Brigades/President of CP/SSACP

Last week I mentioned that Brigades would actually have a purpose starting next week.  So here’s what I want to do with them.  I want Brigade Leaders to make sites for their Brigade, where they will be able to schedule regular patrols, recruiting, parties, whatever.  So the following people need to get to work making a site:

  • The Jungle N
  • Cooltiger413
  • Casiusbrutus
  • Hattrick
  • Nodear
  • Meggis1234

Here is the suggested URL for your site:

acp[brigade name]


When you finish, let me know, and I’ll add the link to the Blogroll.  I will also be updating the Brigades so that you have a more up-to-date list.  To help you get the site up and running, Generals of your Brigade will be Admins (some Brigades have two Generals, so you are Co-Leaders), Lt. Generals are Editors, and Major Generals are Authors.  The sites will be used for scheduling and reporting patrols, recruiting, etc.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I’m pretty good with WordPress stuff…


In other news, there’s a poll for President of Club Penguin (I believe Big Balla was the last one, correct me if I’m wrong…).  Anyway, here is the link:

There are a bunch of different polls for the different parties, but I would suggest voting for me in the Equality Party, Jedi in the Revolution Party, and Shab in the Independence Party.  Beyond that, a vote for a fellow ACP soldier can’t be a bad vote 😉 .


In SSACP news, SSACP has decided to go forward with the war, so I wish them the best of luck.  ACP will not be helping either side.  If you need an explanation, please ask me personally, because it is fairly complicated…

Also, with the server stuff, I added Icicle back to the list due to popular demand, but if leaders want to make suggestions, please edit them into the post about the servers.

If you still have a flag to submit, you can submit it HERE, or just comment the link.

That’s all for now! 😉


P.S.~Check the SSACP site for updates on that stuff…

29 Responses

  1. O__o Is this a new post?

  2. first, and i just voted for everyone who was in acp, lol 😆

  3. Third!!!!! Hurray!!! JK!!!

  4. Umm…..fourth????

    Haha, idk what I’m doing.

  5. Sry, that last post was me. I accidently put my real name in….

  6. Hey guys you should check out R.P.A’s army site! We wanna be allies so check out

  7. OMG, when were the nominations for cp president elections!?!? I WANNA RUN! CRAP

  8. when were nominations for president? i wanna run!!!!!! very badly!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦


  10. reporting active!

  11. Hey boomer you forgot to update the ranks on the divisions

  12. What rank do you have to b to become a brigadier?
    I want to be one!:}

  13. I’m a general, so do I get my own brigade?

  14. I voted for…
    Shab (and Jojo wink wink i voted twice lol.)
    Bob and Saint

    Wish I could have been in, but good luck to everyone in polls!

  15. DARN! The voting twice just told me, “Thank you. We have counted your vote already.” :@

  16. I voted for all ACP soilders. And good luck to SSACP.

  17. I voted Jojo over Shab. 😆

  18. i am about to go to school. luckily, it’s a field trip day! :mrgreen:

  19. whoa… dead space Wii?? SWEET!

  20. Hey, could someone add us to your allies? BTW, we are beginning to go into a war. If anyone is warring with MTCP, don’t be their allies or help them please!

  21. boomer i was going to help the nachos in there invation know what they sed it is nacho invation ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  22. Just vote Jack and all your problems might go away.

    If you don’t, A perverted 78 year old stalker will be under your bed at night.:D

  23. hey ACP plz can i join ur team rules and its my dream to be in ACP coz u guys rule no 1 can beat ur team so plz can i join

  24. Heheh Jack…. to Bart1879: Calling ACP a team is an insult to them 😛

  25. Good post boomer. I think the brigades will definately help us improve our security.

  26. Good post Boomer also what brigade am I in?

  27. Nvm I found out how to be in a brigade

  28. Cool! Glad to see the Brigade ranks are updated! 😉


  29. Ya i run CPMI 96 Club Penguin Military Inteligence 96. We are your allies Boomer. We are at

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