crash. We didn’t mean to attack you. We just want to be allies.


  24. hey sgt jor. the CPWW own Fjord. We just foguth in a battle for it. We dont want to go to war with you so plz try to find a different server to have.

  25. Yeah I missed the battle but I was there when the famous army showed up with bots. Btw I’m srry i’ve been inactive latly I’ve been really busy by the end of this week everything should be back to normal though

  26. personally i think droppping icile is a bad idea. on the weekends, i go on that server a lot. it fills up pretty well. and its not n00b like the safe chat “Ice” servers. thats just my opinion.

  27. Yes…

    -Woton, ACP Lt. Colonel

  28. Icicle is a keeper…..

  29. What will happen to all the mayors of those servers?

  30. hey guys, I have been working on A solution to the problem that occurs after every battle. I am talking abou the problem of not knowing who won. We all have seen the chios after a battle win both sides claim victory.

    Will this is my solution, please tell me what you think. 🙂

  31. The SSACP are really making a disgrace of themself. They’re going to declare war on armies whose chats dont live up to their standards <.<

  32. Actually Person, that was just Jcapp’s opinion; we are not declaring war on all those armies.

  33. Boomer,
    About the Mammoth Neutrality, I’m starting to think that Person thinks Nachos own Mammoth. Plus, he said Akabob was trying to impeach him 😛 this is a DREAM COME TRUE for me. Aka, i’d like to talk to you ASAP.


    PS wanna pic of Person saying “Mammoth is OURS”? I have one…

  34. Foxtails, I would LOVE to see a picture of me saying the Nachos own Mammoth… I really would like to see how bad your editing skills really are -.-

    PS: Why do you hate me so much for no apparent reason?

  35. Heres the pic:


    PS sometimes my comments dont show up right away. 😐 And Im sorry, Pervson 😆

  36. dammit where the heck is my comment from before??????

  37. im getting mad 👿 😡

    My comments that I posted but didnt show up mostly said:

    1. Im sorry I dont like you, mostly its not your fault. I’ll explain on chat 😉
    2. My editing skills DO suck
    3. Im getting mad that my comments wont show up 😡
    4. Please unban me on Nacho site. I KNOW you IP banned me, Person. 😆
    5. Trashing you guys was pretty damn fun. (sorry for cuss, but it SO WAS)
    6. Im sorry… sorta 😆


  39. We should only have on Practice battle. for everyone 11 and up (including you Boomer) we have homework over weekends and l.oads of essays and projects. we need neutral time so we can chill and you know get our homework done…

  40. I also say we should have more than just 1 “5” population server (not including mammoth

  41. it good yall became allies with rpf again but i still dont like acp oh keep at the good job new leader lol

  42. i thinks we should have an email for everytime we have a battle

  43. Hey Genius’, there is no ANTA. By the way, do the actual ACP leaders EVER go on chat?

  44. Shadow said that the president of cp thing is a joke, so nobody can be president from what i know.

  45. ACP i still have been wondering about our alliance for a long time…… and to prove my loyalty i even had a few troops at that “battle of uma vs ssacp” (if that is what you can call it) but…. we still lost. so this is the last time i will be asking for an alliance if not i will go to the nachos because i know tha t they always except allies immedeitly without thinking(maybe i can take them over, sap out there life slowly(evil laugh). ) sorry though 😦 no hard feelings after this world war right 🙂

  46. right…….

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