About the “War”

Aber’s Quick Edit: Haha forgot this but, Rpf’s new post just proves my post ever the more right *wink*

Well as probably everyone knows now, about the Alliance going to war on Acp and supposivly taking all of Acp’s servers.

I really want to know the purpose of this actually. I know how everyone thinks ACP is arrogant, and I know most definitly that it is. But what I can’t understand is how a war is going to end the arrogance b/c all the armies that attacked are just as arrogant on how they thought ACP was. I’m talking to all the armies that attacked us by saying, is this your way of showing your not arrogant? B/c under anyone else’s rational understanding, you are just as arrogant.

Right now, your going on your site, posting how ACP lost and how you invaded ACP’s servers when you know the mastermind behind it, Commando. Did he do anything at this battle but schedule it? He posts on his site in quote, “All the Acp Servers were invaded without me even being there.” Exactly our point. You think you got all our servers? Is Rpf trying to end up the best army in CP? Obviously they are. Here’s another quote from the great Commando.


Not only that, RPF totally proved themselves. In some of the battles, including defending Tuxedo particularly. RPF was the biggest out of anybody who was there. Even the Nachos. (no offense, Im just proving a point that RPF is finally major and NOT a political group)”


And everyone says we are arrogant? Well older allies, I hope you see this and stop it. Because you are just creating another army that you think will take over cp. And I’ve been in cp armies longer than a lot of ppl to say, RPF will end up just like it. I just hope you get yourselves out of this before you dig that hole way too deep.

I would like to thank everyone who came and helped. Especially Oagal for leading the battle and gets us recruits, and TAFA, a smaller army who helped us, (At least we can count on some good people), and especially really hah EVERYONE! This wasnt just about the serious buisness either, we had a great time after. practically a party!

Thanks again!


26 Responses

  1. first!
    Forgotmeh (D)

  2. 2nd and tuxedo man47 was here

  3. alright games are over they are going to pay!

    get ready rpf cause ur going to go down the

  4. They didnt even scheduale the battle they were scared we would beat them. the only way Rpf wins is if the other team doesnt come. 😆

    I want Rpf to stay, Its like what the joker says ” I wont kill you because your just to much fun.” If rpf wasnt here who would I laugh at all day.

    Serously Rpf, you remind me of my brother. You think your tough when you have never won a fight. XD

  5. actually, well i dont want to get on your bad side but i think a general in acp was holding an invasion on rpf and then rpf defended the server and then i i beleive commando said were gonna do an all out war but just to tell you boomer or all the leaders that someone he;d an invasion without you no offense

  6. acp AWAYS wins. rpf really should rethink their actions. theres NO way rpf can win. they just think their strong,but when it comes to acp,rpf is just wimps. ACP MUST WIN AND ACP WILL WIN!

  7. dude u guys surprised us so we didnt have time to plan. we are just natually organized just like our allies

  8. im still in TAFA we support you

  9. lol


    its ppl like this

  10. When war is occurring, I really notice how many noobs comment on this site.

  11. beacue we are excited Person and pumped

  12. unlike some armies cough* nachos

  13. This post makes a lot of sense. U can take a army of out arrogance, but u cant take the arrogance out of the army. And like Aber said, does this make the Alliance any better than ACP is. And Cowboysfan13 couldnt have put it better “OOHH LOOK AT ME IM COMMANDO IM GONNA DESTROY ACP SERVERS WHEN THERES NO ACP TROOPS. OHH HA HA HA ” That pretty much sums it up. And another thing, all of the army leaders who r in the Alliance and attacked ACP, I have lost my respect for u. U know better than to attack an ally. U let someone like Commando tell u wat to do. He is deceiving u all, especially u Spacey, I dont know wat u saw in him. But oh well.

  14. This is code red right , summon all your loyal allies and invade their servers

  15. I will volenteer ny army at Stand-By incase you are attacking

  16. OOOHH SO YOU WERE THINKIN ABOUT GOIN TO WAR WITH RPF! WELL NOW YOU GOT THE WHOLE OF CLUBPENGUIN AGAINST YA! i dont know anything about commando deleting your site and i doubt he would do that.

    -coconutmad (RPF)

  17. The allince is shut down????

  18. also i havent layed a snowball on you! commando isnt quite bossing me around that much. im not going to war against you. i may be in rpf but im going to give it my best to stop them! and im going to stop you too! infact im going to try to stop the whole of clubpenguin from going to war! im only 1 guy. but i think i can round up some help. and some of that help comes from acp!

  19. Commando didn’t go when there were no ACP troops. The ACP were told that they were invading. If Thebest22 and Oagalthorp were there, there is no reason ACP shouldn’t have known about the invasion 🙄

  20. nvm just go to my site , and go to the page , mustang’s fave vids

  21. ACP must win

  22. This Is The Fall Of ACP.

  23. Hey Boomer, I have an idea. How about asking MCP
    to help?
    I mean, when you first announced the new army, you said they could be a big help to us.
    Just an opinion.

    thx 4 ur time

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