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Hey guys guess who! Its njr14matrix again :D. I have some more stuff to tell you guys. As you might know, people cannot say “watex warriors” on club penguin. Well WW is asking for your help. Email Cp and say :


Dear Club Penguin,

My friends and I are part of a group called Watex Warriors. We have fun and party a lot. However, we’ve been probhited from saying it on CP. We can’t even say our name. This is rather upsetting. Can you please reconsider your policy?




If cp gets enought of these emails they will most likely reconcider this and take “watex warrior” out of their filters.

skeleton-hippu-pic4 Njr14matrix


High Alert

Boomer’s Edit: IW has called off their invasion of at least the Alliance’s servers, but they still have more than the 12 server limit, so the Alliance may still consider action…for now, you can slow down the patrolling, but I still want you to patrol our major servers just because that is what we should always be doing.  Thanks for all your work so far.


IW is planning an invasion of every server in Club Penguin, including ours, and all of our allies.  IW, I am giving you fair warning.  If I catch you on any of our servers, we will go to war, along with (at minimum) WW and RPF.

I am putting you all on high alert, this is not a drill.  I need immediate patrols of every server we own as soon as you see this message.

  • Alpha Brigade will patrol Breeze and Ice Berg
  • Delta Brigade will patrol Ice Breaker and Ice Cold
  • Echo Brigade will patrol Ice Cube and Iceland
  • Gamma Brigade will patrol Icicle and Klondike
  • Kappa Brigade will patrol Mammoth and Marshmallow
  • Sigma Brigade will patrol Snow Fort and Snow Globe

You do not need to record any of these patrols on your sites, but if you run into any IW soldiers, report it to the highest ranked ACP soldier on chat.  This soldier will issue the command for ALL troops to enter the server to defend it.  Keep your ears open for if they invade any of our allies’ servers, for we may be called in to help them defend as well.

At all times, I want you on Club Penguin until further notice.  If I catch you on chat but not on CP without a legitimate excuse, you will be guested, that’s a fair warning.  I want the highest rank in each Brigade at any one time to lead their respective Brigades on CP.  If your Brigade is not on, just patrol the server yourself.  All we need is one person to be able to detect enemy presence in a server, although more than one will be needed to defend it.

If you do not have a Brigade, just patrol these servers regularly:

  • Breeze (Capital)
  • Mammoth (Neutral)
  • Snow Fort
  • Snow Globe

Good luck ACP.  I will be on to aid you throughout the day.