More Details

Hey guys, its njr again. I hear that some people are complaining about me being on the site. Well, I will only be on the site as an author until Monday so don’t worry ;). Here are more details on yesterday’s post.

The surprise is coming Friday. I did not make it and neither did any of the Acp Leaders. This surprise was made by a blogger. A person who owns a site with almost 400,000 hits. More details will come tomorrow


PS: I will be on Acp Chat sometimes, but I will be using Shab’s computer. My picture will be the icon next to my name. I won’t use any other computer other than Shab’s computer(s) so if you see me on chat without Shab’s registered name, it isn’t me.

8 Responses

  1. 2nd not counting the pingback… 😛

  2. ok but what does a random blogger have to do with club penguin armies?

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  4. 3rd.

  5. skeleton hippy!

  6. like it is Friday?

  7. 7th!

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