Quick Note

Shab: Chats seems to be having problems around 12:30 pm eastern. If the chat shuts down on you wait a few mins and then restart it.

See this thingy on the top of this post? It is a countdown to the surprise. I will be putting it on the rest of my posts. It slowly goes to the left till the time it was set to (monday)

skeleton-hippu-pic3 Njr14matrix

37 Responses

  1. your posts are practicly the same thing can you stop spamming up the website its getting pretty annoying. You just overshadowed a very important post by Boomer
    Terr-Nacho Co Leader

  2. I wonder what it can possibley be.

  3. fourth

  4. Is there a new army called the dead hippies?
    Or is it a dead army that wanted peace!

  5. Ok Shab

  6. Greetings, ACP soldiers. I just wanted to tell you all about the war on saturday febuary 7th. we will be battling the nachos at 7:30 pacific time. server mittens. yes, were invading on uma land.

    Boomer: Clearly not Oagal…you didn’t even spell it right… 🙄

  7. It’s prob. the AOH starting up again. -_-

  8. BTW: The AOH was a real pest in the past. They recruited very fast & fought for no effing reason.

    Boomer: The AOH might have been a bigger enemy than the Nachos and UMA combined because they spammed the crap out of the site, and I’m not sure if they even had a leader, they were just there to be a pain in the butt.

  9. im so excited man, I THINK IM GONNA CRAP MY PANTS! and again with the scary skeleton hippy…

  10. To Shab:

    Hey! Thank you so much for doing this! The release date may be tomorrow or Sunday!

    Also, I can definitely make you an ACP Ambassador. Check back on the site soon!

    I have also made you a Captain to start out.

    The release date will be huge! As you probably know, Belle and I have pretty famous sites.

    -Woton, ACP

  11. Also, that’s ACP Ambassador for the … 😉


  12. Shab: deleted by request

  13. Those dang comments just keep on posting themselves, don’t they? 😉 Sorry about that…


  14. im not sure if thats oagalthorp’s comment up there but he spelled his own name wrong! i dont think its his.
    It mite b

  15. That’s not even Oagal 🙄

  16. Ya it’s not Oagalthorp 1st of all oagal is smart enough to spell his name right!!!!!!

  17. i wonder wat it is

  18. Its on Monday Monday’s my B-Day lol!!!

  19. a’right, who impersonated Oagal… fess it up…

  20. or im sorry “Oalgal” who impersonated “Oalgal”

  21. ok shab its 8:00 EST and chat wont load 😕

  22. This looks cool, I wonder what it is!

  23. Guys Mr Random Banned Me For No Reason! We Need U On Chat Shab!

  24. It’s funny, Your letting this army die. The only actual wars your having are practice battles with yourself.

  25. Well Znoze, it’s better then declareing wars for no reason

  26. Vetsd he banned you for saying F word

  27. Did Not Liar

  28. I’m not lying, you were bein mean to Foxtails (number 1) and you said f*** now, you should admit it, I’m sure god isn’t impressed that you said f*** but I’m sure he’s even more not impressed cause you’re lying.

    -Thomas0270, ACP Colonel

  29. Orgal,
    I will try to make it.
    It is late for me because that time is 10:30
    for me!Eastern time zone

  30. nvm
    fox posted 8:00

  31. Wait a minute how is that orgal?
    I would think that he would have a picture.

  32. should b comin

  33. u guys dont get that thats not oagal? its spelled Oagalthorp

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