I have more stuff to talk about, but we really need to get this settled first.  I agree with Aber that we need a meeting, and like I suggested before we finalized the Alliance, I think we need to make the Alliance available for all armies.  As you can see, by not allowing other armies in, we have already cause more trouble than good, for example, FACP started a Bot Alliance (The Alliance was voting to specifically outlaw the use of bots in battle, so this is clearly an attempt to annoy the Alliance for not being allowed).  In addition to that, they have now gone to war with the Nachos.

I would like to talk to other army leaders about this (I think Person agrees from what we discussed yesterday), but first I would like to see the opinions of soldiers of the different armies.  If you are in multiple armies, vote under whichever army you consider to be your primary army.

Edit: To clarify, this is for the Alliance being the way it was before the argument, not for any of the newly proposed ideas or making it available to any army.  We will discuss that later.  This is just for it being the way it was a week ago.


I would have used the Alliance site for this if Commando didn’t remove me…anyway, tell your armies to vote here because it applies to all of us.  Much appreciated.

Please feel free to comment, because this is a very important matter that concerns all of us.


68 Responses

  1. 1st!

  2. Anyone who votes no is a serious dumbass 😕

    Boomer: I would like to talk to them and figure out what the heck they are thinking 😉

    Oagal: If you want the tallest buidling in the city, you have two options. You can either build the tallest building, or tear down all those that are taller than yours. Most of those who voted “no” are trying to put others down so they can think they’re better than they really are. 🙄 It’s kinds sad, really . . .

  3. No they arnt, just their opinon.

  4. I don’t want any army in the alliance. We could end up with evil armies like FACP and BB in it.

  5. I voted no, i do want shab and commando to stop arguing but i do not personnally think “the alliance” is a very good idea.

  6. I voted yes too cuz im tired of this posts about the arguement.

  7. Seanehawk does have a point. I think that for the Alliance to be useful, we must use it to defeat large and evil enemies (coughFACPcough). ACP should help the Nachos against an army that hacks. All FACP soldiers should be reported. Also, I think that the BB should be put down for good. They are an evil army in disguise, and they have used bots. I think that any army that breaks the Club Penguin rules should be crushed by the Alliance. That is where it is useful, we can use it to crush hacking armies and otherwise evil armies. Right now, I know, I’m crazy, but I think that we should destroy FACP with the Nachos. That will show FACP that bots never work, and that they can be beat with willpower, stamina, and quickly chanting “ACP ACP ACP” :-). Anyway, that’s just me. Sorry about the length.

    ++(JINGLE JAY)++
    ACP Major

  8. BTW, I voted yes.

  9. the whole alliance thing was a bad idea from the start. It’s leading us away from what used to make cp armies so much fun. ACTUAL WARS. Now instead of having a war we have a stupid alliance meeting. When was our last real war? WWIV which was months ago. The club penguin polotics and alliances aren’t helping ACP at all. I doubt anybody will listen to me and keep going on with their cp polotics but it’s worth a try

    -DO A BARREL ROLL! *seanehawk*

  10. YES! Those two have to stop it ! Its pointless! We should all get back on making club penguin a better place alredy!

  11. Yeah. The Alliance could be useful, but…killing BB? That sounds mean. They aren’t THAT bad? I mean, I want shab and commando to quit the heck up, but the aliance is causing more problems then it will solve. Therefore, we need to just get back to our own stuff, and quit the freaking alliance. I am not voting for two reasons.
    A: The vote button doesn’t show up on my computer XD
    B: I don’t want the alliance, but i want shab and commando to quit freaking.
    And person, what if puckley voted no? That would be a problem, eh? just because somebody says something doesn’t mean they’re stupid. We can kill FACP if we want. They’re mortal. They’re just bots. Lets just get back to ACTUALLY HAVING FUN with CP armies. Politics are boring…Anyways, thats my big boring, opinion. Wow, if i made something that good in the elections, I might have won….

    ACP Major

  12. WCP is in the Common Welfare, dont rly care and stuff. Were busy like hell right now! i mean army ranking proves it all! 🙂


  14. Umm Aber Shut Up

  15. War isn’t fun. It’s serious. And we’re not voting to get rid of the aliance. We’re voting to stop the arguing between Commando And Shab. So that shouldn’t be your reason to vote no. And yes, I mean Club Penguin war. Some people might think I mean real though even if I put that. But we’ll see.


  17. @ austin
    @gopackgo, Yes it is a reason to vote no. If you vote yes it means you want to reestablish the alliance.

  18. I wonder if somebody listened to my comment…

    -DO A BARREL ROLL!*seanehawk*

  19. also aberacer spamming ACP website isn’t a very good way to show your enthusiasm in RPF.

  20. Huh, why didn’t my comment work?

  21. nvm please delete that last comment.


  23. Yes, I listened to your comment and agreed. That was what my comment was kinda about…

  24. yes they should lol

  25. I hope u guys break it up!

  26. CP War isn’t fun. It’s serious. How would you like to lose servers that you own? You probably wouldn’t. Losing a server is like losing something that you worked real hard for. Now winning is another thing. But you can’t win all the time. And look at the question above the pole. It says do you think Commando and Shab should stop fighting or something like that. Learn how to read.

  27. Im done arguing with Shab, and The Alliance is already back to its formal state. I still voted yes but it seems that some people are disagreeing with the idea of having ACP in it. I really dont see why anybody would want to see me and Shab fight.

    I looked further into this case too, and discovered something that is actually… might be the main thing for all of this. I need to talk to you guys really soon.

    – Commando717

    Fight The Good Fight

    Boomer: Ok, I’ll talk to you when I see you on chat.

  28. dudes, you can still have wars even if you’re in an alliance. instead of having red vs. blue practice battles, it should be ally vs. ally practice battles.

  29. serious??? WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! oh man dude! that’s the funniest thing i’ve heard all day! 😆

  30. We need to have them stop arguing. this could turn into a huge war.

  31. I would like to say that jingle jay has no idea what hes talking about. BB is not evil at all. e were once evil like a year ago, but we totally changed our ways. Im sick of noobs saying destroy this army cuz there evil or w/e. Were NOT evil at all! were a good army and jingle jay the noob has no idea what hes talking about. thanks for semi-sticking up for us Austin8310

  32. ha acp has all the votes 43% of them on yes

  33. o and tomtwelve did you just try to agey with your self with out someone saying anything?

  34. do you own servers??????
    because if you do.do you own polar bear???if not do you know who??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    plz reply


  35. The Black Bandets are evil! You guize rob the pizza parlor every day. I know you don’t post that you should rob that day, but you probably talk about it on Chat.

  36. shab and commando need to calm down, I mean seriously guys!

  37. Hmmm… well I’d like to say no because I love seeing Shab argue like a 4-yr-old (Oh Shab you KNOW you do it) but my duties with CP overrule that. Ugh. So I vote YESH! STOP ARGUING YOU MORONS!

  38. 20 Nachos put NO, and 14 Nachos put YES.. WTF!? Guys, don’t be stupid >_<

  39. Hey ACP sorry I have been unactive I have been working on my army – The renegades. To join simply click on the link below!

  40. I keep forgeting about ACP sorry plz forgive me.

  41. Lol, sorry about that comment.


  42. Definitely yes. Club Penguin needs a strong alliance in order to keep the peace and if two people are being so petty and and self rightous, they should not prevent the alliance from being formed. I myself am very argumentative but I would never let a little disagreement like Commando and Shab’s prevent a strong alliance from forming. The two need to move on and prove why they have reached their high status roles.

  43. the allience should destroy evil armies (FACP) and not fight over stupid stuff like too much power

    P.S. commando isn’t the only author person and aka are authors too

    ACP lieutent colonel

  44. oh and commando on the RPF site on a few posts down said some rude stuff like

    ” ACP shouldn’t be in the allience all they do is say I am trying to control the allience and they are”

    stuff like that still you need to see it ecspecially boomer

  45. Looks like most of the ACP troops are smarter than your average chip with cheese. 😀 😀


  46. Boomer your always on chat but your always idle (Ono) we can’t rly talk to u

    Uma leader

  47. XD! RPF – 131 Votes yes. That really changed from before 🙂

  48. Hope Shab and Commando can agree to something so they stop fighting.

  49. just pls stop fighting

  50. shaboomboomboomboomboomboom

  51. I voted no. I dont think the Alliance is a good idea. Like Sean said, its keeping us away from wat made CP fun. Wars. So Im not cool wit that, and plus, RPF edited my comment on their site. But oh well. I dont want a Alliance.

  52. you never helped cp anyway

  53. My comment won’t show up. 😦

  54. @ КLímšŧ€я: Yes, the last time I checked, claiming a server that had already been claimed is evil. You used bots against CPWW, and conspired to have AW and ST switch sides, humiliating CPWW. You did that on purpouse. Don’t deny it, we all know that the BB are evil. None of your own troops even showed up! 🙂 😛 I have been in CP armies for over a year, by the way, and I am NOT a n00b. Shut up, Klimster. You are pretty stupid.

    @ obi wan 4321: Please don’t spam.

    ++(JINGLE JAY)++

  55. Anyway, at the BB guy, you are an evil army and tricked CPWW into going to war, then conspiring to have them abandon CPWW. You are an evil, evil army. Don’t deny it. 😡

    By the way, I have been in CP armies longer than you, and I am no n00b.

  56. >:-(

  57. I voted “Yes” Because 1. Shab And Commando Are Making a Fool Out of Themselves 2. I’m Tired of the Posts That Have Nothing to do With ACP There Just Shab Arguing With Commando 🙄 And Commando, We Wanted You To Be Actually Responsible When You Joined Instead Of Nearly Causing a Civil War

  58. :-P, BB, you are idiots.

  59. 162 votes yes from RPF. xD
    Oh, and I voted yes.

  60. sweet another poll. Voted No from ACP.


  61. 399 votes Yes(71%), 117 votes No (29%). I think it’s pretty obvious =D

  62. I agree with you Jingle Jay. The black Bandets are evil! It seems no one wants to listen to me about war.

  63. Everyone, abandon your homes! Oagal is going to make a speech!

  64. i voted yes 😀 8)

  65. please put me on allies list please

  66. i have askes nicely to many times I will pepare for war meet at the snow forts feb 27 2009 sever winterland be there we will battle

  67. in adition to the battle it will be at 4:00

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