I have more stuff to talk about, but we really need to get this settled first.  I agree with Aber that we need a meeting, and like I suggested before we finalized the Alliance, I think we need to make the Alliance available for all armies.  As you can see, by not allowing other armies in, we have already cause more trouble than good, for example, FACP started a Bot Alliance (The Alliance was voting to specifically outlaw the use of bots in battle, so this is clearly an attempt to annoy the Alliance for not being allowed).  In addition to that, they have now gone to war with the Nachos.

I would like to talk to other army leaders about this (I think Person agrees from what we discussed yesterday), but first I would like to see the opinions of soldiers of the different armies.  If you are in multiple armies, vote under whichever army you consider to be your primary army.

Edit: To clarify, this is for the Alliance being the way it was before the argument, not for any of the newly proposed ideas or making it available to any army.  We will discuss that later.  This is just for it being the way it was a week ago.


I would have used the Alliance site for this if Commando didn’t remove me…anyway, tell your armies to vote here because it applies to all of us.  Much appreciated.

Please feel free to comment, because this is a very important matter that concerns all of us.