As everyone knows obviously, there is a dispute between RPF and ACP which can lead to a war. But, and really I can’t believe i’m saying this, but Oagal’s edit below is true and I agree. You both are just egging each other on and causing distress between the two armies. If you both stopped, all would be fine. So, set aside diferences for right now at least and think about the matters at hand.

Right now also, there is a problem with the new alliance. We had a Senator’s meeting today and the people who attended all agreed on one thing, A New kind of Alliance. One that pertains to all armies needs and I totally and definitaly agree upon it. For us to all rejoin again as allies. We need to come together to deside what we all want in the alliance and not just one army deciding it for all. What I think we need is a just leader meeting, and when I say just leaders, I mean, just LEADERS. If we want this matter resolved, we need to first decide how to be the resolvers. I will probably be going to all the Army leaders these next few days, and ask what they want in a alliance, and maybe scheduling a meeting with just the MAJOR leaders. Hopefully this helps with this problem, which I’m sure it will, and we can all get back to killing each other later. (Kidding haha.) Hopefully we all the leaders, and soldier will read this and take it into a concideration. B/c I  am determined to help the welfare of all armies, and not just my own!


29 Responses

  1. Personally Ive been trying to be humane about this but Shab doesn’t seem to cut the crap. Right now its more of a question whether or not The Alliance wants ACP back in it. We will have to take a vote. But ACP doesn’t have my vote until Shaboomboom can prove me wrong about him, he has been everything a “Co Leader” shouldn’t be. I have points to prove it too. But of course I will probably get a nasty response to this comment out of opinion of somebody who doesn’t get the situation and believes everything that has been tossed into the play field.

    – Commando717

    Fight The Good Fight

  2. 17th! 8)

  3. 5th but if i does lead to war hopefuly Boomer can solve this.

  4. Calm down commando717.Just calm.I know,I shouldnt be in this.Your taking this serious.This is message to Commander 717 and Shab but i shouldnt say this is the agaist the rules,i putting this classic BE QUITE!!! this is getting annoying.All the other leaders from other armies,including me wants Commando717 and Shab just be friends.If u dont follow this advice,trust me things will get bigger.
    Feephill Current Leader of Clubpenguin Earthquackers

  5. Oagal made a Good Edit right there (I’ve never seen Oagal edit anything). But I understood him. And Commando Stop trying to say that it’s all Shabs fault i mean that faulty goes towards both of you. Not just Shabs so don’t blame it all on him. And if you guys don’t stop it will continue and lead to a huge war between the RPF and possible some other smaller or bigger armys. And, i don’t think anyone n any army want a huge war like that. Remember,

    Keep up the Fight, or Loose the Right.

  6. WE should have a meeting with all the CP armies leaders and talk about the problems on cp armies.

  7. 8!!!!!!!!!
    peace people

  8. Commando, we never quit the alliance, so take a hike. You won’t need to vote, we are already in.

  9. Im Open Tommarrow

  10. im impressed on oagals edit,lol. Oagal was actually right for once

  11. i am holding a meeting on mammoth to solve this dispute once and for all 8:00 Saturday eastern time zone i am a previous ACP but now i work for STPCP it is Save the Peace on Club Penguin it kinda stops unnecessary wars and such

  12. I am commenting this here as I was ignored when I commented on the division registration page.

    What is your Club Penguin name?
    2. currently nameiscool
    What is your WordPress name?
    3. (yes that is my wordpress account alias)
    How long have you been in the ACP?
    4. 1 yr thenbanned from cp, quit came back to cp and rejoined 2 months ago
    What is your current rank in the ACP?
    5. Head Programmer
    Do you plan to be loyal to the ACP above any other army you may be in? Yes
    Any specific preferences? Echo brigade


  13. You guys are fighting, and then fighting about stopping, and then fighting about fighting about stopping, and so on… Just stop!

    -Woton, MCP Co-leader and ACP Lt. Colonel

  14. Im not going to say anything because I dont want to say the wrong things.

  15. wow

  16. Coomando i must say you were insulting shab right there and thats really what makes you 2 bicker so much! Im not saying shab is inoosent in any way but you must stop


  18. er cool tiger can i be in delta

  19. ^Obi-Wan, that is chosen by the leaders.
    Secondly, I totally agree with Aber, we have to be mature about this. Leader meeting required, ASAP.

  20. I agree with Aber.

  21. the whole alliance thing was a bad idea from the start. It’s leading us away from what used to make cp armies so much fun. ACTUAL WARS. Now instead of having a war we have a stupid alliance meeting. When was our last real war? WWIV which was months ago. The club penguin polotics and alliances aren’t helping ACP at all.

  22. I really don’t even see a point in having in army if all you wanna do is have a meeting to work things out as soon as a war is coming.

  23. Ya’ll do realize I am sure, that all this fussin’ and carryin’ on is about throwing snow balls on Club penguin right? Aint no one gonna get killed or hurt or maimed. It’s all about the snowball. War? This aint no kinda war. You can’t even feel the snowball hit your penguin. Now my daddty was in the war. The real deal. He served proud and fought the fight for real. Maybe it’s time to step back and see this for what it really truly is. Throwing Snowballs on Club penguin. Period.

  24. WOOO WAR YEAH BRING IT ON! xD Sometimes I think the leaders of armies don’t realize how d*** bored out of our MINDS all us little low-ranked people are! BRING ON DA WAR!


    PS Dryvit is annoying me with his logic.

  25. Will no one listen to me about war? If you want to hear my opinion, look at the comments at the post above. And yes. I mean Club Penguin war.

  26. please put my website under your allies

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