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Boomer’s Edit: Nice edit Oagal, I agree.  Like I said, just drop it, arguing never really gets us anywhere…

Oagal: For the love of God, can’t you people just swallow your pride for once and show some humility?! Shab, you need to let this go, and stop insulting Commando. If you keep trying to get revenge via-posts, Commando will do the same. Commando, Shab wouldn’t deserve demotion if you could actually stop egging him on. Most of the “crimes” he has committed are due to the anger you’ve inspired in him. And vice-versa.

If you guys keep acting like this, both of you will look like ass-holes. I doubt this edit will resolve your problems. But why don’t you prove me wrong, and act like men for just this one time?!

Shab: Seems like the only people here that won’t go back to normal is RPF. Commando is once again being like a leader and saying that ACP has to be voted back into the alliance. I don’t remember the army leaders voting that Acp was going to be kicked out.

Commando is also being immature by saying that if Acp has to be voted back in, Rpf’s vote will be against Acp because of a personal grudge against me. There is NO reason that Acp should be blamed cuase I disagreed with the alliance. I don’t remember doing anything with Acp about stopping the alliance and I don’t remember being leader of Acp, Boomer is leader last time I checked.

Rap and me will not be demoted because you have a personal grudge and don’t like us. You don’t have to right to demand it or try to blackmail us into having your wishes happen. You say I lied about you. Even though i disagree that I lied, you lied much more than me if your statement is true. Also we all know that Rap is not in fault for Acp and Tundra. You even admitted it was Fort and Jim who caused it both times.

So I say to you commando, you have no right or reason to blame Acp for my complaints so shut up and be the democratic army you claim to be and let your soldiers vote.

I’m really confused/annoyed by a couple of things.  First, everyone seemed annoyed that Commando had too much power, so fine let’s get someone neutral to do it.  Shadow did it last time, but now all of a sudden, everyone votes for the way it was.  You just made a huge deal about it, and then did nothing… :? …whatever.

Just to clarify:

Shadow + Site + Chat = Dictatorship

Commando + Site + Chat ≠ Dictatorship

To start with, that makes no sense, but how about everyone does their job instead of complaining about Commando.  Everyone seemed to have a problem with him having “too much power”, but now all of a sudden that’s not important.  You want to know what is important?  For this to work.  We are already pretty close to screwing this up because everyone’s ego is just so darn important.  Can’t we just work together?  Like I said a couple days ago, Commando was only taking charge because no one else would, and if he hadn’t, nothing would have gotten done.  If everyone does their job, then there is no leader, it is a team.  But you guys have to overcomplicate everything.  I say just drop this whole thing and get back to doing work.  Do what you want about IW, I really don’t care at this point, but this whole leadership thing is getting ridiculous.  Both sides are being stubborn and partisan, and if you knew anything about politics, you would realize why the U.S. government and so many other governments are disfunctional.  It takes co-operation from everyone to make something like this work, and so far, I have not seen nearly enough of that.  I want to see each army leader working with one another, because the Alliance is a team.  Don’t make me break out that “We’re all in this together” High School Musical crap to get you to understand this, cause it’s getting to the point where I feel we need it.


Ok, so we all should know that the ACP forums are up. And if you don’t know, all of them are up. All of the forums are available to be posted in. And with these forums you find better ways to communicate with the fellow soldiers in the ACP. When you join a forum, others get to know you better, and you can generally get a better rank the more people know you. Right now we have 61 registered users, and a few active posters. When me and TomY deleted the forum, we had over 200 registered users, and we had a lot more active posters too. So all that I’m asking is that you register on me and TomY’s forum. http://acpforums.forumotion.com/ Go there then register.


47 Responses

  1. ❗ Person Seal of Approval ❗

    Boomer: Ty 😀

  2. 2 comment


  4. Awesome speech Boomer. I hate that song I have it in my head now! ” WERE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!”

  5. lol mr go0fF same time to comment

  6. the only problem i have with this is shadow. For goodness sakes he isnt even in any army. I would like to just have the 2 main army leaders of the Alliance. How bout this Commando,Boomer,Nacho leaders all in charge of the alliance. They all should be admins on the website. Notice how all this started when acp came.

    Boomer: That wasn’t even about Shadow, I’m suggesting we just go back to the way we had it and get to work again.

  7. Jedi approved!

  8. (applauds for speech) Well said, Boomer.


  9. Boomer, I think you’ve looked at this better than anyone else.

  10. you have earned the febuary CPP keyser major army trophy

    CPP (club penguin protectors http://24keyser.wordpress.com )


  11. Awesome speech boomer. But i hate you. For putting THAT SONG IN MY HEAD DX

  12. Yup good post…

  13. Boomer what is our site.

  14. that song is stuck in EVERYBODYS head now and its all BOOMERS FAULT! lol, idk i just had to say that XD, and just to fit in…
    😛 Uni approved 😛

  15. *Seanehawk approved*

  16. I tottally agree!

    ❗ Woton seal of approval ❗



  17. look i have no idea wat the heck your talking about i dont fallow any of this and i don’t really care so can i just ignore all the iw i see

  18. BTW, I will shoot you in the head if you sign that song.

    -Woton, MCP Co-leader and ACP Lt. Colonel

  19. Well, I cant argue wit this post, but I still dont like RPF being in the Alliance. Like I said on Shab’s deleted post, Commando wants power, and RPF shouldnt be in the Alliance, because they r just a political group. And thats wat this whole thing is about, Politics. But oh well, I agree wit u Boomer.

  20. Well for me what IM suggesting to fix the chat problem is get some soldier to make it have someone put a picture or back round they want on photo bucket let the soldier get the backround and paste it then make all the alliance leaders only just mild owners not main. so all shall have equal power. basically, have a soldier make the chat put the backround and make all the major army leaders owners and have that not come back he will not be on the chat again.

  21. ‘~Zehroy approved~’

  22. Good speech. Austin8310 approved.

  23. Ha ha boomer20 you told them. Just go back to the other way ot worked alot better. JUST GO BACK TO OLD WAY I DONT LIKE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL AT ALL and I dont want to hear any of that awful stuff!
    kuro wolf

  24. great Post Boomer20.

  25. Shab, Im wit u and Rap all the way. Hopefully this doesnt get us demoted, but yeah, Commando is getting out of hand. And Oagal, plz dont interfere. This is between ACP and RPF, not Oagal and Commando.
    Oagalthorp: I understand. I’m just making this edit as a little food for thought.

  26. Ogal is REALLY right

  27. Yes. Everyone just needs to stop and put some trust in each other.

    -Woton, MCP Co-leader and ACP Lt. Colonel

  28. Woot Oagal! You made an edit that I can agree with! Everyone needs to stop being assholes 8)

  29. OK THIS IS STUPID acp and rpf are allies and we where not invading tundra jez you people are always over reactiong allies are aloud in other allied towns jez people calm the heck down

  30. would u all just shut up! I don’t want to have to hear about this anymore!(oagal is right)

  31. ❗ cheese seal of a approval? ❗

  32. ❗ Han Solo12 Approved ❗

  33. holy crap oagal that’s the first time I have ever seen you diss your own army nice dude

  34. Im working hard in acp, and have been in cp armies for 10 months, why am I not a major or colneol or somthing?

    ‘P.S I lot of people say im good with helping other armies I can help you guys if ya want 😉

  35. 😛

  36. stop it with your bad mouth some of us are still 8 9 10
    so i think it is best for you to stop it with you bad mouth!

  37. who

  38. Terryking24, don’t blame ACP for this mess.

  39. I agree. We do need to stop arguing with RPF. Especially Shab and Commando.

  40. Good speech Boomer.

  41. Yeah what IS that whole argument over Tundra? Everyone seemed mad at Rap when I last checked… and woah woah wait FORT did something? FORT? Ahahahaha…. I shall remember this…


    PS Uh… Aber’s gonna see this comment aint she
    PPS I’m much more afraid of Aber than I am of Fort xD

  42. PPPS Nice speech Oagal. Glad we kept him around now, all you people who hated Oagal a few months ago? (myself included). Maz made that obvious to all of you with his little post. Damn I miss Maz 😦

  43. AXP is horrible!! Go Nachos!!

  44. The Nachos and ACP are alleis. BTW, it’s ACP, not AXP 🙄 God dam Rogue Nacho n00bs…

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