Jim is a problem

Rapidy: Jim456 has been trying to get UMA to help invade ACP servers.

Jim is a problem, he was telling people on RPF chat to invade ACP servers. . .

I’ll add more pictures later.

I gtg


14 Responses


  2. 2nd. Jim wow he must hates us. Jim not cool

  3. 3rd comment! Jim is a donut hole and he thinks that ACP hatas have a bueno gancho. (Just a little Spanish stupidity and er… creepiness. Delete this if you want and sry about stupidness to those of you who speak Spanish lol.)

  4. -_- He made the st invade your capital but we refused

  5. Yes, you are a noob. lol.

  6. meaney 5th

  7. *Disappears all over again.*

  8. If he MADE you invade our capital, how can you refuse Coff? 🙄 Not much brains for a hacker. BTW Coff, if you hacked ST, you must hate them. Why are you in them if you hate them or sometihng gosh!

  9. kill jim

  10. First off Jedi, i didnt tell any RPF on that chat to come me and some of my fellow RPF officers and higher ranks/owners have created a new army (or group) called Rebel Army of Club Penguin (RACP) we plan to attack and destroy acp at all costs and takeover you servers. So far we have about 25 supporters and growing Marshmellow is our first target, as i was mayor of that server, i suggest you up you guard there,



  11. No Jim, you’re just a n00b.

  12. This is an order to any soldiers that are below the rank of lutennant. You all need to start patroling Marshmallow ASAP. They could attack at any moment. Patrol as much as you can. If the RACP attack or try to attack, go on ACP chat and get reinforcements. After the battle or scurmish, send me an email telling me what happened so that I can tell Boomer. My email address is braillemasterjustin@gmail.com. I request that all lutennants do the same. This is real important. I’ll be on the server Marshmallow as much as possible patroling. I can’t get on chat though. Good luck to everyone that patrols. Including myself.

  13. Lol Matthew!

  14. Guys, he really did create an RACP Alliance. He claims he has Shadow Troops and the
    FACP (Holy crud, bot attacks) with him. Because of this, I have reason to believe the Jim456 was the bot user for all the bot attacks so far. I have the link to the site (Check out their “Master Plan” post. They still think we own Mammoth 🙄 )
    I am 99.9% sure that he is the guy with the bots.

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