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Shab’s edit: I know person says in the comments that he changed his vote 1/2 hour ago but Boomer voted about 2 or 3 hours ago and his was the last vote. Person you voted already and cannot change your vote after everyone else voted. Sry but if I had made this a poll using pollcode or a site like that you would not have been able to change your vote anyways.

Boomer’s edit: It looks like UMA is getting rid of Mittens, so can SSACP please have it? D   I know we aren’t an army, but we do need a base…and Mittens was our old base before.  Please?

You don’t want to disappoint him… (

Well you guys (the army leaders) all voted….Here are the results:

2 for Yes     IW and Acp

3 for Neutral  Uma, Nachos, and WW

1 for No  Rpf

This means that there will be a new alliance whose site and chat are made and owned by shadow.

I do not want to hear “no shab your ruling the alliance, I won’t do it” because according to commando the alliance votes on all of it’s decisions. I went to a leader from each of the major armies and asked them to vote.


22 Responses

  1. ^ ^ They are my imaginary friends ^ ^
    So, first! =D

  2. UMA won’t be giving back mittens probably

  3. FACP rocks

  4. Dammit. So my vote changing 30 mins ago didn’t matter? >__<

  5. You guys!If you all fight all the time and have to vote everything soon sadly:sad: you will all crumble:cry:

  6. What is our site boomer.

  7. Cocerspaniel,s are beter i have a Cocer its a girl and her name is Emma she is better then what ever that dog is.

  8. I almost always get first!

  9. you retards the new ‘alliance’ should be a axis

  10. Aww, cute puppy. XD
    Ok, Boomer’s decison is what I’ll go by.

  11. Jw who voted for UMA? Cuz I didn’t 😐

  12. what does XD stand 4?

  13. Person Didnt you say something about changing your mind on acp chat around 11:00?

  14. wooot! rpf nachos ww and posibely uma have just quit the alliance! and joining on rpfs side!

  15. Read The Alliance site for more information, armies by the hour are withdrawing from this… thing that has happened here. I hope ACP has fun being allies with themselves.

    – Commando717

    Fight The Good Fight

  16. Maybe ACP will get other armies to join the alliance Commando. And help make them big

  17. Sorry for going OFF TOPIC but this is a PROBLEM!!!! We need to start a search party on every server for Rockhopper. I think his ship sunk because he was supposed to arrive on the 13th.

  18. that was not on the news

  19. Oh shut up retard. And by retard, I mean Commando. We’re still in the aliance. Get it through your head.

  20. shab sounds like shag

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