Practice Battle/Massive Afterparty

Boomer’s Edit: I think we’re going to keep this post up a little longer, but me or Rap will post the DRACP flags we have received later tonight.  Also, we got 20 new recruits yesterday!

Note: Kappa Brigade, both leaders made sites, so you’re going to need to choose which one you will use.  You will both be admins on which ever one you choose so it shouldn’t matter too much.

First I would like to apologize for the practice being so late.  In addition to being busy in the morning, I found out I actually did break my toe on Friday (go figure 😕 ).  Anyway, I think the Practice Battle went pretty well.  It was pretty chaotic, as usual, but it was also kinda lopsided…

The Red Team was led by Jojofishy and Seanehawk and the Blue Team was led by Baloon451 and Meggis1234.  Here are the pics I decided to post (I took 98 pics overall 😯 ).  I managed to narrow it down to 33…hopefully it doesn’t crash your computer.  Gotta work on that… 😐

Some Red n00bs attacked us, so we moved to the Cave beforehand.


They wouldn’t leave us alone, so we attacked back.


We decided they weren’t a threat, so we made a square 🙂 .


Person came to visit, so we said hi to him 🙂 .




Icey came too, so we said hi 🙂 .


Person, I didn’t take your medicine.  Maybe it was Aka 😐 .


I guess not taking his medicine has caused the side effect of canibalism… 😕


The battle starts.  We have enough soldiers for two large armies 8) .


Both teams charge, which basically resulted in both teams switching sides 😐 .  There’s something humorous about complete chaos 😛 .  Rey Rey’s expression says it all :mrgreen: .


Blue is on the board for being the larger side after 5 minutes.  Would have been more convincing if you spread out like Red though… [1-0 Blue]


Blue executes a charge. [2-0 Blue]


Blue scores again for being larger.  [3-0 Blue]


Blue scores again with the size advantage.  [4-0 Blue]


We had so many people on CP and chat, we crashed the internet 😕 .  I would say at least 15 soldiers got kicked off the internet completely…


Back on CP…


Not again… 😐


Battle ends, and Blue gains another point for size advantage.  Final score: 5-0 Blue.  Like I said, kinda one sided…


Back to good ol’ ACP Green :mrgreen: .


Another Dock circle, although it was smaller because we lost people between the Snow Forts and the Dock…


At least Shadow was enjoying himself… 😛


lol Shadow 😆


Da Afterparty 😛


Let’s gather round the campfire, and sing our campfire song.  A-C-P-A-R-M-Y-O-F-C-P Song 😀 .


Campfire Clover Bomb 😛 .  Then I got removed from the server for advertising or something… 😕


Igloo Party! 😛  57 ACP soldiers if I counted right…


That’s a cool one 😛 .


In the HQ 😛 .


The Pizza Parlor got some good business out of us :mrgreen: .


Marching through the Town.  I love the reactions of the citizens like the pink penguin at the bottom when we march 50+ soldiers through different rooms 😛 .


Trying to get everyone on the stairs 🙂 .


Clovers :mrgreen:


Just bored at this point 😛 .  I saw a comment at one point saying “I never really liked the piano anyway”. 😆


Overall, I was very happy with the turnout, however we still need to work on staying quiet for following orders in the practice battles.  I think part of it is not all of the soldiers are used to following orders from people other than me, so we need to work on that.  Congrats to the Blue Team on the big win.  Pretty much from the start, you controlled the battle with your size, and after a few quick charges, the Red Team was battered.  I tried to get the Red Team to move to another room in hopes of losing some of the Blue Team soldiers, but only a few heard the command because everyone was being too loud…

Great job everyone!

Comment if you made it!

I’ll try to post about some other stuff tomorrow…


67 Responses

  1. 1st!

  2. 2nd, Stev712

  3. i loved the battle , i could tell when red started to lose and i hanged in their but i knew blue would win odds were against us also like Boomer said people were talking too much when they did not need too. My server crashed after the battle during the party i was a the shops (yes it was 9:00am for me)

  4. 2nd! Btw lol Meh a talking table…plus i waz there 🙂

  5. 4th! made it but my internet crashed lol


  6. No Wonder My Computer Crashed 🙄

  7. Lmao, that was fun saying psychotic things and running around like the idiot I really am 😆 ! I found out Linkin took my medicine 😡

  8. i took persons meds my expression says it all 😀

  9. I had a good time and the afterparty rocked! my computer never crashed so I got lucky 🙂

  10. i was there but in the first five minutes i had to go get diner (i think i said tha on the chat) and when i was done i thougt the battle was over

  11. I made it for about fifteen minutes

  12. i was there for the hole thing you can see me in some of the pics i was on team blue so i am very very happy and congrats to team blue for the Big win!!

  13. no Person I stole your hair brush not your medicine

  14. I made it and i loved the after party!

  15. Also blue team only one because they got alot of noobs and stray people 👿 and also some soldiers broke the rules and went to team blue 🙄

  16. i was there. im in some of the pictures.

  17. We murdered the piano 😆

  18. It’s was awesome! Unfortunately, I was only at part of it, but it was still awesome!

    -Woton, ACP Lt. Colonel

  19. @ Shab:

    MONDAY! This is final! 😉


  20. Way to crash the Internet ACP!

  21. Lies, some of you just have Walmart connections. RPF chat had 70 PEOPLE on it tonight. It was running great. Massive? I think not. Walmart? I think so.

    – Commando717

    Fight The Good Fight

    Boomer: That didn’t make any sense to me 😕 . If you’re saying we’re not as massive as Walmart, then yes 😐

  22. I made it. Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By the way, r u against army strong?

  23. i amde it VERY FUN

  24. My Computer just about exploded when those 2 blue vs red armys charged.
    But it was fun and ya i made it there but then the chat crashed and so did my internet and my Computer crashed. But i made it for the practice battle and half of the Cp March. By the way Funny Igloo Boomer, a bunch of rock, lol. It was fun mabey next time we can reduce how many troops are there eh?


  25. that was vary fun lol

  26. fun fun fun and great job to the blue team.;) even thow i was on the red team 😡

  27. i made it

  28. […] Practice Battle/Massive Afterparty Posted on February 7, 2009 by Boomer 20 […]

  29. I was lucky cp didnt explode on me. 🙂

    Xat kicked me off like 3 times 😆

    I was there, boomer!! I think this was the first time I have come to a practice battle in a while because I am usally with my dad on saterday. :mrgreen:

    Note: I want to I am sorry to jojo for using a cheap attack on him during the battle. 😳

  30. I was there, I only made the practice battle 😎 which stinks! I never made a C-AM-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G lol, but like I said before, I was there :mrgreen:

    Thomas0270,ACP Colonel

  31. that was fun and blue rules!

  32. Boomer, please switch the time of the practice battle to earlier then 12:00 PM Eastern Time next time or on SUnday. I haven’t been able to make any of them.

  33. I made was fun and funny It was a GREat TIME!!!!

  34. i wasnt there, but another time i also got removed from a server for saying ‘search acp of cp to join’ 😕

  35. Starlorb at least we did not have the crazy red n00bs
    I was suppose to be on the blue.
    So I am a good boy!

  36. Boomer 58 soldiers

  37. I think CP is mad at me cause i throw snowballs fast and they think im doing something bad :s . Anyway, I made it but i was at the party for like 5 minutes. I had to go eat dinner out, cause my brother was visiting from colledge 🙂 .


  38. 💡 if there is a practice next saturday, i will definitely be able to make it ❗

  39. its was realy fun i knew blue won after fifteen minutes so i just sat down right next to you.can i have a promo!

  40. OOO I WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!


    -Big AL 56

  42. I was there after 2 practices i finally made it it was the best on yet for me!! 😆


  44. Rofl, Nice Person and Shadow.

  45. IM SORRY I COULDNT MAKE IT. my brothers friend was over and i wasnt allowed on the computer because I had to “play with him”

  46. i always have a busy schedule… 😦

  47. Oh man that was a blast!I liked the march and the piano destroying the most, after all, I was the one who said that since no one could play it, and if they did, you couln’d hear anything.Nice battle but I knew I was pretty much in every picture, but someone always was in front,behind,a person I sat on once so I couldn’t see my name (I blame him for that, and he knows who he is) anyways, ACP ROCKS!BLUE ACP ROCKS!CP ROCKS BECAUSE OF US!(caps lock)

  48. The red and blue thing was good also, but I just wish it was actualy tough, it was hard to see me there too, but I also had a whole bunch of joke bubbles around me,I heard Fugu Ninja (Seanehawk) say that the teams werent fair, THAT was very true since we did beat em 5-0. Anyway, I hope we could do that again!I know why im playing Club Penguin now!Especialy with Disney messing CP up….I need SOME reason to have a blast and I found it!

  49. I realy never did like the piano anyway….I was forced to hear it, play it, and even hear my annoying little sister play it, so I always tried to destroy it, and I finaly did that in a video game faster than in real life!Just comes to show you, I NEVER LIKED THE PIANO ANYWAY! (Again, that was me who said that) Well I mighters well go on chat, hope we crash the internet in more of those awesome parties!

  50. Errrr…. Person I was Paying Somebody To take Your Medicine For Me 😕

  51. MAN I had two basketball games and a party for my friend that lasted till 10:00 and I tried to get more time but I couldnt make it sorry boomer.

  52. I made it

  53. That was so fun! I always hated the piano… BYE BYE CP MUSIC LESSONS!!

  54. that was an awesome battle blue rocked and u awesome boomer

  55. yeah i made it i was always close to you because i want to pretect you SIR!

  56. I actually made it,to bad the blue was huge

  57. i didn’t make (too many school projects and homework) but it looks like you guys had an awesome time

  58. it was awesome! But I had to leave after the battle 😦

  59. ha ha, it’s been a while since i’ve seen myself in a picture on the ACP site. 😛 by the way… keep the battles in the afternoon.

  60. omg im in like all of them before the pizza parlor. (saphiira845)
    how do i send u pix? i have a bunch, but i have no idea how 2 give them 2 u.
    lol i was dynamite11_aka_saphiira845_pwnr_of_n00bs on chat
    i was waving in teh igloo pic
    btw, nice iggy boomer.

  61. i couldnt come sir
    my brother had a hockey tournament i had to go and there was no computer there so that sucks…. i wont be here saturday or sunday cause of hockey tournament im sorry i really want to come but i cant hope it goes well
    from: fabby201

  62. i was there but my name was covered 😐

  63. lol good going divotoo :mrgreen:

  64. I did 🙂 that night it was so late that I missed the party but went to the practise battle. on the pictures of ACP chat you can see three coments from me.

  65. I was at the party but i had to quit because im in the UK and it was late! i quitted when we were at the pool and Boomer was on the life guard chair lol!
    i’m so so so so so so so so sorry i had to go…
    I’ll be there next time! 😉

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