Whats going on

Boomer’s 2nd Edit: It looks like UMA is getting rid of Mittens, so can SSACP please have it? 😀  I know we aren’t an army, but we do need a base…and Mittens was our old base before.  Please?

You don’t want to disappoint him… 😦

Boomer’s Edit: I’m kind of confused about the vote, so I’m just going to explain my point of view and you can tell me what vote that would fit with.  I think that IW should be allowed in the Alliance.  They are still a major army, and leaving them out just seems unfair.  It almost caused a war earlier, which would have been easily avoided had we just let them in the first time.  Second, the thing with Commando is a bit off.  People say he has been taking over too much, but that is only because we are letting him, in other words, no one else had made any effort to schedule meetings, and on the site, I feel like Commando and I are the only ones who have done anything at all.  I made the CP Server Map and Army List pages, and Commando added to the first one and made almost all of the posting.  Don’t say he’s taking control of it when he is only trying to make up for the fact that you aren’t doing anything.  I would be surprised if we ever had any meetings if Commando didn’t initiate them.  We are going to need full participation from everyone for this to work.  Any group needs a leader, but maybe the problem is we just don’t want it to be Commando.  I am fine, however, with Shadow being in charge, because that is basically what I suggested the first time when I said we needed a “neutral site” and a “neutral leader” so no one army can be blamed for taking control.  So I guess my vote is yes, new Alliance run by Shadow (or not, I’m fine with the current organization too) which will include IW and keep RPF in the Alliance.

Shab: Boomer if im not on go on aim and ill explain

Well I asked the army leaders and here are the votes:

1 for new alliance from IW

3 for neutral from Uma, Nachos, and WW

1 for old alliance from RPF


Boomer has to vote for acp but he hasnt been on. If he votes yes then there will be a new alliance. No=Old alliance. Neutral= Soldiers Vote?

The only difference with the new alliance would be that shadow would be in control of the site and chat and IW would be in the alliance. Rpf WILL be in the alliance also.

Alliance armies: Acp, Uma, Nachos, WW, IW, RPF

Possible Alliance Armies: BB

Jim has quit Acp after impersonating rap today to try to get acp to invade whitehouse or tundra. He also is the person who made everyone freak out last night. He is currently guested and banned forever on acp chat.

Look at the post below this for more info



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