Oagal: Let’s thinkt hings through. I’m as ready for war as anyone, but I think we should give Commando a chance to prove his innocence. here’s how the situation went down:

  1. We had known about the RPF’s hacking (i.e. hacking polls, their blog stats, etc.) for quite some time.
  2. Some of us tried to stop this silently, but nothing would work.
  3. Sergie came to us one day with evidence that Commando717 had been planning to delete the ACP site. Now it was personal . . .
  4. We made a post about this treachery on this website.
  5. All armies were enraged at this, and the RPF soldier were rebelling from Commando.
  6. Commando returned, and claimed that this was all a set up to prove that Sergie was disloyal.
  7. He later claimed that it was a plot to prove that the ACP is evil.

Now, Commando, I have a few questions . . .

Why on earth would you risk destroying half of your own army just to prove that one soldier is disloyal? I doubt Stalin would do such in idiotic thing! And I doubt you would, too.

Why would you take that same risk just to prove that the ACP is “evil”? Any army would attack the RPF is they had this much evidence suggesting that the RPF leader was going to delete their website. That doesn’t prove that an army is evil, it proves than an army is sane. 😕

Obviously, there are a few holes in this story. So, Commando, if you don’t give us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, I will no longer delay the ACP from declaring war upon you and your followers.





EDIT: Situation update! Commando171 has deleted the alliance site!

Boomer’s Edit:It has been proposed that RPF impeach Commando. If this happens, ACP will agree to end this war.  If not, we will continue to fight RPF, a.k.a. “fight the ‘good’ fight”.  Yeah right… 🙄  As long as Commando is in power, RPF will be viewed as a corrupt army.

If you want to join the armies listed below, please comment below with your army’s name.  Anyone and everyone can help.




The Army of Club Penguin versus The Rebel Penguin Federation

This could be epic. This could be tragic. This could even become a World War.

One thing that I do know, is that only the strong will survive.


That’s right, as you may have seen on ACP chat, or infered on the post below, ACP and RPF are going to war.

Why? Because to be honest, RPF have been nothing but a bunch of asses lately. Commando, the RPF leader, has been constantly arguing with our 2nd in command, Shaboomboom. ACP as a hole, has done nothing to make the RPF try and crush us down. RPF on the other hand, pulled this little stunt. If you haven’t seen it already, you can CLICK HERE.


Let’s take a look at the 2 armies allies that will be helping in the battle.

Allies in ACP vs. RPF

WW, Army Strong, PH, CPPD, and UMA


Allies in ACP vs. RPF

Currently None


In order for this to become a World War, there needs to be 4 major Club Penguin armies; 2 on each team.

I will come back later with War Dates and Times.

ACP Third in Command


72 Responses

  1. destruction of rpf!!!!

  2. oh yeah 1st

  3. wow

  4. when are you guys gonna start

  5. comment domination!!!

  6. this is gonna be big i cant wait

  7. this MUST be a record of some sort…

  8. itss about time we take them down

  9. i will be there for the war its gonna be huge and it does need to be recorded by somebody

  10. wow. commando out. well i cant say anything but… wow… wow


  12. but if commando is impeached…. there are still many anti-acp rpf soldiers in the army itself. acp hate will be very strong in rpf.

  13. ill guess VCP on this side

  14. it’s been too long since the last war! we need a war now!

    -DO A BARREL ROLL*seanehawk*

  15. no more commando


  17. i think we should go to war, even though i have no say at all, im a lieutenant, we should go to war. even with commando out, penguins in the rpf will still have that feeling inside that makes them hate acp, given to them by COMMANDO. and not to mention, he will still have influence on the federation.

  18. wait, no alliance site, oh crap! it was a scam!!! RPF IS GOING DOWN!!!


  20. we want war! bring it ON!

  21. ive commented too much, i apologize. 😦

  22. This will be good.

  23. ****CHECK-MARK****

  24. @wicket
    it’s gonna be even better than that

    -DO A BARREL ROLL*seanehawk*

  25. look. im not going to quit RPF yet so i can vote to impeach commando. 😉

  26. ok. nvm. WAR!!!!!!

  27. is the MCP helping us?

  28. Finally we pwn RPF for their disgrace!

    RPF must be punished for their terrible misdeeds. I’m sure this will turn into an epic battle of honor and trust.

    I reccomend we patrol twice as hard and fire at any RPF in the area.

    WW5! WW5!

    ~ACP General Sheila~

  29. My guess is that you can be in the ACP and the RPF. But if you are in both, you probably should vote against the traitor, and if he retakes power, side with the ACP. :-/

  30. yeah i want to go to war to

  31. ok. first, my army, CPA (the newer one) wants to help, we should just go to the RPF site, find their capital server, then go there.

  32. wow commando has been inpeached that was fast

  33. EVERY FREAKIN TIME WE ALMOST HAVE WAR ITS CALLED OFF. I WANT WAR. LIKE, NOW. How am I gonna get promos so I can run for Leader when theres no war?

  34. why no war? we all wanted it. -_-

  35. the ACP wants war. excellent. too bad we’re not getting it.

  36. no war…? eh???

  37. wait, where on the RPF site does it say commando is impeached?

  38. Awwwwwwww. No war? Oh come on!

  39. (¬_¬) Srsly Fox, now you sound exactly liek me.

    We should vote on the war.

  40. It’s sad really, what happened. I mean, think about it.

  41. Impeaching Commando is just going to bring the fall of the RPF. If I was an RPF high rank, I would have this war continue, I would see how much of a shot RPF had against ACP.

  42. I know. . .I remember when Orcacam remembered that he remembered that wars were caused for no reason and he remembered that they were fun.


  43. 😦 my army never had a fight before… plz just have a fight vs. rpf plz

  44. ya shiela. lets vote

  45. I second the voting on the war

  46. I third on voting on the war. We should let the people of ACP decide! We each have a different view! Let us be heard, Boomer!

    {{I feel like making a rally…}}

  47. person im with u

  48. @Seanehawk
    Doubly agreed.
    @Sheila gally
    Um yeah.
    Same with my small army.
    Agreed. RPF will fall apart without commando. He was their big guy. Without him, they’re kinda wimpy…
    Yeah. Oh, and one more.
    Sorry for taking your style, i kinda like it. XD.

  49. Im with you guys! Cmon, we need a war!

  50. cpwh will help in ur fight

  51. I mean, ACP should be able to decide. Do we WANT to be a dictatorship like all the n00bs say we are? NO! We want to be an epic, respected army that is feared and relied upon. If we can’t decide our fate, then who will?

  52. Good idea Sheila.

  53. Agreed sheila.

  54. yeah we should vote

  55. i third sheila’s idea. it should be up to the army itself to go to war. it is the “republic” of acp, we should be able to vote!

  56. whoa, sorry. i didnt see the next post over. forget i commented that.


  58. YES!!!!!WAR!!!!We are going to war with you!EPAA is gonna help how ever we can!Also maybe we can switch the stunt around!!HEHE:twisted:!

  59. Oh crap, all this madness resulted into this. A Epic World War. ACP vs RPF. They were allies in WWIII, and look what happened. I think The Alliance made us get into this situaiton.

    This is probaly an almost even match between RPF and ACP. I think we should try to stop from this happening. Otherwise, 1 army will be destroyed, and 1 will be badly damaged.

    Heck, it might ruin all CP armies forever. Right now, this situation is bringing allies, major and small, wise and army strong, political and smart, It will result into this. END OF CP ARMIES.

    We should maneuver this situation. Avoid it from happening. But I’m afraid were too late.

    And why is this much of a big deal anyways? CP armies isn’t real life. If it was, It would be epic. But it ISN’T! Why make a big deal of this? CP Armies is a big waste of time in a average day of a army soldier. Checking posts, being active, going on chat, making comments, go on cp, it wastes a loooot of time.

    ~Spongebob007 (Prepare for the worst)

  60. 😈 ? Well anyway, I’m mad at RPF now. I read their plan to get our site deleted and I wanted to destroy him.

  61. And @ naew, do you have a space bar?

  62. I would Like My Army to join the war. Our Army is the FFA (Forest Fire Army). The Leaders Are Moonfox456 for Fire and me Candyboy8 For forest. Our army is very small only 4 members. We need to help. Oh Yeah for the RPF YOUR GOING DOWN!!!!!!

  63. If its war, Im ready to fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. as leader of club penguin raptors(cpr), i would like to help ACP beat those
    RPF bone-heads. I can also get the volcano warriors to help you. (they will
    anyways because the leader hates RPF)

    i would just like you to recodnise us as allies with ACP

  65. when I first learned about a war with ACP and RPF
    I wanted the army I belonged too (UMA) too side with RPF cause ACP and UMA not the best of freinds but when I learned this was the reason why I hope we beat RPF but why did u pick a portaguese server that’s gonna be hard yah ppl will be on chat but not everyone so ACP and it’s allies should practice battle in portoguese servers just too you know get used too it so that will have that experience

  66. […] reading on this can be found here, here and […]

  67. oagal there is a rumour that nachos are going to join forces eith rpf.Today when i was protecting breeze iceberg about 10 nacho soldiers and 15 rpf soldiers came and told me they had joined forces!This could be a major threat to acp.Nachos are a highly skilled army on their own and will be even more deadly with rpf. Today i also persuaded about ten soldiers from gold and a penguin from ea (elite army to join us.

  68. listen ice 27 (leader of acp) i dont think its right you just saying WAR! u should let All acp vote

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