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Shab: Okay okay. After reading comments I will make my post more clear. Rpf isnt kicked out of the alliance, this post was made last night in the confusion. Rpf appologized so lets forget about it. One thing tho I did see from the comments in the post I wrote before rap deleted it was that ppl wanted a new alliance, one with IW and one that was run by shadow. A quote from person “I totally agree with you, commando does kind of control the alliance. Except the part where nachos voted to make iw not a major army”

Aber: Ok, I got pictures and confirmation from Motor that Jim banned people on Acp chat when no owners were on. If anyone see’s Jim on Acp Chat, guest and ban him immediatly. Also, Try and get an owner on if one is available. We all know he is a traitor that started all this and needs the punishment back to him. Thank you.


Well the Alliance is now going to be rebuilt with Shadow as its head. He will control the site and chat. The reason is because Commando controlled the other one and most of the army leaders realized that and didnt like it. I would show u the post and comments but rap deleted them.

Edit: Rpf is going to be held in review to see whether they can be in the alliance again

Commando has shown corruptness once more when he decided to say that acp invaded white house. We did NOT invade it. Omega tried to get nachos to declare war on acp:

We also did not invade tundra. Commando had the valentines day party and rap brought acp. Jim, who quit, freaked out and said acp invaded.

I suggest declaring war against rpf for this.

Edit: Omega was not fired, he was rehired and commando has said sry. I would still put them on suspension from the alliance tho…..

Boomer I had to main owner myself on chat because of commando. There would have been a rebellion if I hadn’t. If u don’t want to reset the chat i wont touch the owner button but idc if u reset the chat.



PS: We need hand picked mods


Don’t forget, we have a party tonight!  But first, some news. 

You have probably heard about the bots problem, which we really cannot do much about, other than emailing Club Penguin every time you see a bot.  Report the name of the bot(s) so that they can be banned and they may be tracked back to the original penguin and email that made them.  The funny thing is, every time the bots show up, ACP gets a ridiculous number of Google searches.  We have almost 350 (really close to the record) with hours left in the day!  Thanks bot n00bs 😆 !

Next, Commando joined ACP :mrgreen: !  It will be cool to see him in ACP green. 

Also, in a unanimous vote, Cas was deemed too inactive to lead a brigade, so he has been demoted and replaced with Clintos007.  So congrats Clintos!

Note to the Editors: Please unsticky posts when you sticky your own.  We had 3 stickied posts, and it makes everything hard to undo.

The Valentines Day party is tonight! I hope everybody can make it. Because thats the only way it will be awesome. So you better come.  XD

Valentines Day National Party


Whos Invited: Everybody In Existence

Where: All over the USRPF, and RPF Chat. (Everybody Come! We Might Be Able To Get 70 People On Chat Again, Maybe More)


  • 9:00 EST
  • 8:00 CST
  • 7:00 Mountain
  • 6:00 PST

Date: Valentines Day – February 14th, 2009 (TONIGHT)

Why: To Party Our Faces Off

More news for later…

– Commando717

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Pics By Wolves25 of the bots

Here are the pics from the bot attacks today!


Anti-ACP Bots

Well, the bots are back. And they are advertising for another army now. They called it “Ice.” which gives us to suspect the Ice Warriors.


Penguin Donation

Donation any penguins you do not use or need to The penguins that are donation will be used in practice battles, NOT WARS!!!. They will also be given to ppl whose penguin gets banned temporarly so they can make wars if they do not have any other penguins.