Change in Things

Ever since I’ve been in ACP. There has been only one successful war that we had absolutly no reason to go in to war for.

Ever since I’ve been in ACP. There have been governments and alliances that only gave more reasons to have war, or stop war from ever happening.

Ever since you joined what ever army you were in. What was the one thing you looked forward to doing? Was it to have a bundle of arguements and impeachments? Or was it to have snowball fights and try and beat the other team?

Today ACP was happy. No, not because there was talk from an ally to hack our website, but because they seen the word war, and ACP vs. RPF in a post. That made them excited. Now that the war has been called off, it has left a lot of people un-happy. Commando obviously never expected this to go this far to get him impeached. A lot of people got pissed over pixels today. Commando’s recent post is correct. The ACP would’ve never allowed an ambassador to become an author on our website. So tonight, I will present you all with a poll.


Oagal: It should be pointed out that the RPF has been hacking polls for quite some time; on the ACP, Nacho, UMA, and RPF site alike. I think we should switch back to for official votes and elections.

17 Responses

  1. FIRST…i hope

  2. dam 2nd XD

  3. 3rd I hope too or 4th or 5th

  4. 10 votes for yes already 😕

  5. doh 4th

  6. Its time we leave this government and alliance crap behind and just have an all out war just like the good old days. I’m sure most of you agree with me other than the few who are so far up their own ass with government and logic in virtual penguins and snow ball fights.

  7. Yes, thats an obvious reason. We can go to war wit RPF for no reason, but then again, they r not a army, just a political group, so we r just going to be fighting five or six soldiers per battle. But sure, lets go to war wit a political group.

  8. well there r many ppl in acp who havent fought in a real war before but should we go to war with them for no reason

  9. RPF are as much as a political group as an army. Also, they have around 20-25 soldiers now. They also have MUCH more support of their allies than ACP >_<

  10. It’s a polldaddy oagal.

  11. They can hack it all they want. We can still know Yes is winning.

  12. YES!!! VOTE YES FOR FUN :-D!

  13. I said no, because its for no reason! Wait… nvm I’m changing my vote if thats possible… EH! I think we SHOULD because Commando is hacking. That’s so wrong!

  14. Good post Rapidy, I hope Boomer listens to the poll and not listen to the norm of calling off a war using diplomacy. I think that if we are democratic, we should listen to the poll. Look at what the Blizzard clearout did to Nacho morale. The Nachos have pride in their army now. ACP needs that same pride that war brings. Vote YES so we can be one of the best and most fun in CP.

    Jingle Jay

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