Alliance News

Shab’s edit: I know person says in the comments that he changed his vote 1/2 hour ago but Boomer voted about 2 or 3 hours ago and his was the last vote. Person you voted already and cannot change your vote after everyone else voted. Sry but if I had made this a poll using pollcode or a site like that you would not have been able to change your vote anyways.

Boomer’s edit: It looks like UMA is getting rid of Mittens, so can SSACP please have it? D   I know we aren’t an army, but we do need a base…and Mittens was our old base before.  Please?

You don’t want to disappoint him… (

Well you guys (the army leaders) all voted….Here are the results:

2 for Yes     IW and Acp

3 for Neutral  Uma, Nachos, and WW

1 for No  Rpf

This means that there will be a new alliance whose site and chat are made and owned by shadow.

I do not want to hear “no shab your ruling the alliance, I won’t do it” because according to commando the alliance votes on all of it’s decisions. I went to a leader from each of the major armies and asked them to vote.