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Yea, I can’t get on because of a little something called PROGRESS REPORTS. (An freaking progress report. I can improve!) and my stupid teachers refuse to count what I missed while I was in the hospital.  It was NOT pretty, I’ll tell ya that.

Aaaand now I can’t get on the computer that much! Stupid parents say “Nows the time to start study skills” and BS like that.  I’ll update you guys later. Sorry for not editing, but I’m not an editor.

@ Boomer: Please, please don’t take me off the ranks. I’m still loyal and I’ll try to get on whenever I can {And when it’s reasonable}.

Very, very pissed off


ACP General

WW Situation

Sorry about this Boomer. Can you sticky yours?
Ugh, anyways WW has been probhited from saying their own NAME on CP. This causes them to lose their identity, and decreases recruitment. They are a great ally of ours, so it’d be a great help to them if you would:

Copy and paste this letter, and sign it. Then e-mail it to club penguin.

Dear Club Penguin,

My friends and I are part of a group called Watex Warriors. We have fun and party a lot. However, we’ve been probhited from saying it on CP. We can’t even say our name. This is rather upsetting. Can you please reconsider your policy?



Servers Finalized/Brigade Sites/The Alliance

Boomer’s Edit: A long-time ACP soldier, Mazachster, has decided to retire.  Maz created the SSACP after joining ACP in November ’07, and raised it to Major army status in early ’08.  It was the largest and most well-known spy agency in Club Penguin history.  In ACP, he was one of the most loyal soldiers I’ve ever met.  He worked his way up, and was already a General when I joined less than two months later.  When ACP rebelled against itself, creating a new site and new chat, Maz was one of the few people who remained loyal, organizing a group of ACP’s most loyal soldiers for an invasion in an effort to get us back on the ACP site for ACP to be as it had been in the past.  Although the invasion never happened, Maz’s courage and loyalty spread throughout those who knew about the secret plans, and ACP’s leaders returned to the old site.  In SSACP, although few people know of what we were capable of, we were highly successful, thanks to Maz’s careful and intelligent leadership.  Although Maz was such a tremendous soldier, he refused to allow me to put his name in with the other ACP legends.  I agreed to his wish, but eventually I decided that he deserved the recognition for his accomplishments.  Please go HERE and say goodbye to Mazachster, I would like everyone to honor him by wishing him goodbye.  Maz, you were one of the first friends I met in ACP, and you were one of my best.  It was an honor to spy for you and fight along side of you.  You will always be my mentor, and the other SSACP leaders and I will make sure that SSACP returns to its golden age in your memory.  Take care, and best of luck with the rest of your life.

Your friend,


First, I would like to congratulate MCP on a massive first day.  Over 120 recruits and nearly 3,000 hits! 8O  Congrats guys, and keep up the good work.

Next, I have finally finalized our server list, which you can see below, or on our ACP Nation page.  The number next to the server is an approximation of its size, however some of them are slightly off right now.

  • Breeze (5)
  • Ice Berg (3)
  • Ice Breaker (3)
  • Ice Cold (3)
  • Ice Cube (4) (SC)
  • Iceland (3)
  • Icicle (3)
  • Klondike (3)
  • Mammoth (Neutral) (5) – Yes, we do not own it because it’s neutral, but since every army uses it (or can use it), technically anyone can list it here since it belongs to everyone…
  • Marshmallow (4)
  • Snow Fort (4)
  • Snow Globe (3)


Next, I need to talk about Brigade sites. 

This is a warning to Casiusbrutus.  You are the only one who has not made a site yet, and I have not seen you in weeks.  You have until Friday to make your site, or I will relieve you of your brigade and have some else make the site.

These sites will be used for organizing patrols and meetings for each Brigade.  It is important that the leaders stay active and attend the weekly patrols and meetings that are scheduled.  Brigade leaders need to get the emails of the Lt. Generals and Major Generals (if they do not have a WordPress account, they need to make one).  The brigade leader(s) will be Admins, the Lt. Generals will be Editors, and Major Generals will be Authors.  You are responsible for scheduling at least 2 patrols per week, although one per day would be excellent.  Make sure to record the information below from these sessions.  Soldiers, make sure you are checking your Brigade’s site regularly so you do not miss anything important!

If you still need a Brigade, click HERE.

I am putting Shab in charge of monitoring the Brigades.  I would like you to make a page called Patrols that will include only the patrols recorded by the Brigades in which they ran into enemy armies.  We need to know the server and the army name (if they could figure it out).  We need to keep a record of army activity in our servers so we know which ones need more patrolling.

For those of you who have made your sites, here is what I would like to see on them page-wise:

  • An About page, listing the name of the army you represent (ACP), as well as the leader(s) (the people on the site), and any other information you feel to be necessary.
  • A Brigade Ranks page with an updated list of the members of your Brigade (you can take it right off the Divisions page).
  • A Patrols page, where you will list the patrols that you have performed (the newest patrol will be listed at the top), as well as who was leading, what server it was, any army activity, the soldiers who attended, and any pictures you take.  If you run into enemy armies, report it to the highest rank on ACP chat, and if you are the highest rank, it is your responsibility to lead the soldiers in defense of the server.  This means that you, the soldiers, need to listen to this, because following orders is the most important part of being in an army.
  • A Recruiting page, where you will list any recruiting sessions you have performed, which includes the list above as well.
  • A Chat page, which will include a chat link to be used for meetings and patrols.
  • Anything else you feel to be necessary.  This is your site, so have fun with it! 😉

You should also add the ACP Banner to the site in a widget.  If you do not know how to do this, talk to me, but here is the code for pasting into the widget:

<a href=”https://acparmyofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/join-page/&#8221; target=”_blank”><img src=”http://i299.photobucket.com/albums/mm306/devildan934/a.png&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket”></a>

 Here is the form that will be used for patrols:

[Insert the date before each entry]

1. What server was patrolled?

2. Who led the patrol?

3. Was any army activity detected?  If so, what army, and how many were there?

4. List the soldiers who attended the patrol.

[Insert any pictures at the end]

So, everyone get to work!  We may be doing some mass server patrolling this weekend. 😉


Lastly, ACP is now part of the Alliance, which includes the Nachos, UMA, RPF, and WW as well.  Here is the link to the site, which I will be adding to the blogroll:


Check it out! 😉

That’s it for now!