More Details!!!

The surprise might be coming early like today or tomorrow. I don’t know yet ;). I bet you are all wondering what this is. Well one of the co-creators of it is in acp. They currently have the rank of Lt. Colonel. More to come……keep watching the site.


22 Responses

  1. more scary skeleton hippies….

  2. AHHH


  4. Um… It’s either Woton, Gator, or… um… forgot his name.

  5. Or Mpenguin i think.

  6. i wonder what it is!

  7. i bet its a virus ok! we should abanden life now!

  8. Blue Speed 7, Clintos007, Dr Nono Jr, Fugu Ninja, Jojofishy, Ktman, Lucario98765, Noka 11, Orcacam07, Saint1119, Tomtwelve are all of the lieutenant colonels of acp.

  9. Hey I am a Lt.Colonel!

  10. Dude those are all Lt.Generals!

  11. yo flapjack i’m not involved


  13. 123nico26, Agentxd360, Alpha 315, Bc435, Benu2, Bigguyben, Biokid0, Bleu Missy, Chaos345, Csdfbgdhgg, Dddd99410, Drummer Boy, Ganger90, Gator58031, Gtracer, Hero12985, Howddy Yall, Jazz77, Jediseth, Knight521, Kpkrocks1, Maxthepen, Minerpenguin, Mpenguin123, Mr Deedledoo, Person535, Pop, Rallan, Rapid867, Snooper1999, Snowrunt555, Speedmobile, Splot Man, Starlorb3, Striker214, Totaln00b, Woton LT COLONELS

  14. Okay one question do they KNOW that they are a co creator?!

  15. Noseycjr those are leutinate Generals

  16. Noseycjr, all of those people are LT. Generals not Lt. Colonels 😆

  17. Oh man!That was so awesome!!!!!!!!!!Did blue win?Looked like we sure crushed red!I thought it would be tougher and in that catolog the roman helmet would be back, but apparently I think too hard….any way, THAT ROCKED SO HARD!I BET WE GOT ALOT OF PEOPLE!

  18. Oh, and this was supposed to go in the practice battle (sry)

  19. I did not help with the creepy hippie dude

  20. 20 bucks that your friend that’s a Lieutenant Colonel is Rallan.

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