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Shab: Chats seems to be having problems around 12:30 pm eastern. If the chat shuts down on you wait a few mins and then restart it.

See this thingy on the top of this post? It is a countdown to the surprise. I will be putting it on the rest of my posts. It slowly goes to the left till the time it was set to (monday)

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Allied Meeting/Practice Battle

Shab: I tried to fix the mods on chat more by unmodding the people who were modded for no reason. It is very hard to do it tho when Kg starts challenging me. Why is he an owner anyways? Doesn’t he have to follow something because it is very annoying when we have to argue about it when you aren’t there.

Head has no reason to be a mod so I unmodded him. I’ll explain more on chat

Boomer’s 2nd Edit: Rap, can you end it Sunday, I think the Practice Battle stuff tomorrow is going to interfere somewhat.

Boomer’s Edit: More details from the mysterious Njr HERE.

Rapidy’s Edit: Boomer, I can end the Flag Contest if I have the e-mail or you gather up all of the images for me…

First, I would like to talk about the Allied Meeting hosted by RPF because this is the biggest news right now.  At the meeting, we discussed the prospect of bringing back ANTA, which unfortunately did not have much support other than me.  Oh well.  However, we all came to the agreement that we needed a neutral site for the major armies, as well as a Club Penguin server map, detailing who owns what server.  Along with this, we decided to expand The Alliance, which I am happy to say now includes ACP.  The new Alliance includes RPF, the Nachos, UMA, WW, and ACP.  This will only be used in times of war, so it should not interfere with much else.  The reason I am happies *happiest, that’s kinda a funny typo 😛 about this is because now ACP has made more of an official alliance with the other major armies, whereas before, it was more of a loose alliance with each army individually.  I am happy that we have been included because I feel we have a lot that we could contribe *contribute, geez I’m having a bad day 😐 should any of the armies need help.  I will make it my duty to defend them if the conflict arises.


Next, we have the Practice Battle, which is going to have to be later than usual because I will be busy Saturday morning.  Plus the SSACP/UMA battle is at 11:00 PST the same day…

Here is the current info:

When: Saturday, February 7, 2009

Server: Snow Fort

Room: Snow Forts

Teams: Red vs. Blue


2:00 pm Pacific

3:00 pm Mountain

4:00 pm Central

5:00 pm Eastern

10:00 pm U.K.

Sorry U.K. 😦


Lastly, I would just like to remind everyone that the DRACP Flag contest will probably be ending soon, so don’t forget your submissions (acparmyofcp@aol.com).

Also, I need the Brigade Leaders to wrap up making their sites.  I would like them done by Sunday night.  It doesn’t need to be fully completed, it just needs to be up and functioning.

Don’t forget, the following people need to get to work making a site:

  • The Jungle N – Working on it
  • Cooltiger413 – Done
  • Casiusbrutus
  • Hattrick – Working on it
  • Nodear
  • Meggis1234 – Done

Here is the suggested URL for your site:

acp[brigade name]brigade.wordpress.com

Ex. acpalphabrigade.wordpress.com

When you finish, let me know, and I’ll add the link to the Blogroll.  I will also be updating the Brigades so that you have a more up-to-date list.  To help you get the site up and running, Generals of your Brigade will be Admins (some Brigades have two Generals, so you are Co-Leaders), Lt. Generals are Editors, and Major Generals are Authors.  The sites will be used for scheduling and reporting patrols, recruiting, etc.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I’m pretty good with WordPress stuff…

More coming later, including more details about the Practice Battle!


More Details

Hey guys, its njr again. I hear that some people are complaining about me being on the site. Well, I will only be on the site as an author until Monday so don’t worry ;). Here are more details on yesterday’s post.

The surprise is coming Friday. I did not make it and neither did any of the Acp Leaders. This surprise was made by a blogger. A person who owns a site with almost 400,000 hits. More details will come tomorrow


PS: I will be on Acp Chat sometimes, but I will be using Shab’s computer. My picture will be the icon next to my name. I won’t use any other computer other than Shab’s computer(s) so if you see me on chat without Shab’s registered name, it isn’t me.